You are planning your big day and then you find out that some of your best friends and lovely family members can’t attend the wedding. Especially when it comes to destination weddings, it can happen that people are not able to fly to the other side of the world for various reasons. Whether your sister is giving birth or your Granny isn’t able to attend a 4 day wedding trip, you should include them in your wedding celebration. Here are some tips to not leave them behind. 

Put them on the guest list

Let them know that they’re definitely wanted at your celebration and engage them into the process of the big day by sending them all cards of your invitation stationary. Start with the save the date card and end with the thank you cards. Just make sure you’re writing a personal message to make them feel extra special – something such as, “Wish you could be here, but can’t wait to meet your bundle of joy!”. In this way you can also send them a wedding favor after your wedding day.

Get online

With technical developments available, we are now able to livestream videos. Make sure you have an amazing videographer and someone who is really technical, haha;) You can go online and give the missing persons the feeling that they’re here with you by including them in the livestream of your ceremony, reception, and even dance. You can also use Skype to say Hi if livestreaming isn’t a possibility.


Besides the livestream you can also get online by creating a wedding hashtag. We live in a digital world, where almost everybody is online. A lot of people can’t live without Facebook or Instagram anymore, so use this in an advantage and share all your lovely moments with the ones who can’t join.

Save some cake

We know that traditionally you only save the cake for the couple to eat it after a year of marriage, but for this special time you can save it for the ones who can’t attend your wedding. Cut a piece and box it up - just make sure you save it well!

So for the ones who can’t attend your wedding, there are a few options to include them to your lovely day.