Hi! My name is Anneli and I am an international wedding photographer based in London. I have insatiable wanderlust and I’m a sucker for romance. Put those two things together and you have the main reasons why I love shooting destination weddings! Each and every wedding and location is unique and I really enjoy working with my couples to create timeless, romantic and natural images they’ll cherish forever. My style is based on using soft, natural light and I love telling the story of the day by photographing all the little details, the exotic setting and of course those candid moments that happen when you’re not looking! 

1. When did it all started? 

I decided to become a wedding photographer after my own wedding in 2009 in Cape Town, South Africa. I started by doing an intensive wedding photography & business course in 2010, shooting with other established photographers and then started shooting my own weddings. I have now shot over 120 weddings all over the world and I can honestly say, that it’s the best job in the world! I’ve grown my business by networking with other wedding suppliers (like the wonderful Martina from Wed our Way) and by putting my heart and soul into every wedding I photograph.

2. What has been the biggest source of inspiration in your work?

I am hugely inspired by beautiful light (normally just before sunset “golden hour”) and romance, so I watch old black & white films for inspiration. I am also inspired by the beauty around us, the setting can very often dictate how I take a photo or how I pose a couple.

3. Where have you travelled to photograph weddings?

Over the last few years I have shot weddings in South Africa, France, Malta, Portugal, Czech Republic and Italy and I am looking forward to shooting in more exotic locations in the years to come.

4. Describe your (wedding) photography style in less than 6 adjectives
Light, bright, soft, natural, romantic, elegant

5. What really makes your work stand out?
Many clients have told me that it’s the way I use light that make my photos stand out. I always make sure I make the most of the light to flatter my clients, which is why I prefer shooting right before sunset. I also love vibrant colour which gives my images a light & colourful feel.

6. What’s in your bag?

I’m a Canon girl and love shooting with prime lenses, so my favourite lenses to shoot with on my 5D Mark III, is the 50mm 1.2, 85mm 1.2 and the 35mm 1.4.

7. How do you make the bride and groom feel relaxed in front of your camera?

I make sure that we connect before the actual wedding day, whether it’s an in person meeting / over Skype. It’s important to “get on” with each other and by forming a relationship with my couples, I get the most out of them on the day. I also direct them so they don’t need to worry about how to stand / where to look etc. The direction is light and natural and creates images that look timeless and romantic, but not cheesy!

8. What kind of services/packages do you offer?
For couples getting married overseas, I always create bespoke packages to suit their needs. Most of my couples have full day coverage which starts with final bridal preparations through to the first dance. I also offer couple shoots and post-wedding shoots after the wedding, where you can wear your wedding dress again and we shoot in an exotic location. I’m very open to discussing packages with my couples to make sure it suits their wedding requirements.

9. Do you do weddings on your own?

I do tend to shoot alone yes. The reason for that being that I am very specific in how I shoot and it’s very difficult to relay how you “see” things to someone else. So I make sure I plan the timings on the day with my couples to make sure I get the photos from each part of the day I need. I am 100% confident in my skills and unless the wedding has a very large guest list, I am happy shooting on my own.

10. How long do you spend editing the average wedding?

During peak Summer months, I deliver weddings between 4-6 weeks after the wedding date. Most of my couples like having a little preview or “sneak peek” after the wedding and this normally happens a day or so after the wedding, before they go on honeymoon.

11. Can you share with us your all time favourite photo and why?
That is so difficult! I have so many photos I love for different reasons. My favourite photo at the moment is this couple portrait taken in Lake Como, Italy at a wedding earlier this month. It shows off the incredible setting and I love that the couple is having a moment to themselves…so romantic! 

12. Do you have a tip or two for couples who are looking for their perfect wedding photographer?
Find someone who’s work you absolutely adore. Go through their blogs & website and ask to see full weddings so you can make sure you love the way they cover a full wedding day. Then, have a Skype chat / meet with them in person to make sure you actually get on and that you will have fun together on the wedding day.

13. For those that would like to consider working with you, what’s the best way to start? Where can we find you?

Come and have a look around my website: I have a bio video where I talk about how I shoot weddings which you can watch here. And you can see my most recent destination weddings here. If you like what you see, email me on or contact me through the contact form on my website. I look forward to hearing from you! :)