Here comes the bride and the baby…

Surprise, surprise you’re pregnant... Or maybe it was planned. It makes no difference, it is great news, right? Now you’ve already set a date for your wedding, you should take into account some other aspects, or the other option is to reset the date. In our eyes there is no reason you couldn’t marry while being pregnant at the same time. Gone are the days when the pregnant bride had a rushed, quiet wedding to cover the “shame”. Here we go... these tips will help you to create a gorgeous wedding while you’re pregnant.

First of all, if you didn’t set an exact date for the big day, but you really want to marry within a certain time, try to pick a date in the second trimester of your pregnancy. By this time your morning sickness is mostly gone (we hope) and you won’t feel like a total balloon. Also think about pregnancy tiredness… it can hit you hard after a long day, especially as you get closer to the end of the second trimester. So carefully review the daily schedule and plan relaxing moments, and if necessary, even some moments for yourself.

Sometimes life doesn't play out the way we think it will. In our eyes it is amazing to celebrate a new life, but for some people it is hard to understand getting pregnant before your wedding according to faith beliefs and expectations. Have compassion for them and listen to their feelings, and explain your feelings to them.

Besides that you should talk to your officiant when you’ve planned a church wedding. Some churches won't allow a wedding with a pregnant bride but many churches will. In Malta it is no problem to get married while you're pregnant. 

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Food and drinks

Pregnancy is different for everyone. Some women eat things they never liked before, and others hardly want to eat at all. A tip from us is to enlighten your caterer about concerns for prenancy-safe foods and make sure to avoid things like unpasteurized dairy and juices (to stay safe, don’t nosh on feta, Brie, Camembert, goat cheese, blue-veined cheeses, and queso fresco), raw or seared seafood, rare or underdone meat, raw eggs and high mercury fish. Of course this doesn’t mean you have to change the whole menu, because there are still a million options for a good dinner.

The virgin bar is the solution for serving some non-alcoholic drinks. For sure there are more people who don’t drink alcohol, for example your granny, the kids, and drivers, and there will also be some people who will enjoy a fun virgin drink with the bride. There are tons of virgin cocktails and punches that are great for parties. See this link where you can find several drinks that you can serve on the big day. 

Another fun thing that you can incorporate into your wedding is a groom’s cake that shows the gender of the unborn baby. When you and your husband cut the cake, your guests will be surprised with pink or blue color on the inside – and you’ll have double the celebration!

And don't forget to drink a lot of water, it will hydrate you and give you more energy. Also, though, consider the style of the dress, because pregnant women will run to the bathroom a lot more than non pregnant women.

The dress

Your baby bump is growing day by day and when you are ready to pick out your wonderful dress it may be too small on your wedding day. So our first tip is to find a really good dressmaker that has experience with with pregnant brides. Tell here the date of your wedding day and how far your pregnancy will be on that date.

Empire waistline, princess line or A-line dresses are perfect for a wedding while you’re pregnant. We think it is important that your belly is good looking on the day, but that it won’t be too obvious. It is about you and your lovely fiancé. A good tip to draw the eye a bit away from your belly zone is to place the focus on your shoulders. Wear a nice necklace on a strapless dress or go for over the top lace covered shoulders. Next to that, avoid corsets, tightly laced bodices, or other figure hugging dresses. You will regret that after a few hours. Go for a dress that really fits well, feels comfortable, and looks amazing.

With this perfect dress you should have some fancy (but comfortable) shoes. Whether you get married in a ballroom, on the beach, at an amazing castle, or among a flower garden, please don’t hesitate to wear high heels, just don’t overdo it. Believe us, you will already feel tired after a few hours and you won’t be able to also stand on these fancy heels all the time. Yes, we know it looks much better, but go with comfortable flawless flats and feel gorgeous as well.
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You can’t do anything about it, but your fingers will swell and fitting rings won’t be easy. Just accept this and don’t go fitting with these little sausages. No stress… after the big day and when that little one is there you can also go for that Tiffany and Co ring!


So you adorably waddled down the aisle, said I WILL, had a great dinner, partied all night long and drank some amazingly tasty virgin cocktails. Now it is the time to go on a very relaxing honeymoon. Contributing to your overall exhaustion you deserve a down to earth, pampering, quiet, relaxing, no stress and healthy honeymoon. Find a place that is easy to reach and that doesn’t require a lot of planning (you already had planning enough). Always check your insurance (covering pregnancy complications) and check the airline if they let pregnant women fly. Check amazing destinations in our other blogposts about Honeymoons. Honeymoons part 1; Honeymoons part 2

So brides... enjoy your big belly on your big day. Sip plenty of water and allow yourself to take those 15 minutes in a private room. Try to keep as cool as possible and most importantly, have fun!