For some couples it is just fun and for other couples there is a real purpose behind the engagement shoot. An engagement session is in most cases a casual photo shoot with your wedding photographer prior to your wedding. Every couple has their own reasons for why they want an engagement shoot. And in this blog we’ll give you four great tips for how to make the most of your engagement session.

Get to know your photographer

Your photographer is someone who will be involved in the most intimate moments of your big day and he/she will be spending several hours with you to capture the special moments with those whom you love most. In fact, you can consider this as just a test-drive for both you and your wedding photographer. You can get comfortable with all those shots and your photographer can get to know your personalities, wishes, styles and quirks.

Get comfortable with the camera
It is not an everyday thing you do, being photographed. And most of the time couples will spend thousands of Euros on their photography of their wedding. To have those absolutely flawless pictures you should get comfortable with the camera. It can be really awkward around cameras and you can get tired of making a frozen smile every time the shutter snaps. You need to take this opportunity to discover your style, favorite poses, best angles, and greatest smile.

TIP: Try different make-up and hair styles or run your hair/make-up trial to figure out what look photographs well for you.

Show them the other side of your relationship

Most of the time this photo shoot is much more casual than your shoot on the big day. So get dressed up in whatever you want and show your personalities. This is a big opportunity to show what your favorite location is – bring it outside to that special garden in the middle of the city or show what you like most – your favorite sport game or the addiction to your favorite movie. This is quite different than your pics on your wedding day, so don’t be afraid and show off the best side of your relationship.

Use the photos for your save the date cards or wedding decor
This is the chance to get a bunch of photos to keep pictures for later, but engagement shots can also be used in a number of other ways. Think about your save the date card; it can’t be more personal than that. If you look on our Pinterest board ‘Wedding Stationary’ you’ll find lots of inspiration to create a personal card like that. Besides that you can use these pictures easily in your wedding décor on a display or as background during your dinner. Also think about any engagement announcements, wedding announcements, Facebook photos, or framed varieties around your home.

Our final tip is to search for the best photographer with a good deal – cause many photographers include an engagement photo shoot as part of the package and you can save money.