Whether you are planning your big event yourself or you are leaving it to a wedding planner it is really good to know how to schedule your wedding day timeline. When you are doing it yourself, a well-crafted timeline creates a seamless experience for you, your husband, and family & friends. It is also a great way to keep your vendors informed and can cut down on the amount of ‘managing’ on the day. Believe us, this is really the secret to a stress-free wedding day. When a wedding planner handles this for you, make sure you have a copy of the timeline - it will help you feel as relaxed as possible.

A timeline gives you a good overview of all the things you and your ‘helpers’ need to do when and where. So, do you want to actually get to your ceremony on time? Use our tips and find out how to create a cleverly constructed wedding day schedule. Our standard wedding day timeline will give you a basic starting point.

10:00 AM | Wake up sunshine

This is the morning of your wedding, so get up and have a good breakfast. Get a shower and get ready for a day full of love and happiness.

10:30 AM – 1:30 PM | Beauty time

Most of the time in Malta, beauticians and hairdressers come to the location to do your hair and makeup. With scheduling this part of the day you have to take into account how many bridesmaids you have to get done. For every bridesmaid, mother of the bride, or mother in law you should count on 60 -75 minutes. Almost all beauticians and hairdressers prefer to prep the bride’s face and hair first, let her relax and style the bridesmaids, then at the last moment do the finishing touch. It usually takes at most about 2 hours to get the bride ready. Consider a trial run on your hairstyle if you are short on time or the style is intricate – this will help you and the hairstylist be best prepared.

1:00 PM | ‘Click’

Your photographer and videographer arrive 30 minutes before you’re ready to shoot some ‘getting ready pictures’ of you. It also gives the photographer plenty of time to capture some details, like your shoes, gown, jewelry, and some beautiful shots of your bridesmaids and fiancé (and groomsman).
Photographers and videographers offer a lot of different packages with several options for the big day. If you book a full-day package, the photographer and videographer will be there from the moment you get ready until the party (about 8 hours). Choosing your photographer can be hard, certainly from far away. So see the six steps to choose your photographer.

3:15 PM – 3:55 PM | Everybody move now

It is time to get ready and to move to the location of the ceremony. By tradition it is supposed to be that the bride arrives last, so your guests and your fiancé will move to the location first. Now it’s time to calm your butterflies and get in the bridal car. Having problems with choosing your bridal transportation for guests or yourself? See our tips in the other blog.

4:00 PM – 4:30 PM | The ‘I DO’

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for so long. All eyes will be on you.
In Malta between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM it is the perfect time to have your ceremony. In summer, the weather can be really hot and humid, so getting married around 2:00 PM is really not an option. A wedding ceremony in Malta takes no more than 30 minutes, even if you add your vows and readings.

4:30 PM – 5:00 PM| Guests leave to the reception venue

After the ceremony your guests get ready to leave the venue and be transported to the next location. If you have your ceremony and reception at the same place, your guests will be provided with a welcoming drink or cocktail.
When planning your wedding in Malta, be sure that the ceremony and reception venue are not too far away from each other. There should be a gap less than an hour between the ceremony and reception to run a smooth event.

5:00 PM – 6:30 PM | It is cocktail time!

This is the moment you can mingle with your loved ones and have a nice talk while enjoying canapés and sparkling wine. Also take a moment to relax and sit with your husband to enjoy each other.

7:00 PM – 7:15 PM | Shoot the perfect picture

This is the time of sunset (in summer), so you’re almost guaranteed beautiful pictures. Not only will the colors of the sunset help to get the best environment for a perfect shot, the venue, decorations, and the love of your surrounding family will make it easier to capture the perfect memories. Take a moment for yourself to make the most of the opportunity to have a once in a lifetime photograph.

6:45 PM – 9:00 PM | Let’s have dinner

All guests will be seated and dinner will be served. Make sure to have a table plan to make it an organized moment. Your guests then know where to sit and you can enjoy your dinner to the fullest. It is not only the moment to have dinner, but also to have speeches, toasts, and talk to your loved ones. Dinner takes about 2-2.5 hours depending on the number and length of speeches. We suggest that if you have more than 2 speeches and longer than 10 minutes each to let guests at least have a starter, otherwise they might be less focused and sometimes even annoyed if listening with empty stomachs. There are even more things that you need to take into account to not annoy your guests. You can read more about these on our blog

9:05 PM – 9:15 PM | Cut the cake

To give your guests a sugar boost before dancing all night long you can cut the cake after having dinner. The cake will be placed on a table so every guest can see this special moment of cutting the cake. It is also a lovely idea to have fun sweets or cupcakes as your ‘wedding cake’. See our Pinterest Board to get inspired by a lot of cakes, cupcakes and other dessert ideas. 

9:20 PM – 9:25 PM | The first dance

In fact, the first dance is the opening of the dancing party. Choose the perfect song to have that romantic moment with your husband while everyone is watching you.

9:30 PM – 1.00 AM | Dance the night away

The party begins and the DJ or Band will play your favorite songs. This is also the time to have a father-daughter and mother-son dance. Because the party often lasts longer than 3 hours, we recommend having some after party snacks.
At the end of the night, have the last dance and enjoy the last moment together. It’s now time to say goodbye and end the day in a special way. Have your guests start lining up about 10 minutes before you leave and be sure to thank them for sharing in your day.

This standard timeline for your wedding day should give you an idea of scheduling everything. We love to share more tips with you, so see our full wedding planning service and contact us! Have fun planning your wedding.