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If you've begun your destination wedding planning process with a hunt for the perfect Croatian venue, you may already be feeling the overwhelmed and, frankly, a little in the dark.

  • Are these the only venues available to us in Croatia?
  • What are the real names of these wedding sites?
  • How can I get details, such as features, amenities, pricing and contact information?

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With so little helpful information online, the entire venue research process can be enough to take the joy and momentum right out of your wedding planning.

How can you find the perfect Croatia venue,
if there is VERY LITTLE information about them online?

That's why I want to help you get all the critical answers and resources you need to locate, compare and select your ideal wedding venue...before the fun is all gone.

First, let's take a moment to explore why finding THE dream Croatia wedding venue can be such a challenge for destination couples:


Wedding venues in CroatiaYou chose to have a destination wedding because you wanted to enjoy your wedding as though it were a vacation...not a job!

Unfortunately, the fun destination planning process can quickly turn into an energy-draining project when you're not a native or resident of Croatia.

When you're hundreds or thousands of miles away and don't know the area like a local, you'll by somewhat flying blind in your research. You simply may not have the same connections, local knowledge or insight that a resident would.

Without any local insight, you may not feel confident about where to get venue information, which areas of Croatia to explore or how to find those hidden gems you just know are waiting for you to discover.


In Croatia, the venue booking process can be quite tricky, as it isn't always a direct process.

Croatia weddings sites

Many venues rely on event planners and vendors to bring them clients on a partnership and/or referral basis.

As a result, most of the education is left up to event planners, not venues. And, as unfortunate as it is, many planners may tease you with photos and descriptions of venues without revealing any of the details.

Why? So that you are forced to hire them in order to access the venue.

We're not a fan of this approach, which is why we give these details away to our community at no cost and with no strings attached.

What's even more frustrating is that every planner will quote you different rates for the venue, so you can't decipher the true costs you're dealing with.


Over the years, we've learned that destination couples are busy. They have demanding social lives, thriving careers and have no desire to take on a second, unpaid job of planning their wedding.

Of course they want to be heavily involved in the fun, creative parts and definitely in control of decision-making, but the nitty-gritty, boring research and logistics? Most will say 'no thank you.'

Researching, comparing, contacting and negotiating a wedding venue requires more time than most destination couples want to sacrifice from their happy engagement months.

And it's that much more time-consuming in Croatia, where many venues can't be researched because they just aren't accessible to non-locals.

CHALLENGE #4: SOME CROATIA VENUES aren't online or have a website that is not in english

Croatia weddings sitesEven for those rare destination couples who have endless hours to invest in researching the perfect Croatia wedding venue, they will be hard pressed to find "the one" online.

The reality is that most venues in Croatia do not have websites. 

Because their business mostly runs on referrals from event planners and other vendors, a website is an unnecessary luxury for them.

Of the small handful of venues that do have websites, they are mostly written in Croatian not English.

This makes it nearly impossible for English speaking couples to find the websites and/or conduct the proper research. 

Even though these venues do cater to destination weddings and the staff does speak English, they get most of their bookings from agents and planners, which doesn't motivate them much to make their websites more directly accessible to the non-local, English-speaking couple.


Destination couples are often taken by surprise when they can't even get a response from a venue in Croatia during certain times of the year.

This is because many venues close during the winter, especially if they are located in the islands.

During this time, they operate with very little office staff and are often unreachable. This makes the research process even more frustrating for couples trying to communicate from afar.

getting married in croatia


A note from Martina:

When I founded Wed Our Way, I was inspired to give couples a drastically different planning experience, defined by flexibility, honesty and lots of fun. 

And that is why I have removed the barriers between you and your ideal Croatia wedding venue.

I created the Venue Discovery App, an exclusive resource portal just for the Wed Our Way community that reveals Croatia's finest and lesser known venues...and it's totally free.

Introducing The Croatia Wedding Venue Discovery App

Thanks to my team's many years of experience planning events in Croatia, we have been able to pull together the most desirable venues of Croatia, many of which are hidden gems.

With my Croatia Venue Discovery Program, you'll drastically reduce your research time, virtually eliminate the learning curve, and get truthful information about the wedding venues that Croatia has to offer, so that you can make the best decision about where to get married, stress-free.

No contracts to sign or research to do.  Just unlimited V.I.P. access to my insider rolodex of venue resources.

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The CROATIA Venue Discovery MEMBER APP Includes:

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  • BUDGETING GUIDE: A downloadable guide with budget projections and cost breakdown of each venue. 
  • PHOTO GALLERIES: Stunning images of each venue from various angles and property areas that present you an accurate picture of what it would be like to have your wedding there.
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What if we're not sure which destination country is right for us?

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