This week I am giving another insight into Malta wedding budgets where I'll give you some guidance on venue costs. Venues cost is usually 40-60% of your total wedding budget.

As a wedding planner I've been asked questions about venue costs a lot during consultations with our prospective clients. Most of them don't know how to set up their wedding budget as they are not familiar with pricing of local Malta venues and wedding industry in general. Before going further, let me first repeat here what I always say when budget questions arise: they vary, a lot.

Because wedding budgets vary so greatly is why we do detailed venue features and BUDGET comparisons for our clients at the beginning stage of the wedding planning process.

I can however, give you some useful guidance right here, including estimates and price ranges to help you understand what goes into the pricing of Malta wedding venues. Information provided below is based on 20 venues presented in our wedding venue discovery program, as these are the best and the most popular venues for weddings in Malta. I hope these detailed statistics will give you answers to some of your burning questions. :)


Malta Wedding Venue

The first estimate to put together is what I call ''venue price/person''. What does this include? This will include the welcome reception (canapés and glass of sparkling wine), a seated 3-course menu, a beverage package for dinner (standard is half bottle water/half bottle wine/person), and setup (table setup and cutlery, chair covers, place-card arrangements, and menu printing).

Here are some statistics of the standard price/person at wedding venues in Malta for the packages as described above:
50% of venues charge 40-60 €/person 20% of venues charge 60 - 70 €/person 20% of venues charge 70-80 €/person 10% of venues charge 80+/ person

Of course these prices are based on standard but good quality menus and beverages, and prices will change if you have any specific requests.

For example, if you have 50 guests you will most likely spend in the range of 2000- 3500 €. Then you need to add rental fees (if applicable) and overtime charges (if applicable). See more below.


Garden Venue in Malta
Another charge that MIGHT apply is a rental fee. Not every venue will charge rental fees. Some of them will offer you exclusive use with 'price/person' package and some of them will apply a minimum consumption policy (I will explain how this works in a minute).

Rental fees of Malta wedding venues;
25% of venues charge No rental fee but minimum consumption policy applies
25% of venues charge a rental fee of 500 - 1000 €
25% of venues charge a rental fee of 1000-2000 €
25% of venues charge a rental fee of 2500 - 4500 €

Rental fees at some venues will be fixed throughout the year and at some others it will depend on day in the week, time of the year, etc.

Minimum consumption policies will also depend on the time of the year and day in the week.
Minimum consumption means that you need to spend a certain amount on food and drinks to have the venue for exclusive use. This also means that you can have your wedding reception at the venue even if you can't reach this amount but you won't have exclusive use and other guests of the venue can be there. If you opt for this you would not go over price/person as venue cost.

The range for minimum consumption fees is 1800 - 6000 euro depending on the venue. Some venues have more than one area so they charge different rental fees for different sections and different minimum consumption fees can apply for different areas.

It is very important that you do detailed research and comparisons before committing to any venue. We have all this covered in our Venue Discovery Program.


Malta Wedding Venue at Night
Most venues, around 90%, include 7-8 hours in the rental fees. After those 8 hours most venues charge 150 -200 €/hour overtime, while the exact number will often depending on number of guests.

Most venues in Malta have in-house catering and some of them charge separately for overtime services. This will be at most venues as well after 7 hours (70%) while others (30%) will charge overtime service after 4-5 hours


One thing that most couples do wrong in this case due to the feeling of being overwhelmed is opting for a package. Why is this the wrong move? I see some of our prospective clients looking for Malta wedding packages thinking this will give them more control over cost but the truth is opposite. Packages usually have built in fees or mark-up fees where the agent/planner adds up his own price over the price of package and rental. This will only get you to pay more than the actual value you are getting.
Sea-View Venue Malta

For example, if value of the menu is 40 € you will be paying 60 € instead but not getting food quality of 60 €. If the rental is 1000 € you will be paying 1500 € etc. (depending what agent/planner markup is). You will be getting final price of the package without seeing what actually goes into pricing, the breakdown of all costs, or getting a price that is directly given by the venue. You won't know what markup is either, so how does this give you more control? Going for a package will in most cases negatively affect your wedding experience and I would recommend it only if you have 5 or fewer guests and a very small intimate wedding.

If you wish to get more detailed information about Malta wedding venues, be sure to get our venue discovery program here and read more about our done-for-you wedding planning services.

Happy planning! :)