Initially, the idea of a pretty little Malta wedding package wrapped up with all your event necessities for one simple, no-nonsense price sounds like a deal you can't pass up. And, who knows, it might be.

But there are a few things you might want to consider before you dive into a package contract blindly. Whichever way you choose to go, at least you'll have enough knowledge to feel confident about your decision, one way or another. That's my goal with this article and I hope it's exactly the kind of insight you've been looking for.

If the price sounds to good to be true…it might be

While there is no doubt that you are a probably a savvy, intelligent couple who isn't about to get duped any time soon, unless you're truly a certified professional event planner who is accustomed to planning events every week, could there maybe be a tiny little chance that you might not think of everything when it comes to planning your wedding abroad?

And if that tiny little chance that something might get overlooked exists, isn't it also possible that even your best investigative work in finding the perfect wedding package could still result in it missing a few key necessities?

And if your wedding package winds up unexpectedly falling short of a few critical items, couldn't that mean your overall costs are well beyond what you initially budgeted?

In theory, Malta wedding packages are a great resource. But once you actually get into the details of planning your event, they often times fall short, missing critical services and items that you wouldn't want to sacrifice on the biggest day of your life. Or the basic options offered just don't meet your standards and the only way to get what you truly want is to pay for an upgrade or add-on. In the end, you might wind up spending way more than anticipated, while getting a lower quality, far less exclusive event overall.

Convenience is boring

Convenience is nice. It's easy. It's effortless. And that might be exactly what you're looking for.

But convenience is also boring. It's impersonal. It's pre-packaged. It's one-size-fits-all. And depending on the type of couple you are and, whether you want an exclusive wedding experience or not, cookie-cutter may not be exactly what you had in mind.

The reality is that, in order to keep the cost exactly as quoted, wedding packages need to be built using services and items that don't change from couple to couple. They need to include the exact same elements for every single couple utilizing that package. Otherwise, the whole system falls apart. The same rate can't be quoted for different services, venues and items, so for the package model to work, every single couple needs to have roughly the exact same wedding.

This may or may not fall in line with the ultimate vision you had for your special event, but this is what you get with a pre-packaged wedding arrangement so it's something you'll want to consider before making your decision.

Having control is an illusion

One reason that couples are attracted to wedding packages in Malta is because it give them more control over the costs and what's included. It's really comforting knowing exactly what you get for the price.

But the benefit of having control over the price is also the downside. By agreeing to a pre-determined combination of items and services, you also relinquish control over the quality and exclusivity of those resources. There's very little flexibility with pre-packaged Malta weddings, which can often result in couples being disappointed in their service options and vendor pool to choose from.

How to get a package without the disappointment

There is absolutely nothing wrong with opting for a pre-designed wedding package, if that feels like the best approach for you. Every couple is different and you deserve to have the kind of wedding experience you want, with or without the package.

But if Malta wedding packages seem a bit too generic and impersonal for you, there is absolutely a way to still have a more custom, exclusive wedding while keeping your budget in check.

That's what a wedding planner is for!

Your wedding planner is your champion. She is there to make sure nothing is overlooked, you get the exact options you desire and that the entire event stays on-time and on-budget. That's her job!

To learn more about how a seasoned, ethical wedding planner can help you create a flawless wedding with less stress and less leaky pocketbooks, I invite you to explore our services.