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7 Hidden Costs When Getting Married in Malta

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Malta Wedding Planner

Hi there! I’m Martina – the founder of Wed Our Way and one of your local Wedding Planners in Malta. My Malta wedding planner team and I are here to make your life a lot easier!

If you’re a destination couple who’s trying to figure out how to plan one-of-a-kind, unique and fun wedding in Malta – you just landed on the right page! I have curated an all star team of expert Malta wedding planners who share my vision and passion for giving couples the custom, personalized destination wedding they’ve been hoping for

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Wedding Planning Services


Whether you’ve got your heart set on a multi-day holiday escape or single day wedding experience, I’ve got you covered. We’ll find the venue you were meant to get married in. Then, we’ll introduce you to the absolute best (often lesser known) local wedding professionals and create a fabulous day that’s better than you hoped.
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wedding planner malta


Occasionally we meet wonderful couples who are excited to handle all the details and execution themselves, but they need a local insider to give them the truth about Malta venues they’re considering and connect them with the best local suppliers. If that’s you, we invite you to explore our Do It Yourself Consulting program.
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in Malta

Villa Arrigo

The most sought-after garden venue in Malta is Villa Arrigo. It is located in the exclusive part of the Maltese Islands, San Pawl Tat-Targa; no wonder it is one of the most popular destination wedding venues
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Castello Zamitello

Castello Zamitello is your classic fairytale romantic castle, built in the 9th century during the Roman era as a lookout post over the bay of Gnejna Mgarr. This charming venue is surrounded by
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Villa Bologna

Villa Bologna Malta, a Romantic and Elegant Garden Venue. The stunning and elegant aristocratic setting of Villa Bologna was originally constructed in 1745 as dowry for the daughter of a count
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Limestone Heritage

If you’re looking for an outdoor venue for your Mediterranean wedding that’s perfect for any kind of weather, Malta's Limestone Heritage is your best choice. Surrounded by impeccably landscaped gardens,
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Razzet L-Abjad

The Razett L-Abjad, a unique farmhouse venue, is nestled in the very heart of Malta. It’s a quaint yet elegant Maltese farmhouse that boasts of unique and beautiful surroundings. The historic charm of this
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Palazzo Parisio

If you have pictured yourself walking down the aisle in a stunning exclusive garden venue in Malta, then the Palazzo Parisio should definitely be on top of your list. With its rich history and elegant characteristics,
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How Wed Our Way Came to be

Before I started planning flawless destination weddings professionally, I myself was a destination bride – from Croatia, getting married in Malta.

That was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life. After facing a number of challenges because I wasn’t a local and didn’t know Maltese culture or the wedding market very well, I committed myself to never letting another bride go through the stress and frustrations I went through.

What truly make me different is that I’ve been in your shoes.

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Your Local Wedding Planners in Malta

Our Malta wedding planning team is small but mighty. Myself (Martina), Martina (yes, there are two of us!), Michaela, and Krista believe in the same mission: Help destination couples, like you, have your wedding your way…and make the entire process super fun and low stress.

Here are the top 7 challenges our team can help you overcome so your wedding in Malta is as personalized and carefree as possible:

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7 Challenges We’ll Help You Overcome As Your Malta Wedding Planners:


Malta is on “island time.” Everything here runs a little slower. The very same refreshing laid back attitude that draws couples and tourists to Malta year after year is the same one that drives them crazy when they’re trying to get anything accomplished.

That’s where we come in.

The slow responsiveness of local wedding vendors used to frustrate me to no end, both as a bride and as a new planner. But over the years, my team and I got wise.

We created a wedding planning process that is tailored for Malta’s laid back work ethic.

We have designed the perfect order in which to execute each task and phase of the wedding planning process to ensure smooth progress every step of the way without causing stress or delay – even with the most relaxed vendors. It took 6 years of testing this and now it’s working like a charm!

Of course, another secret to our success is the fact that we provide vendors a consistent stream of clients so that have extra motivation for keeping our couples happy.


It is rare than any decent vendor is in need of more work; Malta has no lack of job opportunities. Good vendors get fully booked up often a year in advance without even promoting themselves online!

At the same time, the market is over populated with inexperienced vendors who come and go in less than 6 months. Booking one of these suppliers can be devastating for your event should they go out of business before your data even arrives; not to mention that most deliver subpar results.

That’s why it’s critical to have inside connections to the best providers. Knowing the right vendors…the ones who produce quality work, are reliable and are stable…is critical to having a seamless wedding experience.

Not only do my team and I work with the finest, most reliable suppliers in Malta, we give them repeat business. Because of this, they make our clients a top priority. They will be highly responsive and more flexible with you because you’re one of our couples.


In Malta, there are several rules and laws that apply to outdoor events and party times. If you’re hoping for a long celebration or a venue with outside spaces, it can be challenging to pull off.

These rules can be tricky to work around, but it has never stopped us from planning epic parties for our clients! We know exactly what works at each venue and know precisely how to squeeze the most fun event out of any wedding site – even those with strict policies, like ending all music after 11pm.


It is Maltese culture for every service provider, especially event planners, to publish low service fees publicly and then secretly add premium markups on top of other vendor services in order to make their desired profits.

So the price a couple pays and they value they get are never balanced. Plus, couples who work with these types of planners only see the handful of vendors that the planner feels will make them the most profit…not the very best suppliers in the islands.

It’s so unethical to us, we refuse to take part.

We never markup vendor services or add additional fees to what your other vendors charge. The rate is the rate, simple as that.

And we only refer the finest, most talented and reliable vendors in the country. The vendors we recommend have been chosen based on merit and trustworthiness, not whether they can bring us profit.


The Maltese have a mentality of how things should be done and sometimes find it hard to accept doing things differently than would be done in their own tradition.

Consider us your cultural liaison.

Our clients come from many different cultural backgrounds and many want to bring their own unique set of traditions and customs to their Malta wedding.  I influence the local vendors to accommodate these unique requests.

For instance, we once had a Nigerian wedding in which the couple wanted to have a traditional Nigerian menu created from scratch. In order to pull this off, we needed good cooperation with the venue chefs; they needed to be willing to learn new dishes and cooking styles just for that one wedding! Because of our great relationships with the local venues and providers, we were able to make it happen. The event was a huge success.

Again, it also helps that we bring these venues and vendors a lot of repeat business. They are eager to impress our clients because they know it means we’ll bring them more business in the future.

When you work with us, you receive the same treatment and vendors will go the extra mile for you too.


Malta is well known for its lovely weather and many couples chose it for this specific reason. However, what is often overlooked are the challenges related to choosing the right venue for right time of the year or choosing the right time of year for the style of wedding they desire.

Understanding not only how the local weather can fluctuate in each season, but also which venues are affected most by inclement weather is crucial to choosing the right site for your chosen date. (In fact, we usually recommend our clients consult with us about the kind of wedding they want before they choose a date.)

We know every venue in Malta intimately. We know which venues look best in each season, which ones reside in locations with unpredictable weather during some seasons, which can offer outdoor space and which are most suitable for every style of wedding.

With us, you’ll have the best chance of choosing a venue ideal for your style, season and specifications.


Your guests are traveling far for your destination wedding, so naturally, you want them to experience all the history and beauty of Malta in a relaxing and luxurious way.

However, Malta is a small, well populated island. if the logistics and accommodations of the visit are not properly planned, your guests’ holiday will feel very overcrowded, noisy and draining.

That’s why it’s important to get help from your planner! We will help you plan an extended stay for you and your guests that is laid back and enjoyable from start to finish.

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If you want your engagement period to be a fun-filled, light-hearted time in your life and minimize the stress that often comes with planning afar, we are your people! We’ll help you craft a wedding experience that’s made just for you! Submit this form and let’s pick a time to start talking about your fabulous vision.