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Planning your destination wedding from afar can be a daunting task. The venue, the menu, the entertainment, the invites...goodness, the details!

Maybe you want professional help, but are nervous that others will take over and compromise your vision.

I know exactly how you feel, because that is precisely what happened to me.


Years ago, I was a destination bride, just like you. I was filled with ideas, inspiration and a vision that was too big to contain my excitement. 

Living in Croatia and planning a wedding in Malta, I knew that going it alone was a recipe for disaster; so I got help. I hired a wedding planner.

Unfortunately, the experience wasn't what I'd hoped it would be. Instead of feeling the relief of being supported, I found myself confined by my vendors' limited options and giving up control every step of the way.

Have Your Wedding Your Way

After getting married, I vowed to personally see to it that other destination brides had a completely different experience than the one I had. One defined by choices, freedom, laughter and plenty of flexibility.

And that is why I became a wedding planner.

My team and I believe that planning from afar shouldn’t mean sacrificing style or uniqueness, so we won’t ask you to. Whether you're getting married in Malta, Croatia or France, your wedding should reflect your personality and vision. We are here to make sure it does.

Wedding Planning Malta

About Our Full Service Wedding Planning

We like to think of the wedding planning process as a fun, play-date with a serious mission: creating the flawless, stress-free, impeccably planned destination wedding you've been dreaming of.

Working with us will be both productive and fun! Here's what else you can expect when working with us...


We really listen to our clients. We won't impose our own style or tell you what your wedding should look like. We'll hear your vision and offer creative options for each aspect of your wedding, while you make the decisions. We're here to execute your vision, not re-invent it.


We work around you. We understand that you're busy. so we've made flexibility our middle name. 

The most significant problem we were facing before hiring Martina was organizing a wedding from the other side of the world for guests from three different continents in three months time. That said, we were faced with logistical nightmare that couldn't have been done without Martina. She gave us the wedding we wanted, in the time frame that worked best for us, at a price that was below our budget. You made it happen. Moreover, you made it better than we imagined it could have been all while being under-budget! If you are foreigner, don't stress with your Malta destination wedding. Hire Martina. - Geraldine and Jeff


Skip the painstaking process of venue research and comparison, which can quickly become a part-time job. As locals, our first-hand insider knowledge will give you exclusive access to invaluable insight into Malta, Crotia and France's top wedding venues, including all the pros and cons to help you make the right choice for your event.


When you don't know the area or have any local connections, hiring unsavory wedding vendors is nearly inevitable. Luckily, with our help, this won't happen. 

Malta Wedding Vendors

Over the years, we have weeded out the bad apples and built an incredible network of the highest quality wedding vendors in Malta, Croatia and France. They are professional, reliable, provide world class service and will actually return your messages. We'll match you up with the ones that are the best fit for your personality, giving you an all-star team that will make your wedding a legendary affair.


What couple wants to spend the best parts of their engagement pouring over dull legal paperwork? Not our clients! Which is why our planning services include the proper guidance, advice and assistance with the administrative tasks involved in getting legally married in Malta and Croatia or having a symbolic ceremony in France, so it doesn't bog you down for a minute more than necessary.

I would highly recommend Martina as an extremely honest, caring, efficient and very professional wedding planner. Our wedding was absolutely beautiful thanks to her hard work and knowledge in the field. She was a rock and a centre-point for the whole wedding planning experience, helping us above and beyond what was needed. I would also like to add that Martina was always trying to get us the best possible deal, negotiating for us and sometimes even reminding us of our own budget! Amazing person, amazing work. Thank You! - Clare and James Elliot-Square


During the beginning planning stages, we will help you create budget you can be happy with, based on your grand vision. Then, we will help you stick to it by being your negotiator, bookkeeper and budget advisor every step of the way.


Our clients constantly tell us that the one of the most relieving parts of working with us happens during the week of the wedding. Typically this is when most couples find themselves stressed and on the edge...but not with us.

Wedding Planning Croatia

When you arrive to your destination a week or a few days before your wedding, you’ll feel as though you were suddenly transformed into royalty. With an impeccably organized schedule in hand, our team will help you fully prepare for your big day by personally chauffeuring you everywhere you need to go. 

We’ll organize your beauty trials, run your rehearsal, introduce you to key vendors, take you to view your floral arrangements and stay by your side during the final venue walk-through to ensure no detail is overlooked.

For you, there are no appointments to set up, phone calls to make or directions to find. We handle all the logistics and you just show up for the ride. You'll be able to truly enjoy your wedding week worry-free, knowing that everything has been covered just the way you wanted and you are in total control.

This is the moment when everything suddenly becomes very real. But since you will have the peace of mind that everything has been accounted for, you'll be able to relax and allow yourself to feel the excitement of your big day approaching.


You won't need to baby sit vendors or worry about timelines. We've got it all covered. We will be present at the both ceremony and reception to make sure that everything proceeds without a hitch and you and your family are free to enjoy the day.

Living in England and planning a wedding in Malta was always going to be difficult as we were unable to view the venue, meet with florists etc. Also having only 8 months to fully plan our day put quite a bit of pressure on us. You helped us with absolutely everything! We had so many questions that were answered quickly & clearly, relieving all our stresses & worries! Nothing was too much trouble & your experienced advice really helped make important decisions. Don't think twice! When getting married abroad you'll need a friend you can rely on to plan exactly what you want, Martina is exactly that! She clearly has a passion for her job and wants the best for your wedding day. - Rachael & James Edis

Start Delegating The Work, Calling The Shots And Having More Fun!

Remember, you don't have to go it alone. We are here to make process fun, stress-free and totally custom for you...without taking over. If that sounds like the kind of supportive, planning experience you're looking for, then I'd love to have you share your amazing wedding vision with me right away. Please fill in the form below to get started.

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