Rachael and James are a lovely couple from the UK who reached out to me on New Year's Day, quickly following their engagement. They were very excited to plan a destination wedding in Malta with a Hessian theme. They decided to get married in Villa Arrigo, a venue they knew would be perfect background for their wedding theme.

Rachael sent along a full box of decorations, chair bows, favors and more about two months before her wedding. She went through all of the tiny details she wanted, and I knew this wedding will be spectacular.

The venue was beautiful; all of the flowers were white and cream and all of the guests were dressed in white and sand colors that matched perfectly the theme. Garden trees were dressed in fairy lights and surrounded by tea light candles. The wedding ceremony was held on the lawn of Villa Arrigo, among the shade of the trees and accompanied by the sound of a harp. Most special moment happened during the welcome reception, the couple gave each guest a balloon to release in the air as Rachael read a poem to her mum who was no longer with her. This was very emotional for everyone. After a delicious dinner at the venue Marque, the couple and their guests continued dancing in the garden with DJ music until the middle of the night. Rachael and James' wedding day was so beautiful and emotional; we were so proud and honored to be a part of this special and unique festivity