Since  wedding budget is one of the most common worry and questions for destination couples I will be sharing insight in different categories every week.

The truth is, prices of suppliers (as I mentioned couple of times before and will educate you about this even more) do wary, A LOT. However there are some categories that are fixed and there are also some other hints that can help you see if your agent/planner/suppliers is being transparent with you.

So lets start with one fee that no couple can avoid: administration legal and church fees (in a case you opt for church wedding). 

public registry fees

In order to obtain marriage license for your Malta wedding you need to collect certain forms and submit them to Public Registry directly or via your wedding planner.
I wrote article about this previously and you can find more information here. 

Fees for processing your papers are:
51.30 €  - if your marriage ceremony is taking place in the church
or (not plus)
102.60€ - if you're having civil ceremony at any chosen venue that has license for wedding ceremonies

church fees

120 € - church administration fee is paid at curia office after delivering your marriage license obtained at Public Registry

issuing of marriage certificates
After your wedding, Public Registry will issue your marriage certificate that you'll need in order to register your marriage in your home country.
Fee for full version of certificate and postage is 20 - 30 € (depending on number of copies and stamps that you'll need). 
You can order your marriage certificate online or you can have your wedding planner collecting it and positing to your home address.
Last year we ordered all certificates for our clients online and system was very simple, straight forward and reliable. 

additional cost

  • Church donation - church donations are free and up to you. Some chapels do request donations ahead in amount 50-70 € (but they are rare). Having said that I would advise that you consider donation to church and to priest who will officiate your wedding as he will also attend and probably run your wedding rehearsal. 
  • Transport for celebrant (civil weddings) - depending on location of ceremony and home address of celebrant transport price will range form 20-50 € (this applies for civil wedding ceremonies).

Hope this is information you were looking for, see you soon when we'll talk about setting up budget for wedding venue in Malta

Happy planning :)