Malta Planning

3 Biggest Misconceptions Couples Have When Choosing a Wedding Venue in Malta

 Choosing the right venue for your destination wedding is one of the first and most important decisions you’ll make in your wedding planning process. ( all, one of the reasons you decided to get married abroad is a beautiful setting, so let’s make sure you get started off with the planning right! Most couples are looking for privacy, beautiful views of the sea, or nature and relaxed, elegant ambience. These priorities are excellent if you.. read more »

3 Sea View Wedding Venues in Malta That Have Sea Views Even at Your Reception

 Today’s blog might sound a bit strange at first. You’d probably assume that if the venue has sea views it would have sea views during ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception, am I right? Well, there is one important detail that you’re maybe overlooking while exploring wedding venues in Malta ( Malta is an island surrounded by open sea, so once the sun goes down that view that was breathtaking during the day turns into black empty space and completel.. read more »

Interview with Destination Wedding Photographer Anneli Marinovich

 MEET ANNELI MARINOVICH! Hi! My name is Anneli and I am an international wedding photographer based in London. I have insatiable wanderlust and I’m a sucker for romance. Put those two things together and you have the main reasons why I love shooting destination weddings! Each and every wedding and location is unique and I really enjoy working with my couples to create timeless, romantic and natural images they’ll cherish forever. My style is based on using soft, natural li.. read more »

Best beaches to Get Married in Malta

 In this blog we share some options for your wedding on the beach! HOLA BEACH This beach club is a perfect summer getaway and relaxation venue, situated in Marfa Bay. It is a truly unique location that offers you a lot of facilities, from comfortable furniture to a fully stocked cocktail bar. Why is this beach a good choice? Imagine that you have your part of the beach just for you, your big love and your guests. No annoying people that hang around a.. read more »

Budgeting for Wedding Music and Entertainment

 If you are planning your destination wedding in Malta, you’re going to need to plan for your wedding music and entertainment, and you should also consider how these fit into your overall wedding budget. To help you get started, it might be best to think about your wedding day with three separate events where you might want music: the ceremony, the reception, and the after party. Start with a total amount you will allot to music and entertainment, and then prepare to divide that amount for .. read more »