Martinis Marchi is a truly unique wedding venue in Croatia. This 300 year old castle is equally fascinating not only by its luxury interior but by the authentic Mediterranean surrounding.
Situated in a small picturesque setting of Maslinica on the island of Šolta, Martinis Marchi is a perfect choice for couples who are looking for an intimate but elegant seafront venue.

Rich history and luxury are felt all over the interior. Stone and wooden construction combined with classical, elegant furniture and art, characterize the whole interior of the castle. A large wine cellar and congress room are perfect options if you want to have an indoor ceremony or dinner.

One more thing that is unique, is that you can privatize the whole castle. You could have at your disposal 6 luxury apartments which can accommodate 17 people, a pool, and large living room, so you and your guests can truly enjoy your wedding escape

What I most like about Martinis Marchi is its stunning restaurant terrace, perfect for an unforgettable wedding reception and its large, green garden overlooking Maslinica bay. Having a ceremony at a garden full of Mediterranean plants and then a wedding dinner at the restaurant terrace overlooking the sea, makes you feel like you are experiencing the perfect example of the Mediterranean as it once was.


• Are looking for an intimate and exclusive venue
• Want to have luxury but authentic ambience
• Want to have a ceremony and reception at the same place
• Want to have a sea view venue

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