Malta Wedding Reviews

We had honor and pleasure to help some amazing couples plan their custom, flawless wedding in Malta. Here is what they say about their experience of working with us:

What Our Clients Say

THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING, IT WAS AN AMAZING DAY! We would like to express our thanks for all the help that you have given us to plan our wedding. Please pass a big thank you to Andrew also for everything he has done. The wedding went really well, it was lovely day and the guests loved the day also. We were so lucky with the full moon over seat the reception too. Thank again for everything, it was an amazing day.
Alessandra & David Graham photo

Alessandra & David Graham

THANK YOU MARTINA FOR ALL YOUR HELP, YOU WERE ABSOLUTELY INVALUABLE, THE DAY WENT SO SMOOTHLY AND YOU WERE A GREAT HELP! We had visited Malta few years before and felt the island was so relaxing and so beautiful that if felt like the obvious choice. The people were so friendly and helpful as well it was hard to resist. As it turned out it was also much much cheaper than having it here or in UK including flight costs! Everything was so organized so I wasn’t stressed, despite getting married later in the day the morning flew by. Martina was fantastic, very reassuring throughout the lead up and clearly very capable and on the ball on the day. Made it so much easier having someone local and someone who on the day can ensure things run smoothly so we didn’t have to worry about anything.
Lucy & Adrian photo

Lucy & Adrian

MARTINA IS NOT ONLY A GREAT WEDDING PLANNER BUT A LOVELY PERSON WHO CARES AND LOVES HER JOB SO YOU KNOW YOUR WEDDING IS IN GOOD HANDS. Martina was very helpful and interested in our big day from start to finish. We started working with her about year before our wedding and she was always quick to answer emails and questions we had. She was always willing to listen to our suggestions and if we weren’t happy would always look at different options and do her best to make us happy. She always remained flexible and put our needs and wants first. When we visited Malta to choose our venue Martina and her husband were so friendly and accommodating towards us and made us feel at ease. We would highly recommend her to anybody to organize their wedding; she did a fabulous job at organizing our wedding. Even our family and friends recognized what a great job she did and commented repeatedly how good she was throughout our stay in Malta. Martina is not only a great wedding planner but a lovely person who cares and loves her job so you know your wedding is in good hands.
Theresa & Neil Johnston photo

Theresa & Neil Johnston

MY BRIDESMAID SUGGESTED I LOOK FOR A WEDDING PLANNER TO HELP MAKE IT ALL HAPPEN AND SENT ME LINK OF I DO MALTA WEDDINGS WEBSITE…THE BEST GIFT SHE COULD HAVE GIVEN ME. I was unsure how to go about organizing a wedding overseas and didn’t know a lot about Malta, other than what a beautiful location it would be for our wedding. My bridesmaid suggested I look for a wedding planner to help make it all happen and sent me link to the I Do Malta Weddings website…the best gift she could have given me. You were there, available and so helpful throughout the whole 12 month planning process. Making me feel at ease about everything and wanting to know what my dreams and wishes were for the day so that you could make every detail a reality. You became friend and confidant, which made planning our wedding so special day and wonderful experience. I could not have done it without your help! I would highly recommend Martina and her team who were very professional, well organized and extremely supportive in making our dream wedding a reality!
Kristin & Joel Grimston photo

Kristin & Joel Grimston

WITH THE HELP FROM YOU AND YOUR SERVICES WE COULD RELAX AND THIS MADE OUR WEDDING PLANNING A LOVELY EXPERIENCE, ALL THE WAY NOT ONLY THE BIG DAY! When we decided to get marry we barely had three months to plan our wedding. We didn’t know how, when or where it would take place other than it would be in beginning of April in Malta. With the help from you and your services we could relax and this made our wedding planning a lovely experience, all the way and not only the big day! We are very grateful for the guidance throughout the planning such as what should be done before and where to do this. I doubt we would have found and amazing photographer as Alexey nor would have found such a good band or DJ. I would tell other brides to sit down, take a deep breath and prepare themselves to trust in you and the services you offer – because it’ll be a great experience
Sandra Rogers and FIlip Lundkvist photo

Sandra Rogers and FIlip Lundkvist

DON’T TRY TO PLAN A DESTINATION WEDDING WITHOUT HELP. WE WOULD HAVE BEEN LOST WITHOUT MARTINA’S GUIDANCE We really didn’t think about anything, which is what we wanted on our wedding day. Don’t try try to plan a destination wedding without help, We would have been lost without Martina’s guidance. She knows more than just the package deal, she can help with transportation from the airport, where to go for dinner, she is very knowledgeable about Malta in general. That little extra knowledge was indispensable for us.
Katrina & Kai Jorgensen photo

Katrina & Kai Jorgensen

I WOULD TELL OTHER BRIDES: NO STRESS. YOUR IDEAS REALIZED. TOTAL CONTROL OF THE SITUATION. HIRE MARTINA AND ENJOY YOUR WEDDING DAY! The whole experience with you was really remarkable – starting with the preparation process, just-before-the wedding last formalities and the day itself. You were the person to be relied on when any question occurred, so we were relieved from lots of unnecessary organizational stress. In addition to our view on the close cooperation with you, we have also received lots of good remarks from our guests, which cannot be belittled. The smooth development of the day was noticed and appreciated, your remarks and what-to-do-next comments were discrete, all that made everyone to have fun on the day. That’s why I would tell other brides: No stress. Your ideas realized. Total control of the situation. Hire Martina and enjoy your wedding day!
Ilona & Javier Rodriguez photo

Ilona & Javier Rodriguez

I DO WEDDINGS MALTA IS VERY PROFESSIONAL AND MARTINA UNDERSTANDS HOW IMPORTANT YOUR WEDDING DAY IS TO YOU, AND IS THERE FOR YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, INCLUDING THE BIG DAY We would like to say a huge thank you to Martina for organizing our wedding. Once we had decided to get married in Malta we contacted Martina and from the very 1st meeting we had on skype she was there to help with any questions we had. Martina listened to what we wanted for our wedding, we discussed a few ideas we had and Martina suggested a few things too. We settled on 3 ideas and Martina sent us a full cost breakdown of each. Once we had made a decision on the venue and what we wanted on the day everything ran so smoothly, with regular updates and conversations. It is a worrying time when trying to organize a wedding in a different country but Martina was in constant contact with us and answered any concerns or questions we had. She even helped us with things outside the wedding, like, restaurant and boat trip suggestions, hotel recommendations for our guests, places to visit and even suggesting hair dressers where our guests could get their hair done on the day. I do weddings Malta is very professional and Martina understands how important your wedding day is to you, and is there for you every step of the way, including the big day. Martina was there, in the background, the whole day making sure that everything ran smoothly and that we had everything we wanted. And not only that, Martina is a genuinely nice person who is passionate about what she does. We cannot thank Martina enough for what she did for us and we would most definitely recommend I do weddings to anyone.
Morgan & Craig Brooksbank photo

Morgan & Craig Brooksbank

FOCUSING ON WHAT MATTERED MOST, ON THE BEAUTY AND JOY OF A HAPPY WEDDING DAY, WE PULLED OFF AN UNFORGETTABLE DAY FOR OURSELVES, OUR FAMILIES, AND CLOSEST FRIENDS. MARTINA AND HER TEAM WERE AN ESSENTIAL PART OF THIS PROCESS, SHE LISTENTED TO OUR NEEDS, ANSWERED OUR QUERIES AND GAVE US INVALUABLE ADVICE. PUTTING IT SIMPLY: SHE’S HIGHLY RECOMMENDABLE! Despite Christa being Maltese and having recently left the Island, we knew that planning a wedding from practically the other side of the world would not come by easily. We needed someone with experience in destination weddings, someone who would know the running of the mill, not only in terms of paperwork when it comes to intercultural marriages, but also giving us that heads up on what is done and not done, and how to go about the planning and supplier selection. And that’s how we chose IdoWeddingsMalta. We started planning 9 months earlier, and immediately Martina would prioritise the best locations for our religious ceremony and reception. It was great because Martina would send over numerous photos of recommended locations, as well as her opinion and experience when working with such suppliers. The same went for choosing the music, photos, flowers: a wide array of suppliers she works with, all with great portfolios, innovative ideas and attentive to your and your partner’s special touch. A great tool which Martina and Laetitia swear by is their Planning software. Gone are the long threaded emails which you might have forgotten to put in your Wedding Folder: with the planning software you can share and save and upload and download whatever documents or photos you’re sharing with your planner. This was a great lifesaver. Everything was organised, from food choices, to supplier bank details, to photo samples. It actually felt like we were planning from around the corner in Malta not from across the Atlantic in Rio de Janeiro! To all newly engaged couples considering Malta as their desination for an unforgettable wedding, we say: do it your way! From our experience, we drifted away from the traditions of Maltese weddings, had to cater for guests coming from various countries across the globe, all with their cultural baggage and expectations, but focusing on what mattered most, on the beauty and joy of a happy wedding day, we pulled off an unforgettable day for ourselves, our families, and closest friends. Martina and her team were an essential part of this process, she listented to our needs, answered our queries and gave us invaluable advice. Putting it simply: she’s highly recommendable!
Krista & Bruno Fernandes Dias photo

Krista & Bruno Fernandes Dias

I CAN’T RECOMMEND IDOWEDDINGS HIGHLY ENOUGH, THEY WERE BRILLIANT FROM DAY ONE AND GAVE US A WEDDING DAY THAT WE WILL NEVER FORGET. We knew that we wanted to get married in Malta but had no idea where to start, we didn’t know where to look for anything or have the time as we we’re only able to visit once before the wedding day. This is where Martina and Leatitia were fantastic, they showed us a great choice of suppliers and venues that we knew we could trust. All we had to do was answer any emails and then they made sure we got exactly what we wanted which took all the stress and worry out everything! We were continually updated via the website, meaning we could keep track of what our budget and to do list were. I can’t recommend idoweddings highly enough, they were brilliant from day one and gave us a wedding day that we will never forget.
Aimee and Ben Gray photo

Aimee and Ben Gray

WE WANT TO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING SUCH A GREAT HELP PLANNING OUR WEDDING AND ENSURING THE DAY WAS PERFECT. What I loved about you is responsiveness to email queries even though Australia and Malta and in 2 different time zones, great vendor list and recommendations on the appropriate vendor and willingness to accommodate my many requests. Despite changing my mind a dozen times, you manage to pull together all my ideas for the resulting gorgeous table display and other decorations, you coordinated with the musicians, caterers and venue managers to ensure the program on my wedding flowed smoothly (and most importantly…everyone had a great time! Thank you so much once again and I would definitely recommend anyone getting married in Malta (who is coming from abroad) to engage your services.
Grace and Declan photo

Grace and Declan

FROM START TO FINISH OUR WEDDING DAY WAS AMAZING AND THERE IS NO DOUBT WE COULD HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU. Firstly just wanted to say the biggest thank you for everything you did for our big day. When we were first looking to get married abroad we spent hours on the internet looking at our options and most were holidays with a wedding thrown in and we were really confused about what they included such as a reception which none of them seemed to mention. Then we found what was then I do weddings and Martina contacted me on Skype and then sent me a projection of all the things we would need to consider for a wedding and overall costs, this made a massive difference to us as we were a bit clueless really but really wanted something personal to us. At first we were slightly concerned about cost of having a planner but then soon realised that costs of a wedding package included a lot less and gave us a lot less say in our big day. From the moment we decided that we really wanted to work with you a massive weight was lifted and Laetitia you were so helpful every step of the way answering all the silly questions that came up. When we finally arrived in Malta and spent the day with you going to the venue and having trials we were blown away by everything and all the vendors you suggested were completely perfect. From start to finish our wedding day was amazing and there is no doubt that we couldn’t have done it without you. Honestly couldn’t fault a single thing and it was defiantly the best decision we made to get your help which made the whole process stress free, thank you so so much again!!
Samantha and Eric O'Driscoll photo

Samantha and Eric O'Driscoll

AN EXAMPLE OF THEIR ATTENTION TO DETAIL IS ON THE DAY OF THE WEDDING WE HAD BOUGHT COLOURING BOOKS FOR THE CHILDREN BUT HAD FORGOTTEN TO BUY CRAYONS. WE WERE DELIGHTED TO FIND CRAYONS SITTING ON THE TABLES FOR THE CHILDREN AS WE SAT DOWN. THIS IS HOW THOUGHTFUL AND PROFESSIONAL THEY ARE. After deciding to get married in Malta, we came across Wed Our Way on the Internet. From our first Skype with Martina we felt comfortable and confident that she could deliver everything we wanted.We visited Malta a year before we got married and Martina kindly took us to three different venues, each of them were amazing places to get married but we decided on the beautiful villa Bologna. Over the next year Martina and Laetitia were professional and helpful. They were accommodating with our requests and replied to emails swiftly. Although we chose to get married in a different country we didn’t feel stressed or worried that things were not going to be as we had dreamed of. We had faith in their ability. An example of their attention to detail is on the day of the wedding we had bought colouring books for the children but had forgotten to buy crayons. We were delighted to find crayons sitting on the tables for the children as we sat down. This is how thoughtful and professional they are. So thank Martina and Laetitia we are grateful. Tom and I both had an absolutely amazing wedding day which was all and much more we could of dreamed of and that’s down to Martina and Laetitia’s hard work. Our guests commented on both how lovely the venue was and what a great job the wedding planners did. We would not hesitate in recommending Idoweddingsmalta to anyone wanting to get married there. A big thank you to Martina and Laetitia for making our wonderful day that much better.
Raelene & Tom Herd photo

Raelene & Tom Herd

THE WHOLE THING WAS SO MUCH BETTER BECAUSE WE HAD YOU THERE WITH US We wanted to say a great big thank you for all of your hard work, support, guidance and care. You can not understand how much we (and especially me) appreciate you two being with us through our wedding. The whole thing was so much better because we had you there with us. You make such a difference to the special big day, and you are much more than just a planner, you honestly make the day so much more special and we can’t thank you enough
Laura and Richard Whitby photo

Laura and Richard Whitby

WE NOW HAVE AMAZING MEMORIES TO LAST A LIFETIME! We would recommend working with Martina and Laetitia from Wed Our Way, as they really helped make our day special. Getting married abroad, we worried about organizing our big day with regards to getting the correct paperwork, getting good quality suppliers and paying these suppliers. They were able to advise on the paperwork and the crucial timings of this paperwork. They are experienced in working with high quality suppliers, and we could feel confident paying deposits to these suppliers as our wedding planners ensured all the necessary contracts and paperwork were in place. Having never planned a wedding before it was invaluable to have such experts on hand every step of the way. They were also there to co-ordinate the wedding day itself, to ensure everything ran smoothly so this was a weight off our shoulders and allowed us to relax and really enjoy the day. Whatever we asked for they made it happen so we really could make the wedding of our dreams come true! Thank you Martina and Laetitia for all your hard work. We now have amazing memories to last a lifetime!
Carla and Seamus Fanthorpe photo

Carla and Seamus Fanthorpe

WHILST I ABSOLUTELY ADORE MALTA AND ALL OUR SUPPLIERS, WE BOTH RECOGNISED THAT WE SIMPLY COULDN’T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT WOW For 15-16 months, Martina and Laetitia were absolutely phenomenal as wedding planners. Martina handled the first 8 months of brainstorming, securing our venue and vision planning. Once the main elements had been decided, Laetitia and her logistical expertise took over, to the point where there really was nothing for me to worry about. With a long list of suppliers and options to choose from, this part was so fun, selecting our favourite photographer, makeup artist etc… Anything extra or bespoke that we wanted, Martina and Laetitia sourced, organised and found, such as a white horse for me to ride down the aisle! As a self confessed control obsessed perfectionist, it was extremely difficult for me to let go and to organise a wedding abroad, especially in a laid back Mediterranean island nation like Malta! Whilst I absolutely adore Malta and all our suppliers, we both recognised that we simply couldn’t have done it without WOW. Most local businesses don’t advertise their services online so ‘googleing’ and using online reviews just don’t work. When you do find potential suppliers yourself, trying to contact them is difficult and it takes a hell of a lot of chasing and different methods of communication to finally get what you want. All this pain and hassle was eliminated by Laetitia and Martina, and more importantly their level of emotional support and understanding across the entire process was unbelievable and went above and beyond. Additionally, the prices they secured for us were shockingly awesome, which ensured we definitely weren’t being ripped off (so common in the wedding industry) and kept our wedding within budget. As for our actual wedding, everything turned out more beautiful than I imagined and needless to say we and our guests were impressed and delighted! Thank you so much to both wonderful ladies who made our special day truly unique, just as we wanted”
Riva and George Heath photo

Riva and George Heath

AFTER OUR FIRST SKYPE CALL WITH MARTINA WE WERE CONVINCED WED OUR WAY WAS THE ONLY WAY FOR US TO GO. As soon as we decided to get married abroad we started to look into potential wedding planners. After our first Skype call with Martina we were convinced Wed Our Way was the only way for us to go. From the start Martina seemed so enthusiastic about helping us plan our wedding, which really helped ease our concerns about working with a foreign company, whom we had never met. Laetitia then carried out the wedding planning process through, and really did plan our perfect wedding. From start to finish Laetitia was fantastic about listening to what styles we liked and suggesting lots of brilliant ideas which made our day so special and unique to us. Laetitia really comes into her own with her preparation in the lead up to the wedding and the wedding day itself. When we arrived at Villa Arrigo everything was set up the way we imagined and Laetitia had understood our style exactly. During the wedding she was on hand to deal with any issues that may of occurred, and she dealt with them so quickly and confidently that really, we weren’t even aware there were any issues. A number of guests also commented on how lovely Laetitia was and how hard she worked throughout the whole day. Thank you to Martina and especially Laetitia for making our day so special, it really was the most perfect day.
Michelle and Kerr photo

Michelle and Kerr

TO HAVE A PLANNER WITH EXPERIENCE WHO KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING AND COULD DO IT FOR ME WHEN I BECAME EVEN MORE TIME POOR – INVALUABLE! When Isaac and I decided to get married, our destination was always going to Malta, it seemed like we didn’t need to even discuss it, we both knew. Isaac wanted to make sure that we are capturing the traditional and historical beauty of Malta in our wedding, which is why he was more particular then me about the venue we chose for our marriage and celebration – talk about groomzila right! I was looking online and I came across this company, which was very straightforward, as well as I fell in love with all the beautiful weddings shown. I did enquire around, yet Martina was the most helpful in contacting me and giving me the information I needed, including helping me choose the best venue by giving me cost analyses of what would be suited for me, and then we chose. The date I wanted proved to be an issue, which was the first negotiation Martina had to organise for me, luckily at this point I had a planner so early on, as the time difference would have made it very difficult for me tio communicate and decide on a date suited for me and the suppliers – so Saturday June weddings are very hot days of the week, and even back in 2014, I had to make the right negotiations for our 2017 wedding! The date was set! Despite having a planner, and given the choice, I still wanted to be able to be flexible with some suppliers I know, advise from Martina at this stage was very handy, and I dodged a few issues thanks to her advice – I was never told to not try and research stuff, it was welcomed! After all even though the distance was very far, and I was very time poor, I still enjoyed every Sunday researching weddings and making sure I am getting my dream day. Closer to the wedding time Laetitia stepped in to help me more, wow did she do a fantastic job! Sometime after we decided to get married we decided to build a house, what we thought would be a project long completed before the wedding, ended up something completed exactly 6 months before – Many time I kept thanking my instinct for going with a planner. My family, who still lived in Malta, tried to convince me that they will be plenty of help, yet it was good to have a planner with experience who knew what they were doing and could do it for me while I became even more time poor – invaluable! It’s also great to have someone calm and focused organising everything for you in moments when you while you spend 2 days fretting over cutting up petal by petal of our bougainvillea for real flower confetti’s – Me wanting to have a DYI moment for my wedding so I could also cross that off my wedding wishlist. I just had to do one thing and nearly had a meltdown to organise let alone the whole thing! I am very happy I had the guidance that I did, and that is why everyone keeps telling me that they attended one of the best weddings they have been to. Both Maltese and Aussies loved it, we all didn’t want it to end, even after 9hrs of celebrating. If only WOW can invest in a time machine so I can repeat the day over and over – but I can look at my magnificent photos and video in the mean time.
Ilona and Isaac photo

Ilona and Isaac

HOW ANYONE PLANS A WEDDING WITHOUT A PLANNER I DON’T KNOW! YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO WORRY OR THINK OF A THING, IT IS ALL DONE AND COORDINATED FOR YOU When I decided to get married abroad I always knew it would be a challenge to plan a wedding from a distance. I met Martina when she was very pregnant and even still she was so helpful and made me totally relaxed as I knew in her hands the day would run smoothly and I would have a very easy decision making process with her showing me only the best Malta has to offer in my price range. Martina organized from the flowers to the Dj to the church to the paperwork a lot!!! Literally I told her what I wanted and she found the best person for the job. She can even help with guest accommodation and transport for guests EVERYTHING! How anyone plans a wedding without a wedding planner I do not know! You will not have to worry or think of a thing, it is all done and coordinated for you. Totally and utterly brilliant. The great thing as well is that planner is very discreet. On the day flowers for my hair didn’t arrive and within less than an hour Martina had it made up and delivered to my hotel room door! My wedding day is a day I will never forget and this all thanks to my planner.
Frances & Steven Edwards photo

Frances & Steven Edwards

EVERYTHING WAS EVEN BETTER THAN EXPECTED AND OUR GUESTS AND WE HAD GREAT TIME. YOUR SERVICE WAS EXCEPTIONAL! Hi Martina, we wanted to thank you very much for organizing our wonderful wedding experience. Everything was even better than expected and our guests and we had a great time! Your service was exceptional! Everything was handled very professionally and you really managed to understand what we wanted. Everybody enjoyed themselves and many people said this was the best wedding they’ve been so far. We are forever grateful for the way you organized our wedding and would highly recommend you to all couples seeking for a tailor-made wedding experience.
Lucia & Dimitar Asenov photo

Lucia & Dimitar Asenov

MARTINA DIDN’T TRY TO IMPOSE ON US TRADITIONAL VIEW OF WEDDING CEREMONY SHE HELPED IMPLEMENT OUR VISION INSTEAD! We decided to hire wedding planner in Malta, because we live in Russia. We arrived to Malta on the day before the wedding and saw wedding cake, bridal bouquet etc. only before the ceremony and everything was amazing. Thanks to Martina’s attention to our requests and desires, at the wedding everything looked exactly how I wanted. Martina did not try to impose on us traditional view of wedding ceremony she helped implement our vision instead! Martina isn’t only terrific organizer, she is very interesting and warm person. Thanks to her I didn’t worry at the wedding day. I was sure she had everything under control. Preparing for the wedding with Martina was easy and interesting for me. I would like to relive the past six months. If you are selecting a wedding planner, don’t hesitate to contact Martina. She is the best!
Maria & Stanislav Redikulstev photo

Maria & Stanislav Redikulstev

DON’T THINK TWICE! WHEN GETTING MARRIED ABROAD YOU’LL NEED A FRIEND YOU CAN RELY ON TO PLAN EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT, MARTINA IS EXACTLY THAT! SHE CLEARLY HAS A PASSION FOR HER JOB AND WANTS THE BEST FOR YOUR WEDDING DAY. Living in England and planning a wedding in Malta was always going to be difficult as we were unable to view the venue, meet with florists etc. Also having only 8 months to fully plan our day put quite a bit of pressure on us. You helped us with absolutely everything! We had so many questions that were answered quickly & clearly, relieving all our stresses & worries! Nothing was too much trouble & your experienced advice really helped make important decisions. Don’t think twice! When getting married abroad you’ll need a friend you can rely on to plan exactly what you want, Martina is exactly that! She clearly has a passion for her job and wants the best for your wedding day.
Rachael & James Edis photo

Rachael & James Edis

OUR WEDDING DAY WAS SIMPLY PERFECT, FILLED WITH MEMORIES THAT WILL LAST FOREVER, OUR THANKS GOES TO YOU FOR MAKING OUR VISIONS A REALITY From the start we knew we would not be able to plan our wedding abroad without some help, we knew we would need a planner to aid us with the following: their knowledge of the area, help cross possible language barriers, knowledge of trustworthy vendors to work with, face to face communications in Malta. One of our biggest fears about getting married abroad was that we would not be able to meet and speak face to face with vendors, so for us it was a great reassurance to know that we had you there to do this for us. It was a great help being able to speak with you over Skype as some things were easier to discuss in conversation than through email. We loved discussing our ideas with you and really appreciated your honest feedback. From speaking with you, we knew how passionate you are about your work and we were always confident that our wedding was in good hands, you were there fighting our corner and you got us the best deals available to the requests we had made. This was due to the great contacts you have and the fantastic report you have with them. We have already recommended you to a lady at work whose son wants to marry in Malta We would not hesitate in recommending your services to anyone. You were a pleasure to work with, so easy to get along with and you always put our minds at ease over any concerns we had. You delivered on everything that was asked of you, you never let us down. Communication with you was consistent, you would regularly keep us updated and you were quick in your response to our emails. We love how our relationship grew, you’re not just the lady who planned our wedding, we feel we have gained a good friend in you Our wedding day was simply perfect, filled with memories that will last forever, our thanks goes to you for making our visions a reality.
Gemma and Richard Malbon photo

Gemma and Richard Malbon

MARTINA WAS GREAT. SHE IS FRIENDLY AND COMMUNICATIVE, KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT SHE IS DOING AND ALSO HOW TO GET THE BEST OUT OF THE VENUES AND PEOPLE INVOLVED. Being from overseas, it was just a better idea to benefit from a local wedding planner. We didn’t even attempt to do it on our own.. Martina was great. She is friendly and communicative, knows exactly what she is doing and also how to get the best out of the venues and people involved. Martina always has everything under control and helps make your wedding what it really should be: “ a truly special day” . Our wedding was stress free, all thanks to you Martina.
Katherine & Alexander photo

Katherine & Alexander

WE DECIDED TO GET MARRIED ABROAD AND FINALLY DECIDED THAT MALTA WOULD BE THE BEST FOR US BUT THE BEST DECISION WE MADE WAS ENLISTING THE HELP OF “WED OUR WAY” FROM START TO FINISH THEY MADE THE WHOLE PROCESS EASY From the Groom: We decided to get married abroad and finally decided that Malta would be the best for us but the best decision we made was enlisting the help of “wed our way” from start to finish they made the whole process easy . Laetitia was fantastic and couldn’t do more to help she was polite friendly and kept the whole day running smooth even after the wedding went out her way to post some items we left behind. I would 100% recommend using Laetitia and the wed our way team for your wedding abroad. From the Bride: We got married 8 weeks ago at Castello Zammitello in Malta and we are still on cloud 9. I am so impressed with the organisation and recommendations made by Wed Our Way. The venue was absolutely stunning and as we had not previously visited Malta we only got to see it two days before we arrived. The pictures did not do the venue justice it was breathtaking, one of my concerns was that as it was a large venue and our party of 60 would look out of place. But this was not the case it was set out and each area accommodated for. For me another concern about going abroad was using unknown make up artist and hairdressers. The recommendations made by WOW we’re all of a really high standard. I had make up done by Schevron and my hairdresser on the day was Zoe edgar. Photography was done by Therese Debono and I have just received our pictures we had 1200 to choose from on a USB so it’s been great to share, make copies and send to our families. I cannot thank WOW enough for our stress free day, we enjoyed every minute and it went perfectly. We are happy to be contacted by any couples looking to use your service if you have anymore questions. Thanks again, Mr and Mrs Harries.
Claire & Marc Harries photo

Claire & Marc Harries

IF YOU WANT A WEDDING PLANNER WHO IS HONEST, LISTENS AND DELIVERS THEN WED OUR WAY IS ABSOLUTELY THE ONE FOR YOU! Meeting Martina and her team was a dream come true! From beginning to end she was so passionate about making our day special and giving us the wedding WE wanted. Martina ensured every detail was met with perfection and we can honesty say the day went better than we could have ever possibly imagined. From choosing the venue right through to the reception the whole process was made easy. If you want a wedding planner who is honest, listens and delivers then Wed Our Way is absolutely the one for you! Thank you Martina we adore you – you’ll forever be in our hearts!
Emma and Anthony photo

Emma and Anthony

WE WERE A LITTLE HESITANT TO SPEND A CHUNK OF OUR WEDDING BUDGET ON A WEDDING PLANNER, AND EVEN MORE HESITANT TO TRANSFER MONEY TO A FOREIGN COMPANY WE HARDLY KNEW! WE BOTH AGREE IT WAS THE BEST DECISION WE’VE EVER MADE. It had always been our dream to get married in Malta, but we had no idea where to begin. We couldn’t believe our luck when we found Wed Our Way (WOW)! From the very start both Martina and Laetitia went out of their way to make the whole process as simple as possible and were the most approachable and friendly people to work with. To work around our long working hours, the girls arranged Skype conversations during the evenings and were always thorough and prompt in responding to our email queries. They took their time to make sure they knew exactly what we wanted and provided matching shortlists of the most incredibly professional hairdressers (use Richline!), photographers (use Fran!), florists (use Alistair!), musicians (use Marc!) and make-up artists (use Daniela!) to name but a few. We were absolutely thrilled with the results! Before working with WOW, we were a little hesitant to spend a chunk of our wedding budget on a wedding planner, and even more hesitant to transfer money to a foreign company we hardly knew! But having met the ladies we decided to go ahead, and we both agree it was the best decision we’ve ever made. Their ability to remain calm and organized whilst under pressure was exceptional. Even when I complicated matters by requesting a two venue ceremony and reception, Laetitia provided advice on how to best plan the timings for this more convoluted of wedding days and helped us arrange all the necessary transport. All the pre-wedding formalities (i.e. paperwork requirements and meeting with the celebrant) were all taken care of by WOW so we didn’t need to worry about carrying out hours of panicked research. On the day, WOW were on hand from start to around 10:00pm, available to help with greeting and organising the guests and decorations and assist with any potential issues. For this reason the day went seamlessly and felt extremely relaxed – just what you need! If you are reading this and wondering whether to use WOW for your forthcoming wedding, don’t deliberate any longer, just DO IT! You will not be disappointed. On the contrary, you will be able to look back on this most magical of days and say “thank goodness for Martina and Laetitia, our wedding day was just perfect!” That’s what we do! All of our guests commented on the relaxed atmosphere and said it was the best wedding they have ever been to. We cannot thank Martina and Laetitia enough for all their help in making this happen. You are both exceptional at your jobs – thank you!
Laura & Rob Winter photo

Laura & Rob Winter

Thank You Martina & Laetitia for giving us the best day of our lives! – Lianne & Chris Barnes HER TEAM WERE ORGANISED, THOROUGH AND AMAZINGLY FRIENDLY. IT WAS HANDS DOWN THE BEST DECISION WE MADE IN PLANNING THE WEDDING. WE WOULD RECOMMEND THEM 100%. I have very strong intuition about people, as we were going to be having a destination wedding, it was really important that the planner connected with us as couple. The photographer who took our amazing engagement pictures Shane Watts, mentioned Martina from Wed Our Way to me at the time and I started doing some research on her company and looking for recommendations online. We setup an initial Skype session which was meant to last 20 minutes but we talked for one and a half hours. From the very beginning she was on board with the vision, logistics and requirements. It was like talking to an old friend. We flew out in February for a meeting and venue visits, her team were organized, thorough and amazingly friendly. It was hands down the best decision we made in planning the wedding. We would recommend them 100%.”
 Zi and Ike photo

Zi and Ike

BOTH MARTINA & LAETITIA REALLY TOOK THE TIME TO GET TO KNOW US AND IT OFTEN FELT LIKE WE WERE THEIR ONLY CLIENTS! THEIR ATTENTION TO DETAIL FILLS YOU WITH THE CONFIDENCE THAT YOUR WEDDING REALLY IS GOING TO BE PERFECT. Planning a wedding abroad is one thing, but planning a wedding in a country where you’ve never even been is another! That’s why Martina and Laetitia were pivotal in ensuring our dreams were made a reality…and that’s exactly what they did! After our first Skype call we knew that we were in good hands. Martina explained the process of getting married in Malta and immediately understood our requirements. We felt that there was nothing too big for these ladies to handle and it didn’t take any time at all for them to suggest the perfect venue, Villa Bologna. Throughout our 2 years planning for the wedding Martina & Laetitia were in regular contact with us so we were confident that things were moving along well. Our first visit to Malta, one year before the wedding, the ladies showed us all the venues we had been discussing, described how the wedding would go and organised all the necessary meetings. It was during this trip that I knew my wedding would be stress free and the Bridezilla in me that was threatening to come out was firmly put to bed! Both the ladies have a long list of contacts in Malta so although we were planning the wedding from afar we felt that we still had a part to play in deciding who we wanted to choose for our special day, from the florist to the photographer, band and guest book table decor! Nothing was forced upon us and due to their extensive knowledge of pulling off dream weddings the ladies were quick to suggest ways to improve our vision. Both Martina & Laetitia really took the time to get to know us and it often felt like we were their only clients! Their attention to detail fills you with the confidence that your wedding really is going to be perfect. I can say with full confidence that without Martina & Laetitia our special day would not have been such a dream come true. I will forever be grateful for the ladies for all they did for my husband and I and will recommend anyone planning a wedding in Malta to contact them immediately! Thank You Martina & Laetitia for giving us the best day of our lives!
Lianne & Chris Barnes photo

Lianne & Chris Barnes

THEY SAY A WEDDING IS ONE OF THE MOST STRESSFUL TIMES OF YOUR LIFE, I FOUND THIS LOADS OF FUN NOTHING WAS EVER TO MUCH FOR THE GIRLS TO DO FOR ME We got engaged in Malta 2 years ago this year and I knew from that moment I wanted to get married there too. I tried to do this alone and contacted hotels, venues but everything seemed too hard to find, out of my budget, a long process or I was being miss-lead into thinking something was what it wasn’t! I found Wed Our Way and have never regretted using them. They say a wedding is one of the most stressful times of your life, I found this loads of fun nothing was ever to much for the girls to do for me. They sent me recommendations of florists, photographers, videographers, make-up, hair even spray tan shops! They know Malta very well and everyone knows them too, if I didn’t like their recommendations they would go find others for me! I made some bits myself too like place names wedding favours which I shipped over before we got married and the girls went and collected emailed when they had arrived, I really did have the wedding I wanted and would do it all over again! The wedding day was so relaxed, so care free it was a beautiful day and I loved having them there, they keep you on time and my guests said it was the best wedding they have been too and it was definitely a day to remember! Huge thank you to Laetitia & Martina you were both amazing!”
Kirsty and Alan Sweeney photo

Kirsty and Alan Sweeney

ALL THE TIME SHE WAS SO KEEN TO HEAR WHAT WE WANTED, RATHER THAN JUST SELL US THE ‘READY MADE’ WEDDING. THIS REALLY STOOD OUT TO US AND WE KNEW IMMEDIATELY THAT WOW WERE THE ONES TO HELP US PLAN OUR BIG DAY. When we decided to have our wedding in Malta we began researching online. I came across a few different websites for wedding planners and although I had not initially thought about having a wedding planner, I thought it should be something to consider. We researched a few different wedding planners and venues and then decided that a visit before the wedding would be a perfect excuse for a holiday! When we first met up with Martina, she was so friendly and so full of enthusiasm, giving us ideas for our wedding and sharing ideas of venue set ups etc she had done previously. However, all the time she was so keen to hear what we wanted, rather than just sell us the ‘ready made’ wedding. This really stood out to us and we knew immediately that WOW were the ones to help us plan our big day. In the months following Laetitia from WOW helped plan every aspect of our wedding. We had our own personal planning page where we could share ideas and organise every aspect of the wedding. WOW have a wide range of suppliers – catering for every style and budget and so it was easy to choose a photographer, florist, musicians etc. and Laetitia was always full of ideas and prompt with her replies which made planning easy. When we came to Malta for our wedding, Laetitia was brilliant, she came with us to the registry office, to meet suppliers and walk around the venue to ensure that we were all on the same page. Her attention to detail was brilliant, and prompted us to think about things that had not crossed our minds. She clearly loves her job and helping couples create their fairytale wedding! We had around 100 guests come to our wedding and having Laetitia there to ensure the smooth running of the day took all the pressure off ourselves and so we could enjoy every second of the day, which really was invaluable. I would recommend anyone planning a wedding in Malta to get in touch with WOW as I am sure you will find that they are the best wedding planners in Malta. Thank you so much Laetitia and all the staff at Wed our Way!
Katie and Peter Matthewman photo

Katie and Peter Matthewman

PLANNING A WEDDING IS A FULL TIME JOB, AND PLANNING A WEDDING ABROAD IS AN ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE FULL TIME JOB! IF YOU WANT TO ENJOY THE PROCESS, HAVE A STRESS FREE ENGAGEMENT AND THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE IN MALTA THEN YOU HAVE TO HIRE THE WED OUR WAY TEAM. Meeting and old friend for the first time! From beginning to end, planning our wedding was an absolute dream. My first Skype call with Martina was like meeting an old friend… a friend who understood everything we wanted and was just excited as we were for our wedding! We chose Malta based entirely on beautiful venue images we had found online. Due to our busy schedule for the next year, we were not visiting Malta until a few days before the wedding. We had to place our whole trust and wedding into Martina’s hands, and it was not a difficult job. She is a professional and a perfectionist. Her files of trusted suppliers are excellent- we chose our cars, make up artist, musicians, DJ and photographer in no time at all from using her recommendations. Upon arriving in Malta, we spent a few days relaxing in preparation for the arrival of our guests. Martina and Laetitia organised our walk through of the wedding to take place at our venue- Villa Bologna. The venue took our breath away. It was stunning, magical and more than we had hoped for. Images are amazing, just wait till you see it in real life! The same was true of Martina and Laetitia, over the past year we had exchanged more than one hundred emails of pure joy and excitement, but meeting them in person was such a happy occasion. We were so excited for our big day after that and there was nothing left to do but enjoy the weekend! Why choose Wed our Way?! Planning a wedding is a full time job, and planning a wedding abroad is an almost impossible full time job! If you want to enjoy the process, have a stress free engagement and the time of your life in Malta then you have to hire the Wed our Way team. We felt like we had two extra friends present on our wedding day, and they orchestrated everything perfectly. As a bride and groom all we had to do on our wedding day was get ready, show up, get married and enjoy ourselves. We also found that hiring the team actually saved us money- we had everything we wanted and more for under our budget. I cannot recommend them enough, go and email Wed our Way and enjoy your wedding planning journey!!
 Lauren & Jonathan Davies photo

Lauren & Jonathan Davies

THEY UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU WANT VERY QUICKLY AND MAKE SURE IT HAPPENS. Planning a wedding in another country can be a scary prospect but WedOurWay were absolutely fantastic. They are extremely friendly and hard working! They put everything into making our day as special as possible and we couldn’t speak highly enough of them! They understand what you want very quickly and make sure it happens. Last minute requests were no problem, if it can be done they will do it! If you’re planning a wedding then these are the people to use, we can’t thank them enough!
Jenna and Adam photo

Jenna and Adam

IN ESSENCE THEY TOOK AWAY ALL THE STRESS OF PLANNING A WEDDING AS THEY ALWAYS KNEW EXACTLY WHAT STAGE WE WERE AT WITH THE VARIOUS ELEMENTS AND CHASED ANYTHING WE STILL AWAITED ANSWERS FOR. From the moment I chatted with Martina on Skype to the very last contact I had with Laetitia after our wedding, I felt like we were in safe hands. From helping us choose our wedding venue to settling the final bill with the venue, all of our questions were answered and all our concerns were dealt with and solutions offered. Nothing was ever too much trouble for these ladies and their suggestions of the various suppliers was perfect. Not one supplier let us down and all of them were well briefed on our exact needs. We never felt we were led in a particular direction in terms of our preferred style or the way we wanted our wedding to happen. However when I asked for an opinion I could rely on one. Laetitia provided us with some really good advice but it never felt like we lost control of what we wanted on our special day. She allowed us to develop our own wedding theme and added to our ideas to develop them further. Even though we booked our wedding 2 Years and 8 months in advance, the two of them were keen to learn our ideas at an early stage and the contact over that period allowed us to get to know each other. In essence they took away all the stress of planning a wedding as they always knew exactly what stage we were at with the various elements and chased anything we still awaited answers for. I always felt comfortable making contact and was never made to feel like a pest even though I did ask lots and lots of questions continually. The Planning Pod was invaluable as a planning tool. It allowed us to see our budget, all our message threads and much more. At one point we did have an issue with the receiving and sending of messages which once I higlighted this to Martina she made sure I had her mobile number so that I could contact should I have any concerns. Her biggest concern was that I never got to the point where I was stressed about the wedding which I found was a wonderful personal touch. Our wedding day was just perfect. Laetitia had every aspect under control and despite me being a control freak and wanting to check on progress myself, I allowed myself to be looked after by Laetitia who ensured our day ran smoothly. Even though we had an itinerary for the day, she allowed the day to take its natural course and she gauged the flow and mood of our guests. Both myself and my new husband were able to relax and enjoy our big day knowing we were well looked after. I can’t thank the team enough and was so glad I came across them in my research. Thank you!!!
Amanda and Chris photo

Amanda and Chris

A HUGE THANK YOU AGAIN TO THE LOVELY MARTINA FOR BEING AN ABSOLUTE LEGEND IN PULLING OUR DREAM WEDDING TOGETHER We never thought we’d need a wedding planner for our big day but when we decided that Malta (of sentimental value to us) would be the place where we bring our families together, it quickly dawned on us that planning a destination wedding on our own from the UK, was going to be stressful. Over the 14 months, planning was exciting and super chilled with Martina as she would keep in touch regularly and respond to any queries pretty promptly. We found WedOurWay’s online event platform very useful (particularly where we were able to create our own wedding website given all our family and friends live abroad). WedOurWay truly helped us have the best day of our lives; from the initial Skype chat with Martina, finding two magical and romantic venues (the Villa Bologna, Attard and Bedouin Bar at the Westin Dragonara, St Julian’s) to selecting and organising meetings with the best of the local suppliers, organising the pre-wedding and on-the-day schedule and the most important (and stressful) bit of gathering the legal documents. Thanks to Martina, our day couldn’t have been more perfect, and will be a day that we, along with our family and friends, will always remember. Organising a destination wedding was so easy and straightforward with WedOurWay we would highly recommend them to anyone considering getting married in Malta (or at any of her other European locations). A huge thank you again to the lovely Martina for being an absolute legend in pulling our dream wedding together.
Megan & Richard photo

Megan & Richard

I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND MARTINA AS AN EXTREMELY HONEST, CARING, EFFICIENT AND VERY PROFESSIONAL WEDDING PLANNER. OUR WEDDING WAS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIUFL THANKS TO HER HARD WORK AND KNOWLEDGE IN THE FIELD. Before meeting you on skype, I was quite against paying a wedding planner to organize our day – I thought it was unneeded expense. After meeting you and seeing how honest you are and how much you wanted to create our perfect day it gave me the confidence to trust in you. During the wedding preparations you were always available whenever we needed you. You were extremely efficient at getting the information we needed and in a timely fashion. We felt like the majority of the wedding planning was taken care of with a few simple decisions from us. On the day – I am SO grateful I had you there on the day to handle any issues that may have arisen and to watch over the set up. If I hadn’t I would have been extremely stressed during the event and instead I loved being able to absorb every minute of it. I would highly recommend Martina as an extremely honest, caring, efficient and very professional wedding planner. Our wedding was absolutely beautiful thanks to her hard work and knowledge in the field. She was a rock and a centre-point for the whole wedding planning experience, helping us above and beyond what was needed. I would also like to add that Martina was always trying to get us the best possible deal, negotiating for us and sometimes even reminding us of our own budget! Amazing person, amazing work. Thank You!
Clare and James Elliot-Square photo

Clare and James Elliot-Square

WE DIDN’T HAVE TO COMPROMISE ON ANYTHING WE WANTED AT ALL EVERYTHING WE WANTED WAS MADE POSSIBLE. If you want a wedding of a lifetime don’t hesitate to get married in Malta using Martina and Laetitia as your wedding planners. Me and my husband (still feels really good to say) got married June 23rd 2016. We knew we wanted to get married in Malta so I starting doing some research and found Martina online. We sent her an email asking questions about what we would like for our wedding day. Martina got back to us really quickly and followed this up with a Skype call. She was so down to earth and really listened to what we wanted as a couple. Soon the ball starting rolling and Martina and Laetitia had everything in place for us and took a lot of the stress away for us. We didn’t have to compromise on anything we wanted at all everything we wanted was made possible. The wedding itself was the best day of our life’s. We got married in Valetta at the saluting battery with a round of drinks afterwards. (We even let the cannons off which was amazing). After this we went on a boat called the Hera for a boat party. The boat was decorated beautifully and we had cake, drinks and ice cream with great music. It gave all our guests a chance to relax and look at the amazing views. The boat took us to Hola beach our final destination where we had a bbq beach party. We cannot thank the staff at Hola beach enough for the decorations and the most amazing food we’ve ever had. Our florist Jo was amazing and created a vision for our evening that blew us away incorporating our theme purple together with elements of the beach. We were able to have fireworks and dance under the starts. We cannot of wished for a better day and wouldn’t of changed anything for the world. We look back at this day with very fond memories and would like to thank Martina, Laetitia and all the members of staff who made our day so special.
Hannah and Steve Bolton photo

Hannah and Steve Bolton

THE DAY ITSELF WAS THE MOST PERFECT DAY. ALL THE STRESS WAS TAKEN AWAY FROM THEIR EXPERIENCE AND CAN-DO ATTITUDE AND THAT LEFT US WITH ONE THING TO DO – GET HITCHED AND PARTY! When we started exploring planning a wedding abroad we stumbled across IDo’s website and it was like a breath of fresh air. Everything else we’d looked at was clouded in secrecy – no prices and no real transparency about what to expect, hidden costs or what was included. So having all the information upfront combined with falling head over heels in love with the beautiful Villa Bologna sold it to us. Martina and Laetitia from the outset were so helpful – any question wasn’t too difficult or too much trouble. We didn’t have an overly fixed idea of theme or exactly what we wanted to begin with and this was fine. Laetitia helped us find our way by finding elements that we liked and letting their field of experts guide us on how this could work to our budget. As the wedding got closer and I started to get more panicky and decisive this was all handled brilliantly, even to the last minute changes of mind! Arriving in Malta with suitcase of bits and bobs I hand and very nervous, everything couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Laetitia met us at the registry office, florist and photographer at the venue, hair and make up trials – everyone was just as described and so reassuring. The day itself was the most perfect day. The sun shone, everyone was where they needed to be on time, all the little touches were in place, cocktails flowed and dancing was done by all. We can’t thank Martina and Laetitia enough. All the stress was taken away from their experience and can-do attitude and that left us with one thing to do – get hitched and party! –
Gemma & Robert Stait photo

Gemma & Robert Stait

THE DAY ITSELF WAS THE MOST PERFECT DAY. ALL THE STRESS WAS TAKEN AWAY FROM THEIR EXPERIENCE AND CAN-DO ATTITUDE AND THAT LEFT US WITH ONE THING TO DO – GET HITCHED AND PARTY! When we started exploring planning a wedding abroad we stumbled across IDo’s website and it was like a breath of fresh air. Everything else we’d looked at was clouded in secrecy – no prices and no real transparency about what to expect, hidden costs or what was included. So having all the information upfront combined with falling head over heels in love with the beautiful Villa Bologna sold it to us. Martina and Laetitia from the outset were so helpful – any question wasn’t too difficult or too much trouble. We didn’t have an overly fixed idea of theme or exactly what we wanted to begin with and this was fine. Laetitia helped us find our way by finding elements that we liked and letting their field of experts guide us on how this could work to our budget. As the wedding got closer and I started to get more panicky and decisive this was all handled brilliantly, even to the last minute changes of mind! Arriving in Malta with suitcase of bits and bobs I hand and very nervous, everything couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Laetitia met us at the registry office, florist and photographer at the venue, hair and make up trials – everyone was just as described and so reassuring. The day itself was the most perfect day. The sun shone, everyone was where they needed to be on time, all the little touches were in place, cocktails flowed and dancing was done by all. We can’t thank Martina and Laetitia enough. All the stress was taken away from their experience and can-do attitude and that left us with one thing to do – get hitched and party! –
Gemma & Robert Stait photo

Gemma & Robert Stait

PLEASE, TAKE IT FROM US IT WAS THE SMARTEST, LUCKIEST DECISION WE MADE THROUGH THE WHOLE PROCESS OF PLANNING OUR WEDDING! WE COULD NOT HAVE CREATED SUCH A UNIQUE AND SPECIAL DAY WITHOUT MARTINA AND LAETITIA If you are reading this review, you are already considering Wed Our Way to help you with your wedding. Please, take it from us it was the smartest, luckiest decision we made through the whole process of planning our wedding! We could not have created such a unique and special day without Martina and Laetitia…We thank our lucky stars we worked with them from the start to ensure a relaxed, happy, creative– and FUN – wedding! Although my husband is Maltese, I am American and we met while studying in London, so when it came time to plan our wedding in Malta, we were overwhelmed by the paperwork and limited to only one trip to Malta to try and secure the right vendors and wedding ceremony and reception venues. Fortunately, we heard about Wed Our Way and decided to skype chat with Martina, in order to see if she could help us. From the very start, Martina and Laetitia were professional, extremely organised and approachable, making even the most stressful aspects of wedding planning fun and creative. They encouraged us to think outside of the box and instead of being put off by our desire to add elements of our Maltese and American heritages and British life together, were excited by the idea of doing something different and unusual. Whereas other wedding planners we contacted were ‘all or nothing’, meaning that we had to buy into a set package of vendors, venues and types of ceremonies, WOW embraced the unique touches we wanted and made every single one of them possible for us. Their suggested vendors and specialists for certain things, such as lighting, flowers, cocktails, catering, make-up and hair were fantastic and we feel that we got the best quality, for very reasonable costs. When we experienced complications with our reception venue, Martina and Laetitia efficiently handled the obstacles and we managed to not only have the reception we imagined but even better, thanks to their quick thinking when the day turned quite windy! In photographs and video of the day, it makes me smile to see them in the background, always directing and keeping track of things, never off their feet. Thanks to Wed Our Way, my husband and I had the kind of wedding our friends and family are still talking about and most importantly, the kind of wedding that we had always hoped for but didn’t think was possible! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Martina and Laetitia!
 Stephanie and Luke photo

Stephanie and Luke

YOU MADE IT HAPPEN. MOREOVER, YOU MADE IT BETTER THAN WE IMAGINED IT COULD HAVE BEEN, ALL WHILE BEING UNDER-BUDGET! The most significant problem we were facing before hiring Martina was organizing a wedding from the other side of the world for guests from three different continents in three months time. That said, we were faced with logistical nightmare that couldn’t have been done without Martina. She gave us the wedding we wanted, in the time frame that worked best for us, at a price that was below our budget. You made it happen Moreover, you made it better than we imagined it could have been all while being under-budget! If you are foreigner, don’t stress with your Malta destination wedding. Hire Martina.
 Geraldine and Jeff Decker photo

Geraldine and Jeff Decker

OUR TWO DAY WEDDING BONANZA WAS NOTHING BUT SPECTACULAR AND THERE WAS NOT A SINGLE THING THAT WAS NOT THOUGHT THROUGH OR HANDLED. WOW HAD FULLY UNDERSTOOD WHAT WE WANTED AND REALLY MADE AN EFFORT INSURING THAT WE WOULD GET THE VERY BEST. The word perfect can’t even come close that WedOurWay did for us and our wedding. It all started with us needing someone who could help us plan and arrange our destination wedding. After a skype call with Martina I felt confident that she fully understood our vision and that she would make us feel comfortable having WoW in charge. With the help of Laetitia our day become two and she took our vision to a whole new level and sprinkled some of here French magic dust on it. She was amazing in every single way. Our two day wedding bonanza was nothing but spectacular and there was not a single thing that was not thought through or handled. WoW had fully understood what we wanted and really made an effort insuring that we would get the very best. We are forever grateful for this dynamic duo that will always have a very special place in our memories and hearts. Thank you!
 Pam & Kristian photo

Pam & Kristian

WE WANTED STRESS FREE AND THAT’S WHAT WE GOT! MARTINA AND HER TEAM WORK SO HARD TO PROVIDE A VERY STRESS FREE, PERSONAL AND ATTENTIVE SERVICE! Once my husband and I decided to get married in Malta we didn’t even know where to start. I googled lots of things and decided that a wedding planner would work best for us as we both worked full time and didn’t want the stress of trying to organise a wedding abroad! I emailed a few wedding planners in Malta but Martina replied with the most friendly and personal interest in our wedding! We had few ideas and wanted someone to lead us and show us the possibilities……Martina took it to another level and from day one working with her we never looked back. We wanted stress free and that’s what we got! As each month went on we received updates and suggestions on what was on offer for our wedding. We went to Malta to view venues and Martina took us to so many amazing venues and offered ideas and options for each one. When the venue decision was made Martina sought venders and looked into anything I suggested or wanted for our big day. As the months and days approached the less stress I felt and on the big day everything was amazing! We could not have asked for anything more! Martina & Co. were with us every step of the way and without them our wedding would not have been anywhere near as special as what it was! It felt I’ve i had a friend organise our wedding! Martina and her team work so hard to provide a very stress free, personal and attentive service! They go out of their way to provide you with the best in Malta and for me who was very open to everything, Martina was able to guide me and show me potential in everything. The legal side of things was so simple and I cannot recommend iDo Weddings highly enough! We feel that Martina will be someone who we will stay in touch long into our married life!
Christina and Colin Lovell photo

Christina and Colin Lovell

THE DAY WENT EVEN BETTER THAN WE COULD HAVE HOPED FOR, A TRULY WONDERFUL DAY THAT WE AND OUR GUESTS WILL NEVER FORGET, MANY OF OUR GUESTS REMARKED IT WAS THE BEST WEDDING THEY HAVE EVER BEEN TO When we decided to get married abroad, we knew we would need a planner and after doing some research on the internet we decided to contact Martina. After our initial skype chat, we knew we had made the right choice. Martina was very friendly and honest with us from the outset, and we felt comfortable from day one. She clearly loves what she does and this is reflective in the service you get. We also liked the fact that Martina had experience getting married as a foreigner in Malta herself. Throughout the year we spent planning our wedding, Martina and her assistant Laetitia were extremely responsive, supportive and patient ! They have an impressive network of contacts and we were very happy with all of the suppliers we took on their recommendation. We managed to find one or two alternative suppliers ourselves which worked out fine – another plus for the ladies who were open to our suggestions on this – it really did feel like it was our wedding, every aspect of it, we made all the decisions – Martina and Laetitia simply helped us to make it happen, and gave us options/opinions where necessary – we did not feel pressured into doing things a certain way or choosing any particular supplier at any point. The day itself went even better than we could have hoped for, a truly wonderful day that we and our guests will never forget, many of our guests remarked it was the best wedding they have ever been to. If you are a couple considering to work with Wed Our Way, we would definitely recommend you to go with them. We have nothing but positive words to say – it was a very worthwhile investment for us. Thanks again Martina and Laetitia !!!
 Bea and David Waller photo

Bea and David Waller

WE WOULD WITHOUT A DOUBT RECOMMEND YOU TO ANYONE CONSIDERING GETTING MARRIED IN MALTA, AND COULD GO ON AND ON ABOUT WHAT EXCEPTIONAL JOB YOU DO WITH EVERY DETAIL OF WEDDING PLANNING! Dear Martina, Brian and I have arrived back from our honeymoon, and we wanted to take moment to express our sincere THANKS for all the hard work you did making our wedding day and week in Malta absolutely perfect! Since beginning, you have constantly presented yourself in the most professional, caring and friendly manner. You paid attention to the big and small details that made our wedding day perfect, one that our guests will continue to talk about for years! We can’t thank you enough for not only being there for us as an outstanding wedding planner, but also becoming a friend of ours throughout the process :). We were so impressed when you personally emailed us back within a day of our inquiry and scheduled meeting with us over Skype to understand our wedding day desires and interests. You immediately understood what our vision was for the wedding and made it reality on October 11th, 2012! You have the best vendor contacts and relationships in Malta and every detail was perfect! The Palazzo was beautifully organized, the flowers were perfectly arranged, the food was delectable, the musicians offered perfect after party entertainment, and the photographer captured the most wonderful moments and images throughout the day, which our family and friends can’t stop talking about! We would without a doubt recommend you to anyone considering getting married in Malta, and could go on and on about what exceptional job you do with every detail of wedding planning! Malta will always be a special place for us, and we look forward to keeping in touch and visiting throughout the years!
 Gabriela & Brian White photo

Gabriela & Brian White

WORKING WITH THE WOW TEAM WILL BE THE BEST DECISION AND INVESTMENT YOU COULD POSSIBLY MAKE TO HAVE THE VISION OF YOUR WEDDING DAY COME TRUE. IN FACT, MY VISION WAS SURPASSED! During the wedding planning stage, we looked at possibly booking a wedding package via travel agency, as that is what we thought most people do when they decided to get married abroad. This proved to be the wrong decision for us, once we realized how impersonal and generic our wedding could possibly turn out. Even though we had already put deposits down for the package wedding, we felt that it wold be the right thing in the long run to cut our losses and start again, as we had a vision for our wedding day which we believed could only come to fruition with the help of a wedding planner in Malta. I was so blessed to come across Martina’s website, I was instantly drawn in by how her passion for wedding planning came across even without ever speaking to her. When we did eventually meet, it was clear that she represented everything a bride would desire from a wedding planner. She was very accommodating, professional, organized, dedicated, trustworthy and easy to work with. In my eyes Martina went above and beyond what I expected from a wedding planner. From taking us to view all the potential wedding venues, to regular skype chats and email correspondence, which reassured me that everything was on track, this is highly important, especially when your not living in the country as where you wedding will be held! On the day of the wedding Martina and her assistant truly made my vision a dream come true. In fact, my vision was surpassed! The reception was decorated beautifully and everything ran smoothly. Even my guests where amazed at Martina’s efforts. Working with the I-do weddings Malta team will be the best decision and investment you could possibly make to have the vision of your wedding day come true. They are a dedicated, professional and easy to work with team. I personally would not have been able to execute my dream wedding without the help of Martina and Laetitia. Being such a busy professional, I would not have been able to juggle my work life, family life as well as wedding planning, and produce the beautiful day that I had. They took away so much of the stress, and my husband and I were able to enjoy our big day, to its entirety as any bride and groom should. They catered to the vision we had for our wedding day, which surpassed expectations. Having Martina co-ordinate our wedding really helped keep the stress levels down! Thank you SO much Martina, our wedding was a success because of you!
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Grace & Richard Isoa-Sears