Marko Marinkovic is one of the best photographers in Croatia who specialized in destination weddings. Apart from his exceptional skills and talent, what sets him apart is his honest and quiet approach. If you're looking for photogapher for your wedding in Croatia make sure to read our interview with Marko.

1. When did it all started?

It all started when I decided to quit my corporate career to pursue a dream. I had what most people call a promising future. I was well paid for the job and there were some great benefits along with it, but my life suffered. Having money and not having time to spend it means you're a slave to someone. Stress was the trigger and I woke up one day, filed my resignation and within a couple of days I opened up my Facebook page This was in 2012, and the rest is now history.

2. What has been the biggest source of inspiration in your work?

Paintings, movies and music combined. Travelling and experiences help a lot too. Having fresh eyes makes me burst with energy and flow, that's why I love to travel for weddings and that's why it inspires me so much. To put it simple it's hard to be innovative if you're shooting a wedding in the same city and the same venue all over again. I want to have the individual approach to my couples, so I avoid doing the same shots. Shooting all over the world really helps my creative flows run.

3. Where have you travelled to photograph weddings?

USA, Singapore, Thailand, France, Italy, UK, Malaysia and Switzerland to name a few. I have great adventures waiting on me in 2016 such as Ireland, India, Iceland, France, Germany and Netherlands. You can follow my travels here:

4.Describe your (wedding) photography style in less than 6 adjectives

Honest and human. Those are two adjectives :)

5.What really makes your work stand out?

Well art is a really subjective aspect of our lives, so this question can perhaps be intended for a couple who likes my work, not to me. There are amazing photographers out there and I'm honoured if someone looks at my website, let alone sends me an inquiry. That's a really big deal for me, but the answer to this lays in the eyes of my brides and grooms.

6. What’s in your bag?

Two cameras, four lenses and a flash at all times. Everything else varies more or less. There's also a pack of Aspirins, allergy pills, shoe gel pads (for the brides if needed), moisturizing tissues and a disinfection gel (sometimes you need to wash hands in a rush). Find more info about my whole photo equipment on my website:

7. How do you make the bride and groom feel relaxed in front of your camera?

I'm not good being in front of the camera so I know the way. If I write it down here I'll loose an ace in my sleeve if I ever get to shoot the person reading this so I'll just say that I get told every single time by my brides and grooms that they don't like having their picture taken. And everyone looks great in the end. There are tips and tricks to this, and the foundation of all this is that I don't pose people much at all. Keeping things really simple and having them get to know me beforehand really helps.

8.What kind of services/packages do you offer?

My baseline is a wedding coverage, then you get to choose whether you'd like to have a wedding book or not. I must note that for destination weddings my travel and accommodation needs to be covered, so I always send over my quote with everything included. Also, if the client agrees I take care of the travel and accommodation not to load up my clients with extra planning.

9. Do you do weddings on your own?

Yes, I shoot weddings on my own. If needed my girlfriend is my second shooter.

10. How long do you spend editing the average wedding?

My average delivery time is 45 days but it gets a lot shorter if the wedding is at the beginning of the season and can take a bit longer if it's at the end of the season or near one of my long haul travels. If so I always make sure my clients know this beforehand. So far it has never gone longer than two months, and never shorter than five days :)

11.Can you share with us your all time favorite photo and why?

Oh, that's like asking a parent who's his favourite child! :) I'm kidding, I love the one below cause it has it all. There's a feeling, an emotion, closeness to it. It resonates with me even though the faces are not entirely seen. I can picture them having this on their wall at home not feeling ashamed having themselves up there. It's emotional, straight forward, warm and brings up a smile on your face. What more can you ask from a photo?

12.Do you have a tip or two for couples who are looking for their perfect wedding photographer?

Yes, listen to your eyes and then your heart. Make sure you meet your photographer on Skype or in person. If it's a studio always ask who took the shots you liked the most and make sure that guy shows up at your wedding. Wedding is an investment on both sides, think of it that way. It's also an investment to your future. With a bit of luck 10-20 years from now there's going to be a kid or two sitting next to you looking at the very images you created with your wedding photographer. It should be something you'll look with a smile on your face. Yes, and one more thing - listen to Frank Sinatra and do it your way!

13. For those that would like to consider working with you, what’s the best way to start? Where can we find you?

You can find me on my website at; my Facebook page; my instagram account is @mweddings Follow up my mobile photos for a more personal&travel insight to my life at Alternatively you can always email me at