F.A.Q.s: An Interview with Martina

Want to know a bit more about how we got here, what makes us different and how we can help you pull off a worry-free destination wedding without compromising at every turn? I personally answer the most common, burning questions we get from our couples in the below interview. Enjoy!

How did you become a wedding planner?

What makes you different from other wedding planners?

Are we going to be able to afford your services?

How much will a destination wedding cost?

Are we going to lose control over our wedding planning if we work with you?

Who will benefit from your services the most?

What type of couples might not be a good fit for your wedding planning services?

Do you subcontract vendors or work on a price markup structure?

How many weddings do you manage in a day?

Can we book our own vendors?

Your services seem like a great fit, but we still have more questions.

Everything sounds perfect. How can we get started?

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