Your wedding day is one of the most unforgettable days in your entire life - but you want to make it more than unforgettable.You want to make it memorable. Malta offers so many majestic and romantic locations for almost every personal style.

  • Sea-view weddings
  • Garden weddings
  • Historic location weddings
  • Villa weddings
Even though Malta offers many diverse and beautiful venues for weddings, you also have other aspects to consider when selecting a location. Just a few of these include:

  • Wedding celebration size
  • Wedding celebration duration
  • Wedding privacy and exclusivity
  • Ease of access to hotels and tourist activities for you, your wedding party, and guests
  • Transportation considerations
  • The freedom to decorate and plan the wedding that you envision
These are just a few of the elements of your wedding you'll need to consider, but we can help you to find just the right destination for your Malta wedding. Whether you are considering a romantic garden ceremony or dreaming of exchanging vows by the sea, we have some local favorites that might just have that special touch of something special that you've been searching for all this time.

Some of our favorite venues for Malta weddings

Villa Arrigo

Located in the Naxxar Village, the Villa Arrigo is near a central area that has much to offer you and your wedding party. It is one of our top choices for the amazing value as well as the stunning backgrounds that could be the setting to your storybook wedding. If you are hoping for a long celebration after your ceremony, this venue truly goes above and beyond.

Garden Malta Wedding Venue

Villa Brasserie 

If a sea-view wedding is more your style, this venue located in St. Julian gives you a spectacular view of the bay for your wedding backdrop. It is situated in a lively, central area with nightclubs and varieties of hotels just minutes away so your guests will not have far to travel. This venue also offers the option of a long celebration, and a church sits just across the road for the perfect (and convenient) location for exchanging vows.

Sea-view Venue Malta

Palazzo Parisio

Also located in the Naxxar Village, this 18th century palace offers modern day elegance and classical beauty to any wedding. The architecture on the interior and the stunning outdoor gardens make a sophisticated combination, and the venue restaurant is renowned for its menu.

garden Venue malta

Quadro Restaurant 

Breathtaking views of the Mediterranean await at this venue where you can exchange vows in the glow of the sea-blue skies. It is also the most beautiful seaside venue recognized for civil ceremonies. The award-winning restaurant menu includes catering options for every palette, making it one of the most sought after dining experiences in Malta.

Quadro Wedding Venue

Castello Zamitello

If a private, fairytale wedding is what you want to experience in Malta, this romantic setting on the outskirts of Mgarr takes you to a 17th century castle surrounded by gorgeous gardens. You have the option for indoor or outdoor ceremony and celebration locations - or perhaps a combination of both for your wedding day.

Historic Wedding Venue in Malta

Razzet L-Abjad

For couples who want to dance the night away, this venue located in the Naxxar region is the only one that offers outdoor music opportunities until 2 a.m. An eclectic and elegant farmhouse nestled within a beautiful vineyard, this venue provides flexibility for the wedding couple looking to customize every aspect of the day, including the catering.

Malta Wedding Venues

These wedding venues are only the beginning, but they give you a taste of the options you have for your Malta destination wedding. Don't forget about our Venue Discovery program, where you can find even more hidden gems and receive qualified, comprehensive help choosing the perfect Malta venue.