As I said, our story is not just about me, Martina. However, I’d love to share with you how I got my start because I think it will help you understand what myself and our entire team stand for – and why we’ll tend to your wedding vision like no other planning team!


I have to admit, it is a bit strange today to find that I am a wedding planner. As a young teenager and throughout my 20’s, I said many times that I would never get married myself. By then, I‘d been a guest at more than 30 weddings, a Maid of Honor 3 times and an Assistant at dozens more…and I didn’t even like attending weddings!

Ironically, this entire time I was working in the hospitality industry, first as an event planner for a yacht (boat shows, charters, parties), and then as a manager/director for a large multi-national company in Split, Croatia that owned a four-star hotel and upscale restaurant.

Little did I know, I was rapidly gaining experience as an organizer, planner, supervisor and coordinator. But the leap to wedding planner didn’t occur until I had to plan my own wedding in Malta.

As I made our wedding plans, researching all the possible venues and negotiating with vendors, I realized the skills I’d developed working in the hospitality industry in Croatia were all coming into play. Not only was I able to juggle the many details of planning the wedding, to my shock and amazement, I found that I loved it!

But there was another side of the coin. I was facing a number of challenges because I wasn’t a local and didn’t know Maltese culture or the wedding market very well.

It was very important for me to have a wedding that truly reflected my personal vision, but which was also fun and relaxing for my friends and family who traveled such a long way to celebrate this special day with us. Unfortunately, not all of the local planners and vendors made this very easy to accomplish.

Planning my own Malta wedding taught me about the many obstacles that couples face because of the added challenge of planning a wedding long distance and not being familiar with the local culture and market.

I didn’t believe that I should have to sacrifice my style or preferences just because I was a destination bride and I don’t believe other couples should have to either.

In the end, this perspective and my newfound passion for wedding planning inspired me to provide the type of service I never had as a non-local Maltese bride.

Today, I have the privilege of blessing other brides and grooms with the support I myself wanted when organizing my own destination wedding in Malta so that they can create the custom, personalized destination wedding experience they envision without compromise or stress.