Part 1 of the A-Z of honeymoons

‘Honeymoon’ [huhn-ee-moon] – the traditional holiday taken by newlyweds to celebrate their marriage in intimacy and seclusion.

Planning your wedding means planning your HONEYMOON! Definitely, one of the best parts of getting married is having this special celebration for just the two of you. Whether you love to go to an exotic resort in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean or are planning your trip to the north of Canada and going ‘glamping’, we give you some amazing options to go to for your honeymoon. Sit back and enjoy!

This amazing island destination in the Northern Caribbean is embraced by unrivaled white beaches and breathtaking turquoise seas. Here you will find the perfect blend of a high style and low-key elegance, with a casual and easy tempo. Beaches offer warmth, sunshine, peace, parties and picnics. And there is a wide variety of world-class restaurants with amazing food and drinks – from shacks to bistros to 5-star luxury. Everything is there! Looking for activities? Go for a swim and visit the best snorkeling and scuba spots or enjoy the festivals or boat racings.

Best time of the year to go? Between May and August, that’s when you stand the best chance of getting a good deal and also avoid the worst of the hurricane season. 


In the Southern Caribbean you will find the Little Antilles island Barbados, just 250 miles northeast of South America. This place offers you a dreamlike intimate feeling for your trip with an amazing exotic location and exciting history. There is a perfect combination of culture, sports, and activities, which makes Barbados the gem of the Caribbean. There is this gentle breeze that keeps the temperature at a good level – 26 degrees. Relax onshore soaking up the rays or go for jet skiing, kayaking, or a cruise with catamaran.

Best time of the year to go? July to November! The temperatures remain comfortable at this time of the year and the prices drop as much as 50 percent. You also can visit the most rousing parties in this season. 

This is a tropical paradise in Mexico that remains one of the world’s top tourist destinations. A place with great weather, pumping nightlife, many accommodations, and some of the coolest places to dive and go snorkeling. Besides that Cancun has a great opportunity to go golfing, fishing, shopping and dining. This place has hotels range from all-inclusive resorts, luxury resorts, to small bed and breakfasts. In fact it is the showcase resort of Mexico. If you want to relax, but also have an active honeymoon, Cancun is the best place to go for you!

Best time of the year to go? December till April. You will have the lowest temperature and the lowest rainfall. Don’t go in the hottest months – May through September, because it is above 33 degrees then. 

Dominican Republic
In the Caribbean region you will find a part of the Greater Antilles – Dominican Republic. DR has stunning mountain scenery, evocative colonial architecture, desert scrublands, and beaches galore. Do you want to do and see amazing things you will never forget? Go for a trip of three to four hours whale-watching or visit Bahia de Las Aguilas for a spectacular 10km of nearly deserted beach. Done with all the activities and ready to party? Go to the Jaragua Hotel and visit the nightclub Jubilee for a well-dressed and well-heeled evening with live merengue music.

Best time to go to DR? December through late February. The climate is at its optimum and the prices are the most affordable. Also booking your hotel room on the spot is easier. Keep in mind that the Dominican Republic is in the centre of the Caribbean hurricane belt. 


In the Northwestern South America you will find the small country Ecuador. According to many travelers, this beautiful country is wildly diverse and has a compact size, which means you can see and experience a lot in a very short period of time. Ecuador also includes the Galapagos Island, where you can swim with sea lions, discover the mating habits of Blue Footed Boobies, or learn the geology behind the volcanic island. An awesome thing to do together is to explore the Amazon Jungle. You can get up close and personal with the exotic wildlife in the rainforest and learn about the indigenous people. More a beach person? Ecuador has over 100 beaches, from broad sandy beaches to mangroves.

Best time to visit Ecuador? We think June to September! Why? Because you have sunny clear days in the highlands and less rain in the Oriente. If you prefer a bit cooler weather you should go for October and November, but count on sunny mornings and rainy afternoons with a really good temperature.


This island country in Melanesia in the South Pacific Ocean is a very popular honeymoon spot. With a significant number of soft coral reefs and scuba diving spots this island makes it perfect to enjoy each other. Whether you prefer a 5 star resort or you book an island to yourself, everything is possible. Relax around the pool, picnic on a post-card perfect white sandy beach, or crank up your adrenaline with an action sport adventure out on the water or up in the hills. Visiting Fiji means choosing between 333 tropical islands that are home to happiness. Search on the Internet for the endless options - there is a huge variety of things to see and do no matter where you are in Fiji.

Best time to visit Fiji? Between April and early-October. The sun won’t be burning and humidity won’t be stifling. Rain? No rain during this season.


In the middle of the tropical Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea you will find an archipelago of eight inhabited islands. The overseas region of France is a popular honeymoon destination with a lot of things to do. You can climb an active volcano, explore the ruins of sugar plantations, or get wet at Carbet Falls. If you like beaches, you should visit Grand-Terre with its golden sands, palm trees and relaxed beach bars. With visiting this amazing country you also get the lovely food. You can’t experience the culture without trying the fresh seafood. Crabs, lobster, clams and fish - everything is the best of the best.

What is the best time to visit Guadeloupe? December to May. In these months the weather is dry and warm and you will miss the hurricane season, which is around August and September. If you don’t mind the rain you can have cheaper prices and very good deals in the end of November.

Hamilton Island
In the heart of Great Barrier Reef you will find an amazing destination, Hamilton Island – part of the Whitsundays. You are surrounded by white beaches, amazing flora and fauna, and a deep blue sea full of coral reefs. There is plenty to do on this island, from enjoying bars and restaurants with great food and drinks to a wide selection of water sports and activities. For example, choose from sailing, snorkeling or diving around the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsunday Islands. For golf fans this is the place to be! The Hamilton Island Golf Club is the only 18-hole championship course on its own island. With its indescribable beautiful holiday homes, couples suites, and other accommodations this island has a complete package to offer!

Best time to go? February and March. You will miss the holiday season and can have your romantic escape with peace and quiet. It is a very tropical time of the year, with an average temperature of 30C and some rainy showers. Most days are sunny and hot, so you can go for a beach day or make it a wonderful active honeymoon. 

If you are looking for the unexpected, most unusual, adventurous honeymoon trip, definitely go to Iceland. In the North Atlantic Ocean, east of Greenland, there is the breathtaking island of Iceland. This destination offers you nature, pristine, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture. The volcanic region is a perfect gateway when you’re planning a honeymoon where you can discover the most beautiful wonders of nature, like snowfields, glaciers, wildlife and more in one of the three national parks. Also you can go for a hike across the highlands, see whales in their natural environment, or relax in a hot spring.

Which time should I visit Iceland? Between mid-June and August. Yes you will find other travelers and tourists, but after September there is a chance that some roads are closed, tours and activities don’t run, and storms are passing the Island. Another option? September and April. There is a chance that you will see the Northern Lights, what you definitely can’t miss when visiting this beautiful country. Also the prices of accommodations, airfares and car rentals are dramatically lower.


This beautiful tropical island country in the Caribbean Sea offers stunning beaches, spectacular landscapes, picturesque mountains, great food and drinks, and the awesome Reggae music. Discover the local culture, what makes the country so beautiful. There is a host of local and imported products, which are greatly desirable for loving couples. A Jamaica honeymoon means an overload of all kinds of pleasant surprises. Trips to blue lagoons, mountain climbing, or watching the coconut fronds wave in the breeze, there are really various opportunities. Places you should visit include Negril, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Port Antonio.

Best time to go to Jamaica? In the off-season: mid-April to mid-December. Most of the time prices are slashed a startling 20% to 60% and airline seats and hotel rooms are much easier to book. Even though it is an off-season there is a lot of sunshine. 

The Hawaiian Island is the third most visited island of the world. With a laid back persona and amazing scenery it is clear that this destination is very popular. The uncrowded ambiance and secluded beaches create a perfect location for your lovely honeymoon. There is an incredible selection of the most beautiful hidden beaches (60 beaches spread over 90 miles of shoreline), shopping places and dining spots. The best part of the island is that you can discover it by land, air and sea. For example the Kauai Zipline tour, which is one of the highest in its class, or dare to have your first surf lesson on the amazing waves of the Pacific Ocean. To complete your stay you have to visit a traditional Hawaiian luau, a grand celebration of food, entertainment and Polynesian culture. The breathtaking sunset will perfect your experience while you watch a skilled performance of the hula telling stories of Kauai.

Best time to go to Kauai? Between September and November or from April to June. The weather is perfect and airfare and hotel rates drop down. Just be sure you book before school holidays. 

Las Vegas
If you are wild, young and a little bit crazy you have to discover Las Vegas. An out-of-this-world honeymoon that will fit all your desires at any time of the day awaits you. From climbing the ‘Eiffel Tower’ and visiting sparkling casinos to a trip along the Nile. If you visit this never sleeping destination you know you definitely don’t have a boring honeymoon. Things you can’t miss: try your luck in one of the casinos, take a one day trip to the Grand Canyon, RELAX and visit an entertainment show like comedians, performing animals, or singers. There is everything in Las Vegas, thus also a beach. Mandaley Bay Beach is the world-famous aquatic playground with real sand, relaxing beds, the best cocktails, and much more.

Best time to visit Las Vegas? From March to May and from September to November. Consistently pleasant weather and worthwhile travel deals will make it easier to book the perfect honeymoon. 

This overseas French Island is a look-a-like of Hawaii. The French culture can be found in many things, such as warm baguettes from the shops, French products in supermarkets, and the French language. The Island is known for its beautiful people and its rich history. The French cuisine is also integrated in the Island. Definitely visit Dubuc Café where you can enjoy a three-course meal served up on the terrace. At the undeveloped Southern tip of the Island you will find Martinique’s finest beach: Les Salines, a gorgeous long stretched golden beach with amazing views.

Best time to visit Martinique? Either May or June. You will avoid the crowds and you will enjoy the consistent pleasant weather. The Island is relatively quiet in late spring and you can also take advantage of the cheaper prices.

Part two is coming soon!