Known as the Pearl of Adriatic, Dubrovnik is one of t he most romantic cities in the world. With more than a thousand- year history and as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site it became a cultural center of the Adriatic. The rich historical and cultural heritage can be felt in the entire city, on its streets, squares, churches, monasteries, and the inevitable Dubrovnik walls.
Apart from its rich cultural and historical heritage, Dubrovnik is known for its mild climate, excellent dining, and beautiful nature with crystal blue sea. There are also many facilities which you can enjoy during your stay.
Dubrovnik is the perfect choice for couples who want to have a glamorous wedding in a beautiful historic setting and stunning natural beauty.


Split is largest city in Dalmatia and as such represents the cultural and political center of the Dalmatian coast. The history of Split goes back to 295 AD, when the Roman emperor Diocletian decided to build a palace for his retired men at Split Peninsula. Diocletian chose Split for the same reasons it is still visited by many tourists: mild climate (2700 sunny hours per year) and great geographical position with 15 km of a seafront promenade. Today, Diocletian Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most beautiful Roman monuments in the world.
Split Ferry Port is the third busiest port on the Mediterranean and it is a great connected with all Dalmatian islands.
Split represents a perfect blend of urban and traditional Mediterranean lifestyles and it is perfect for couples who want to have privacy and exclusivity for the wedding, but who also enjoy the many facilities during they stay.
Apart from the large number of beaches which you can enjoy, there are also many restaurants, bars, and squares full of people, theaters and cinemas, shopping centers, and the unavoidable Riva of Split which is the center of town events.
The slow and relaxed lifestyle, beautiful nature, and rich history are what make Split one of the most charming cities in the world.


Known as the sunniest Dalmatian island, Hvar has become a top tourist destination in Croatia.
Everything you need for a perfect holiday experience you can find on this beautiful island: great beaches and bays with crystal blue sea, numerous choices of accommodations in luxury hotels and apartments, great nightlife, rich cultural and historical facilities, and stunning natural beauty. At the same time you can enjoy the comforts of modern life but also feel the Mediterranean as it once was. Lavender fields, vineyards and olive groves, and old Dalmatian taverns offer authentic Mediterranean ambience.
Hvar is an ideal destination for couples who are looking for the perfect blend of glamor, luxury and authentic Dalmatian ambience at the same time.


Although just 9 miles away from Split, the capital city of Dalmatia, is a beautiful island that has retained the authentic Dalmatian atmosphere and simple way of life.
Unspoiled nature, beautiful bays, vineyards, olive groves and rich flora is what makes this island perfect to enjoy and in which to relax, although it is located near the coast.
Solta is the perfect choice for couples who want to have a wedding in elegant and glamorous ambience, with total privacy, away from the bustle. You and your guests can enjoy the tranquility, beauty, and authentic Mediterranean surrounding that island of Solta provides.


Hidden beaches, unspoiled nature, and traditional Dalmatian architecture is what makes Vis one of t he most charming Dalmatian islands. Thanks to the fact that from 1944 to 1989 it was a military zone and was banned to foreigner visitors, Vis managed to preserve its authentich Mediterranean charm and lifestyle, indeed what most attracts tourists to the island.
Vis is perfect for couples who want to have a romantic wedding escape in a private and quiet Mediterranean environment, and enjoy the breathtaking nature, beaches, and authentic Dalmatian delicacies and wines


The Island of Brač is the largest among the central Dalmatian Islands. Thanks to the excellent ferry connection with the Split and Makarska ferry port, especially during the summer time, Brac is one of most accessible Dalmatian islands.
Other than the beautiful nature and beaches such as the famous Zlatni Rat (one of the most beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean), the island offers quality accommodations (private and hotels), restaurants, as well as cultural and folk events. It is also well known for its great dining experiences, wine, and white stone used since Roman time.
Brač is the perfect destination for couples who would like to feel the atmosphere of the Dalmatian island but at the same time have the opportunity to participate in many activities.