Be ready for the second part of our honeymoon guide. Earlier we shared some places that were small pieces of heaven on earth. This time maybe you’ll find places even more incredible and amazing to visit. Have fun!


In southern Africa you’ll find the amazing country Namibia, full of unique and inspiring landscapes and never ending experiences. A honeymoon can be stunning and adventurous at both sides - just imagine sleeping under the sparkling stars or discover the country by a self-drive safari. Many travel companies or hotels offer a lot of packages to enjoy your special holiday, from top-level luxury and super romantic and private to extremely adventurous. To complete your journey combine these elements into a 20-day honeymoon and discover the country with a fly-in safari – transport is on private charter flights.

Best time to visit Namibia? Late May to November. We recommend honeymooning during the dry season of the country. The rainfall in this season rare and the temperature is just right. The air is clear, the landscape is green, and there is almost no dust. 

Meet the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands, known as ‘The Gathering Place’. This island can offer you more than you can imagine. A rich and romantic honeymoon destination with endless opportunities of activities awaits you. Relieve your senses and relax - no stress of wedding planning; just discover the sweet, rustic charm of the island. Explore the Koolau Mountains, take a tandem surfing lesson (of course), go on a sunset sail, or even skydive together. Savor de culture and listen to live music or immerse yourself in the art on one of the monthly events. Enjoy the countless amazing restaurants and bars or even have a romantic private dinner on one of the stunning beaches.

Best time to visit Oahu? Mid to late May or anytime in September. During these months you’ll find better deals with accommodations and hotels and even in restaurants. Most rush is over and people are coming back for the big waves in the other months. The temperature is always around 25 degrees, which is really comfortable.

The city of love – situated on the Seine River north of France. The capital city has a lot to offer for your romantic honeymoon. Always wanted to visit Europe? Then this is the moment to enjoy dining, culture, sightseeing and endless romance. Where should we begin? The Eiffel Tower? Museums like the Louvre and landmarks like the Notre Dame Cathedral and L’Arc de Triomph? For every taste you will find an amazing sightseeing trip, but you can also avoid the tourist places and experience the local favorites and mingle amid the French culture. In this way you will discover the city by its pure beauty. What will complete your honeymoon? One of these incredible hotels: Shangri-La, Pavillon de la Reine or Hotel Thoumieux.

When to go to Paris? June to August. The weather is just about perfect and there are long days of sunshine. BUT! Summer is the most crowded time and prices are rising to the top, tourists are everywhere, and the most popular attractions will be fuller than full. So our advice is to visit Paris in fall or in spring (April-May; September-October) to save money on your accommodation, dining experiences, and sightseeing trips. 

Surprising right? Located in the Southwest Asia, you’ll find this Arab country. A honeymoon experience like no other. If you love (Islamic) culture this is the right place to go – start with an Arabic tasting experience in the Coffee Asherg under the stars, surrounded by the muezzin call prayers at dusk, or visit the famous museum of Islamic Art, which houses the largest collection of Islamic art in the world. There is also a place for the beach-lovers with the chance of dinner on the beach with amazing sunsets. Definitely visit the small Omani Market with hand-woven baskets, Omani dried fish, tobacco and lemons. Place to stay? Four Season Hotel and Resort.

Best time to visit Qatar? Between November and early April. The temperature is around 25 degrees, pleasant and cool. There is little rainfall and lower levels of humidity. Of course these months are popular with more couples and tourists. 

Riviera Maya
This place is a resort district along the Caribbean coast of Mexico, starting at the city of Playa del Carmen and ending at the village of Tulum. What is there to do in this beautiful place? For example spend a day exploring the mystery of the Mayan caves in Aktun Chen and return in time to discover a Mayan village. What you definitely can’t miss are the largest natural aquarium in the world, Xel-Ha, and a swim by the only archaeological site located by the sea – Tulum. Arrange your activities through the resort’s tour desk. Ready for shopping and delicious food? Be sure to visit the beachside town of Playa del Carmen, where you can find tons of shops, restaurants, and nightclubs.

When should you visit Riviera Maya? From December to April. With the best weather in the area, sun with milder temperatures and with less rainfall, the days are really perfect in this time. Keep in mind that more tourists will visit Riviera Maya. 

A beautiful island situated in the southern Aegean Sea southeast of Greece’s mainland. Santorinians are known for their friendliness toward travelers and creating the best trip for them. Santorini is home to several wineries (a good one is Boutari Winery) and amazing restaurants with local food. Besides that there are places for endless popular activities, from swimming and sunbathing at the molten-dyed beaches to bathing in the hot springs surrounding the Santorini Volcano (Kameni). Want to go cultural? Visit the Museum of Prehistoric Thira or explore the fascinating archaeological site – Ancient Akrotiri. For beautiful views and sunsets definitely go to Amoudi Bay or Kamari Beach.

Best time to visit Santorini? September – October. Known for warm weather, quiet places with fewer tourists, great deals with hotels and other accommodations. 

Turks & Caicos Islands
Two tropical islands part of the larger Antilles and a British Overseas Territory - yes the Turks and Caicos Island! On these islands you can feel the intimate ambiance where you can spend lovely moments together on the beaches or in one of the amazing resorts. Surrounded by a natural reef and clear blue water, this place has the best underwater sightseeing, so snorkeling and scuba diving are a must. Besides relaxing there is plenty to do. From Island hopping and whale watching to several water sports and cultural experiences, you’ll never be bored. Looking for the best luxurious hotels? This island only holds 4.5+ star hotels.

Best time to visit Turks and Caicos Islands? April and May. The best combination of lower prices and fewer crowds, pleasant weather and less or no rain is during this time. 

U.S. Virgin Islands
This group of islands in the Caribbean consists of the main islands of Saint Croix, Saint John, and Saint Thomas. We would perhaps say. St. Thomas is the most sophisticated and active of the three islands. The cruise ships sail in and out, warehouses and restaurants are full of tourists, and there are several activities you can’t miss. Looking for a quieter and more intimate setting? Visit St. Croix – the largest island of the three, perfect for beach-lovers and couples who want to discover the countryside. St. John – the smallest of the trio is two-thirds a national park, so perfect for nature lovers. Visit the famous Cinnamon Bay or Maho Bay and enjoy a full-body treatment in one of the spas.

Best time to visit the U.S. Virgin Islands? April to June. You can expect mild weather and very little rainfall. Also you can take advantage of good deals with hotels and accommodations. 

Located in northeastern Italy situated on a group of 117 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges, you find the beautiful and famous Venice. Every moment in this incredible place you will be surprised by amazing things – the sharp sent of coffee, the smell of homemade pizzas, the toll of church bells, the sun-filled market squares, and the gondoliers that offer you canal trips every second of the day. For the lovebirds the honeymoon wouldn’t be complete without getting around in a gondola in the picturesque waterways. After that, sit down take a good glass of wine and eat seafood you’ve never had before.

Best time to visit Venice? September to November. Lower hotel rates and the barren canals make it worth it. The weather is pleasant, but maybe you need some layers. For the beach-lovers this is not the place to go, sorry! 

A honeymoon to Curacao, the perfect getaway. Willemstad is the capital city of the island Curacao, constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Situated in the southern Caribbean Sea, this place has all possibilities. The island is easy to ride (with your hired car), because it is just not that big. People are very nice and you’ll find out that the culture is very laid-back and relaxed – perfect for your honeymoon, right? Looking for some more action? Go swimming with dolphins in their natural environment or imagine yourself speeding over the water while instructors teach you windsurfing or discover the most beautiful parts of the island with an ATV tour. Before you leave, make sure you visit ‘Klein Curacao’ – a remote, coral island with white sandy beach, crystal blue waters, an amazing reef, and colorful sea life.

When to go to Willemstad? From May to November. With the all-year round sunny days you don’t have to worry about a good temperature. The average temperature is about 25 degrees. In these months prices drop down and you’ll see fewer tourists. 

Xai Xai
This city in the south of Mozambique is located on the Limpopa/Incomati River and is a highly important crossing point over the Limpop. The bustling town with markets, shops, restaurants, bars and much more is good place to discover that African culture. Besides that this place offers beautiful beaches and lovely national parks. It is the premier fishing, diving, and snorkeling location of Southern Mozambique. So for scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming you’re in the right place here. There are many resorts with seaside villas with really good prices and facilities, plus breathtaking views over the warm Indian Ocean.

Best time to visit Xai Xai? June to October. The weather has the perfect tropical feeling: blue skies, great temperature, plenty of sun and almost no rain. But be careful at night, where temperatures can drop down, so make sure that you bring layers. Prices are good at this time of the year though there are many tourists around these months. 

Yellowstone National Park
The first national park of America has become a home to grizzly bears, wolves and herds of bison and elk. Planning your wild honeymoon means you are probably going to stay in the state of Wyoming, USA. There are many places you can stay from traditional ranches and bed & breakfasts to camping and resorts. But we guess you are more curious to the things to do in this wonderland. So... Be active is an understatement, because exploring this amazing park and environment is more than active. With possibilities for skiing, ice-skating, horse riding, wildlife tours, rock climbing, float trips and rafting, fishing, rodeo, visiting music and art festivals, museums and shops there is plenty to do in this amazing place.

When is the best time to visit Yellowstone National Park? March to May or September to November. The weather is milder and the crowd is fewer. But don’t underestimate the unpredictable of Yellowstone weather – it can be suddenly below freezing. Prices are dropping down and you have the chance to make good deals. 

This island of Tanzania is a good choice if you want to combine a romantic beach break with an adventurous safari. Celebrating this special occasion means getting the most out of your holiday. The special thing about this island is that there are many smaller independently owned boutique properties that provide really good facilities and locations combined with a very romantic ambience. So first relax on the famous Zanzibar beaches with a cocktail or a massage and finish your trip with interesting activities, such as visiting Stone Town, discovering Ruaha National park, or visiting a working spice farm. There are a lot of companies that offer packages where you can combine a safari and relaxing days.

Best time to visit Zanzibar? The June to October. You can expect dry weather but with cooler temperatures and no rain. A great time to go to get a tan and the perfect time to go to have an amazing safari.