Transportation is one of the costs many couples forget about when planning their wedding budget. This is an especially important item if you’re paying for your guests' transportation as well, so I am going to give you some guidance here about what kind of wedding transportation is popular at Malta weddings and what prices are out there at the moment.

Bridal Cars

The most popular bridal cars in Malta are definitely vintage cars.
Price: The average price of one way transport for vintage car will be 100 € - 140 € for one way transfer and go up to 175 - 200 € for two way transfer.

Our few top choice vintage bridal cars include: 

  • Rolls Royce Silver Cloud or White Pearl
  •  White Bentley 
  • Austin Princess White/Silver (7 seats)
  • Beau ford White/Cream (convertible)
If you prefer more modern cars you can opt for: 

  • Limousine (you will find this car at price of 140 € one way and 225 € two ways)
  • Executive cars (Mercedes and Jaguar X-type) you can get them at a price of 25- 105 € 

Guest Transportation

Taking care of your guests' transportation is (as mentioned above) quite an important task. Make sure that you inform the company/wedding planner if your guests are staying at different locations so that you can plan ahead for a few pickup locations and avoid getting late to the ceremony. Depending on your personal style, number of guests, and budget you can chose from:

  • Minivans – These 14 to 16 seater mini buses are great choices for smaller weddings. Their average price is 35 € - 120 € depending on size and number of transfers.
  • Coaches – Usually the capacity of coaches is 36, 42, or 53 seaters, and the average price is 120 € for two way transfers.
  • Vintage buses – One of the favourite attractions for our destination couples are Maltese vintage buses. These buses are very traditional Maltese modes of transportation, having been used for public transportation until a few years ago. Today they are being rented for special occasions and tourist tours around the Island. Their capacities are 18, 29, and 36 - seaters. Prices range 155 – 200 € for a one-way transfer and 185 – 300 € for 2 way transfers. It is also possible to rent them for several hours at a time.

Hidden Costs of Wedding transport and How To Avoid Them 

If you don't know market very we'll you mitt end up paying for some hidden fees when booking your wedding transport. 

The truth is each car company owns few car models but if you ask for a car model that they don't have they might still offer it and then subcontract it from another garage. This is why it's important to contact them all and compare prices of same car models There are also loads o part timers who might be out of business before your wedding.

Here is recent FB post of one Malta destination bride:
"Aaaarrrggghhh so annoyed. Emailed the company doing my wedding transport to confirm things and got an email back to say the person I was dealing with has left and they can't honour my booking as they are no longer catering for weddings!!! 
So angry and stessed. They gave me a good quote now it's back to square one!"

You don't want this to happen..That's why is very important to do research and ask for recommendations about the most professional and reliable car companies.

I hope you found this information as useful guidance for planning transportation for you and your guests for your Malta wedding. Don’t forget to add it to your wedding budget projection.

Happy planning!