So you decided to get married in Croatia, but you don’t know where to start and what to expect ? Here are some tips that can help you get the a clearer picture of Croatian lifestyle, legalities, and Croatian venues.


Croatia – especially the Croatian coastline, – is truly Mediterranean country not only by it’s natural beauty, architecture, and sea, but by the lifestyle, too. That means that the way of life is a bit slower than the Europeans, especially westerners are used to.

 When you are planning your wedding you probably want to get all of the information and proposals from suppliers at short notice, but often it takes days or even weeks before some suppliers reply. That doesn’t mean that they are not good at what they are doing, they are just used to a slower way of life and business. During the season they are busy dealing the clients that they have at the time and during the winter many of them are not working (especially big hotels) so you really do need someone to chase them.

 Also, many of the really good suppliers and restaurants don’t have good websites or don’t have them at all. Or if they have it, the website is not in the English language. I know, it seams unbelievable, but the Croatian coastline is small and “everyone knows everyone“, so they don’t need web sites to promote them. So it would be good for you to know some local people who will help you with recommendations, or even better, you can hire a wedding planner and get the best suppliers without chasing them!


Planning a destination wedding has many challenges. Dealing with legal requirements might be one of the biggest. Here are a few tips that are going to help you better understand the legalities of getting married in Croatia.
• There are many registry offices in Croatia, so you need to find the nearest office to your ceremony venue.
• You need to contact them personally and you need to deliver documents not more than 45 days and no less than 30 days before the wedding. If you hire a wedding planner, he or she can do it for you.
• All documents have to be translated in the Croatian language and have an Apostille Stamp.
• All documents must be original and can not be more than 90 days old.
• If you do not speak Croatian, a translator is required at the wedding – so be aware that it will increase your costs.
• You can get married outside the city hall, at a hotel, beach, boat, etc., but you need to know that you must pay an extra fee for that depending on time, date and distance from registry office.


For the last few years Croatia became one of the hot spots for destination weddings. Beautiful coastlines, stunning islands, and luxury hotels gives you many options for your perfect wedding venue.

 Choosing the right venue depends on many things like your personality, budget, and your style. For example, if you prefer an intimate wedding escape then the islands are a good choice for you, but you need to be aware that the cost on the island can be higher than on the coast. If you want to have a luxury wedding, then venues in Dubrovnik or Hvar are perfect for you. If you would like to have great wedding week with a lot of facilities for you and your guests, and still have a great venue for your wedding, then Split is the right place for you.

If you want to see the best wedding venues in Croatia, please register at our Venue Disovery app, and if you need advice on choosing the wedding location in Croatia, contact us