Deciding whether to have an open bar or cash bar at your wedding can be a difficult choice. Though many of your friends and family members will have differing opinions, there will be validity to all of these. There is no right or wrong answer, but the decision should ultimately be left up to the bride and groom.

Though some people scoff of at idea of cash bar, these types of bars are an acceptable choice for wedding, and they're even an expected occurrence at certain venues/areas. A cash bar entails each of your guests paying for his/her own drinks during your wedding reception. Some guests may not be happy about  this arrangement, as they feel being invited to a wedding entails free drinks. A cash bar is often a good choice for brides and grooms with a strict budget.

Choosing an open bar means that all guests' drinks will be free of charge, as the bride and groom will pick up entire bar tab. It makes for a nice wedding reception addition, because it allows you to show your guests that you are happy they came to celebrate with you. However, guests can get rather relax with an open bar and become intoxicated. They will also probably have more drinks than usual, as they won't be worried about cost.

These advantages and disadvantages, as well as particular guest expectations, must be considered when choosing an open bar or cash bar. Of course, there are some ''in-between'' options as well. Instead of offering a full open bar, you may choose to offer an open bar for a limited time period, or a limited bar with soda, wine, and beer free of charge and liquor drinks for an additional fee. Some brides and grooms choose to offer a full open bar instead. 

Whichever bar type you choose, remember that is should be predominantly a personal decision. An open bar is nice if your budget will permit it, but if it doesn't, a limited open bar is also a great option. After all, weddings aren;t all about alcohol; they're about sharing your lives together.

Do you think a having an open bar is an important component of a wedding, or does a limited bar suits your fancy? Leave a comment, and let us know!