We made a short interview with Theresa about their wedding planning journey and shared video slide show from their beautiful Malta wedding. Hope you’ll enjoy their story!
Q: Why Malta?

We chose Malta because it is a beautiful historic country. We also chose it because it is a Catholic country -like Ireland and we knew our ceremony would be like a traditional catholic ceremony. The people are known to be very friendly and they all speak English fluently. The weather is beautiful and sunny which was a nice change compared to Ireland even in August- everyone loved it!’

Q: What were your feelings the morning of the wedding?

We were both pretty much at ease as we knew everything was organized and we knew we had Martina there if anything went wrong.’

Q: Was planning a wedding abroad more complicated than planning a wedding at home?

Yes and No. It was great to have a planner who could get reliable services but it was hard not being able to see things ourselves. It comes down to trusting the planner so that you know things will work out.

Q: What was the feedback you received on your wedding?

Everybody loved it. They said it was really different from a wedding in Ireland, really relaxed. They loved being outdoors and they loved our venue. They all had a fun week holiday in Malta. It also felt more intimate as there were only 65 people there and everybody got to spend time together. Lots of our guests have plans to go back soon.

You can see their wedding portfolio here.