When planning a destination wedding, you not only have to organize the many aspects of the event, you also have to answer lots of questions from your guests, far more than if you were holding the wedding at home. They’ll want to know the best way to travel to the location, where to stay and what activities to do should they decide to stay a few extra days.

When you book a wedding with Wed Our Way, you get your own personal wedding website. It’s a fun, easy way to provide your guests with all the information they’ll need to attend your destination  wedding. Include the URL on your save-the-date cards and wedding invitations or just send an email to all your family and friends.

Some of the items your website can contain are:

  • Formal Announcement – Your official engagement photo and details.
  • Wedding Invitation – Although you’ll likely use regular mail to send out your invites, you can post a copy of the invitation online as well
  • Gift Registries – Allow guests to view and access your various registries.
  • Travel Arrangements – Suggest airlines and transportation options for your guests.
  • Hotels – Recommend hotels and special rates for your guests.
  • About Location – Mention some of the highlights of your wedding destination.
  • Maps – Provide directions to any locations for your wedding and related parties.
  • Ceremony Program – List each part and participant involved in the wedding ceremony. 
  • Venue – Post photos and information of the venue where your wedding will be held.
  • Menu – Tell what will be served and, if you like, offer guests their choice of entrée.
  • Celebrations – Post information about any wedding-related parties like a bridal shower, the rehearsal dinner or a casual day-after get together.
  • Love Story – Tell guests some of the back story: how you met, where you got engaged, why you chose your destination  for your wedding, what your ring looks like, etc. Be sure to include photos.
  • Collect RSVPs – Your guests can RSVP to your wedding online. It’s fast and easy.
  • Guestbook – Ask your guests to write in your online guestbook. 
  • Photos – Post photos from the wedding and eventually your honeymoon. Also invite your guests to add their wedding photos to your site.
A personal website is the perfect way to share everything about you and your wedding. Your guests can follow the build-up to your big day and afterwards view any pictures you post. For guests who can't attend in person, the website will help them to feel they are still a part of the celebration. 

Choose from several different designs for your personal wedding website. It’s user friendly, so you’ll be able to manage the site with ease. And, of course, it will have privacy controls so only the people you choose will have access.

At Wed Our Way, we don’t charge extra for the personal website. Everything is included. It’s just one more way we help you to organize and enjoy your upcoming wedding. Learn more about our wedding planning services.