Today we're featuring an interview with florist Alistair Fenech. Alistair is a weddings and events floral design and décor company. He works as a freelance florist with extensive experience in wedding and event floristry alongside with a small team of experienced florist and creative minds! They specialize in floral arrangements, alternative décor, exclusive themes & concepts, lights and much more. They can also help you with all your wedding/events needs, if they don’t supply it, they would recommend someone who does! Over the years they’ve established good relationships with the best suppliers within the industry.

Alistair gives their undivided attention to each and every client. They offer a free consultation, where they get together with their clients – presenting ideas and options and create a wedding theme or event’s theme for that matter.  They believe every client is different; hence they give their utmost to ensure their clients are being satisfied from day one with our services.

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How did you get into wedding florals and what attracted you to the flower business?

A friend of my family, Joseph Ciancio, used to do this kind of work and he encouraged me. I was just 12, so I wasn’t really interested; in fact, I used to take his suggestion with a pinch of salt [laugh]. But he must have seen something creative in me – he was very creative himself – he used to create wedding hats, which required lots of skills back in the day. After he passed away, I felt I owed it to him to at least try it out. The tragedy of his death inspired me to persue this skill. I started to help out at churches and ended up helping Bro David Borg at the St Theresa Sanctuary, with floral decorations. In the mean time I started attended lessons at a local flower arranger, I wanted to gain further knowledge and as a result, I decided I wanted to study this art abroad. Through the British High Commission I found out about a course and went to study in London in January 1999 at the Mary Adams Flower Studio. Mary Admas, is a prestigous floral arranger with a vast experience, the course attracted various students from accross the world including Japan.

What do you like most about being a florist?

The thing that is most challenging as well as rewarding in being a florist is the fact that you get entrusted to decorate a venue/house/gifts for a person’s special occasion. The fact someone is entrusting you with their important event, is an overwhelming feeling and experience. Be it a bridal bouquet, be it a venue décor, a wedding décor or a delivery gift bouquet – they all give you that satisfaction that someone has trusted you with their intimate occasion.

What is your style and how did you develop your signature style?

In any creative industry, one needs to adapt to current trends and demands of clients. I value creativity and innovation – and I always try to ensure a wedding is been given all the creative attention needed. I adapt to each and persons needs and preferences; always ensuring quality of flowers and designs are top quality.

What is your favorite flower and why?

I work with flowers; hence, all flowers are special and can be used in different occasions, in my opinion – I cannot “hate” any particular flower as I work with them. However, I do love using roses, hydrangeas and orchids in weddings for various reasons; they’re classic, and”soft” and timeless– and also are on high demand from various clients. But I also love using “not so common” flowers like birds of paradise, sunflowers. Flowers and colors chosen should represent the client’s personality.

What are your favorite trends when it comes to wedding flowers?

Trends; I love the blush pink, taupe, and grey very neutral based trends, but also within them I can create contrast. I love classic weddings – the touches of neutrals and whites. But I also find alternative; vintage, 1920s, garden trends beautiful. I always insist that every wedding should be treated differently – hence it’s vital to make sure the client chooses the right designs to represent them, regardless of that current “trend”.

Can you share some great stories from working with a client?
Once I was approached with a couple that wanted to change a particular conference venue into their wedding venue – in all honest I felt this might be impossible, after a huge amount of work done the whole venue turned into a beautiful fairy tale wedding [photos can be seen below].

Can you give us some tips for brides? What’s the process of working with a florist like, from beginning to end?
Finding the right florist can be tricky – I always suggest clients to meet up and we can have a “consultation” meeting, getting a quote worked up, and also get to know each other. I have learnt that every client [most of the time is the bride that takes decisions] is so different from another one, and should be treated accordingly. So first is important to establish a theme; whether it’s classic they’re after, or modern, minimal or luscious, and then alongside comes the color, the type of flower and other points that will affect how your wedding will look. Once a client is confident with the give quote, and the booking has been done – then we finalize final details when everything is knows [bistro tables number, guest numbers, locations and all necessary points that need to be decided]. We take care of everything from arranging flowers, to delivering the bridal bouquet where the bride is getting ready to the setting up of the church and venues. We also dismantle everything ourselves – so really the client all they need to do is decide their theme and leave everything up to us!

Do you have any tips or advice you can give to couples who are ordering their wedding flowers from afar?

When we get queries from clients who reside abroad, we suggest a SKYPE call – we also ask the client to send us a document with their photos inspirations; we also make sure we know their specifications – tables, guests, venues, churches. This way you’re giving the florist all the necessary details about your wedding, and the quote will be more precise. It is very important that there’s a flow of communication – we always ensure the client that we are there, and try to be prompt in getting back to their queries. It’s our responsibility to make sure the client feels “safe” entrusting us with their wedding.

Can you share some inspirational pictures of your work?