So you’re planning your wedding in Malta and your family and loved ones will fly to the beautiful island and share in your special day. They will stand by your side and they’ll help you to create a memorable day. We have the tips you need to find the best lodging resources for you and your wedding guests in Malta.

Malta – Small Country, Big Possibilities

Malta is one of the smallest countries in the Mediterranean Sea with just 316 square kilometers, and consists of three islands: Malta, Gozo, and the uninhabited island of Comino. The main island is quite small and most places are easy to access and close to each other. This is great news because you and your guests can see everything on the island in a short time! Driving from the north to the south won’t take you more than 2 hours, which makes it that much easier to find your accommodation. Tourism is the main source of income for the country and there are also no less than one million visitors per year. That means enough hotels, apartments, and villas all over the island for you and your guests. 

Best Places to Stay in Malta

We highly recommend you to stay in the central Malta area, such as in the famous towns of Sliema, St. Julians, or Paceville. You’ll find everything in these locations, from shops, nightlife, restaurants, and amazing possibilities for sight-seeing, to cinemas and a bowling alley for a fun night out on the town.
Make sure you take time to go to Hugo’s Terrace for the best cocktails and visit Quadro Restaurant for a nice dinner. 

What are the best hotels?

We recommend staying in 4 or 5 star hotels, since hotels in Malta may have a bit lower standards than in some other European countries, even though there are a few good 3 star options to consider within the popular areas. The Hilton, The Palace, The Westin Dragonara Resort, and the Hotel Valentina are very good options in the touristic areas. From these central areas it will be quite easy to organize transportation from any hotel to your wedding venue or other places. The best news is that regardless which hotel or apartment you choose, you’ll have no more than a 30 minute drive to any of the top venues we recommend for a destination wedding in Malta.

For the couples (and guests) who wish for a quieter and slower holiday we recommend that you to stay in the Mellieha area. Finding a beautiful villa or apartment overlooking the blue sea will be easy. By staying in a quiet area we definitely suggest that you rent a car rather than relying to the public transportation. Renting a car in Malta is quite affordable and most of our couples (and their families) find it very convenient. Some good companies from which to rent a car include:
- Malta car (
- Europ Car (
- First car rental ( )
If you just don’t want to drive around Malta yourself, you can choose to use a taxi service. We recommend using the taxi service provided by your hotel, and make sure you understand the pricing system before you take off for the day (you might just find that renting a car is a better deal).

If you’re looking for more ideas about your wedding planning in Malta, be sure to check out some of our other great tips – including those that help you figure out how to treat your guests well without breaking the bank! If you have any questions about planning your destination wedding to Malta, be sure to let us know!