We guess you might need some help with picking the perfect wedding menu because we know it is an important part of your day. It can take a lot of time to decide on which style is perfect for your kind of wedding. Choosing the food itself is not the only challenge - how much money you have for this part of the wedding and the style you serve it are other options to consider. We will take a closer look at the different kinds of options so you can decide which wedding dining style is the perfect fit.

Buffet style

Guest list: 50-100 guests
Atmosphere: casual and lively
Price range: affordable

This is the best way to give your guests the ability to customize their meals. With several food stations and many options guests are free to take what they want and to taste a bit of everything. Besides that, if you know you have a lot of guests who like to mingle and chat with others than their own table guests, a buffet works better for celebrations like this.

However, couples with a big guest list should avoid this kind of dining style, because lines will form and guests have to wait a long time and can get bored. If you really want to have this kind of serving, keep in mind that you can invite tables to head to the buffet one at a time to avoid building long lines. Also, be careful with your wedding reception timeline as guests have more control in this kind of serving and that can throw off the rest of the timeline for the evening.

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Cocktail party style

Guest list: 120 plus
Atmosphere: relaxed, a little chaotic and energetic
Price range: low budget

Choosing this style means you have to plan it well and for no longer than three hours. Serving food (and drinks) at your reception while your guests are standing, sitting, dancing, chatting and having fun is a way to make sure it isn’t all about the food. It can create a really relaxing mood while people are served delicious food. Guests can get to know each other and it is a more affordable option than a plated dining style.

Brides and grooms who are planning introductions, first dances, and speeches should avoid this kind of style, because you won’t be able to seek the spotlight in this way. Besides that, for some guests some small bites are not enough to fill their tummies and they can get annoyed or bored, especially if the ceremony and celebration stretch across a long timeline. 
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Plated meal style

Guest list: for any size according to your budget
Atmosphere: elegant and intimate
Price range: expensive

A sit down meal is the most elegant and formal choice of dining and often chosen to create an intimate feeling. It allows guests to sit and relax instead of worrying about how to get their food. Waiters will move around to refill drinks and bread and they will take care of clearing and cleaning-up tables. Besides that, it is the perfect style of dining to have speeches, toasts, and cake cutting. Also there is enough time to chat with your table guests and to get to know each other very well. Another plus is that every guest has a personal seat, which can also be a disadvantage in small venues because every guest requires a seat.

Be careful to avoid seated dinners that stretch on for too long, and schedule some breaks in between the entrée and main course for example. Entertain your guests during dinner with music or other options so they won’t spend hours sitting at a table and get bored. Also, with this kind of style you need to take into account the picky eaters or the eaters with special wishes, such as vegans and people with allergies. It can be very difficult to accommodate everyone’s needs. 
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With all these styles, you as a couple are the ones who choose the food you want to serve. It is your wedding and you need to feel good about it – from the budget to the dessert. Make the decision and consider the several options, but keep your own taste in mind!
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