One Day Studio is award-winning international destination wedding photo & video studio based in Croatia. Their highly professional team is trained to cover anything concerning the best moments of your life captured on film and/or picture.
If you want to hire good, skilled photographer and videographer who will transform best moments of your wedding day in ever listing memories, be sure to read interview with Zvonimir, the owner of One Day Studio.

1. When did it all started?

It all started a long time ago, as far as 1999. 
I’ve been conscripted and instead of hitting the regular drill&haze routine, I've got opportunity to film a piece on local barracks and everyday activities there. That got me shedload of benefits and ten months of easy army living.

2. What has been the biggest source of inspiration in your work?

We all have bunch of memories and recollections. I really enjoy being the one to freeze in time those memories. So, basically, I’m inspired by ordinary people, “average Joe or Jane” doing their best to fulfill their dreams, no matter what those dreams are.

3. Where have you travelled to videograph weddings?

I’ve been all around: Germany, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Hong Kong, to name the few. There are plenty more in the pipeline right now, Canada being the next.
I’ve traveled even more for various other jobs, from USA, Iceland, Thailand, all around Europe, etc. 

4. Describe your (wedding) videography style in less than 6 adjectives

Journalistic Cinematic.

5. What really makes your work stand out?

Now, that’s the whole package. First we envision the overall project. Then there’s our filming style where we pay utmost attention to even minutest of details,continues with carefully chosen music, and often the most important – perfect editing and post-production. 
To sum it up, we approach every our job individually and only our passion for perfection is always the same. Everything else is tailor-made and unique – closely related with bride’s and broom’s personality. 

6. What’s in your bag?

The real question should be what’s in the trunk. 
There’s whole lot of equipment. At least 4 DSLR bodies, at least 15 lenses and plenty of hardware (monopods, tripods, steadicams, sliders, you name it…). However, not every wedding requires that much equipment. Smaller, intimate weddings we usually film using just two to three bodies and just a glass or two per body. The last, but not the least are sound recorders. Even the finest video will seem lousy if the sound isn’t right. So, we use plenty of those.

7. How do you make the bride and groom feel relaxed in front of your camera?

It depends on bride and groom. Everyone’s personality is different and we always take individual approach. Very important is the fact that we never do “in your face” approach. We film from a appropriate distance, without usual large spotlights and cameras.
We are different – our goal is to be as invisible as possible and record the event instead of creating one. 

8. What kind of services/packages do you offer?

We have several packages:
-short movie, 5-8 minutes, one camera
-15 minutes, 2 cameras
-25 minutes, 3 cameras
-40 minutes, 3 cameras
Each package includes whole day of filming, editing and post-processing. Examples of our work can be seen in our video gallery at: 

9. Do you do weddings on your own?

Yes. I’m always there and rest of my team depends on package required.

10. How long do you spend editing the average wedding?

There’s no such thing as “average wedding” for us. 
As I’ve said, it all depends on task at hand, but rule of thumb – roughly three months.
It depends on initial concept, amount of material we’ve shot, etc.
While that might sound like a long time, when you consider the time needed to screen all the materials, time to arrange it according to initial concept, the fact that we often spend 10-15 days just to find perfect music, you catch my drift… 

11. Can you share with us your all-time favorite video and why?

Our heart is big and it can fit all the weddings we do. 
If I really have to name one, maybe this wedding on island of Vis. We had ~100 guests of 19 different nationalities from all continents except Antarctica.

12. Do you have a tip or two for couples who are looking for their perfect wedding videographer?

Sure! Check their videos, try do see the newlyweds facial micro-expressions, they shouldn’t seem annoyed by camera and notice how the emotions are recorded. Take a close look on music-video pairing, and extremely important – she sound. Badly recorded sound will ruin even the perfectmost video. Wedding is THE BEGINNING of a path for the new family and that beginning should be perfectly recorded in both picture and sound. 

13. For those that would like to consider working with you, what’s the best way to start? Where can we find you?

Check our videos on and contact us. Just let us know your wishes and expectations and we’ll recommend best solution for you.
You can find us on following links: