Today we’re featuring an interview with photographer Kristian. This award-winning photographer, born in 1988, is specialized in fashion photography, portrait photography and wedding photography. This knowledge gives him special skills to work with when working with people.

Kristian has a great understanding of portraiture and lighting. Merging his skills with the beautiful backdrops that the Maltese islands have to offer makes Kris one of the top choices for wedding photographers in Malta. Wedding Photography by Kristian is a fun and contemporary approach to wedding photography.

Kristian has been commissioned and featured by various magazines worldwide and has also had his work exhibited across Europe, Easter Europe and the Middle East.

Wondering if Kristian is the right photographer for your big day? Check out the interview and see if his style and photography is right for you!

1. When did it all started?

When I was younger I was always fascinated by photography and it only started as a fun experiment when I was still at University reading for an Architecture degree. I never studied photography. I am self-taught. My hobby quickly turned into my career, something I never thought would happen and I’m very grateful for it.

2. Describe your (wedding) photography style in less than 6 adjectives.

Contemporary, fresh, fun, stylish, romantic

3. What really makes your work stand out?

I believe that my forte is my personality – many couples and guests feel comfortable with me photographing them so this helps me get better photographs! Also, I’m very careful with lighting my subjects, that’s also another factor that I see as standing out in my work.

4. How do you make the couples feel relaxed in front of your camera?

My style of wedding photography is very journalistic so there is no posing involved; it’s all very natural.

As I mentioned earlier, I believe that personality is the key in this industry. My team is very approachable and we like to get on the same level as the couple is getting married – it is important for us to feel that we are part of the day as this will be evident in our work. We’ve received several positive comments over and over again about how we have made couples feel relaxed during the day, even from guests. To us, this comes naturally.

5. What are your goals when you shoot an engagement or wedding? Of course pleasing couples must surely be high on the list of priorities, but we’d be interested to know what drives you to shoot weddings, stay creative and keep being passionate about it.

When photographing a wedding, my main drive is to get photographs good for my portfolio. This means that they have to be good enough that not only make my couple happy, but also make me happy as a photographer.
6. What kind of services/packages do you offer?
a) Wedding Day Photography: (Getting Ready, Ceremony, Reception, After Party)
b) Pre-Wedding & Post-Wedding Photo shoots
c) Wedding Album and Photo books
d) Printing & Framing
e) Underwater Photography

7. Do you have an assistant photographer?

8. Do you do weddings on your own?

Yes, sometimes. Depending on the size of the wedding.

9. How long do you spend editing the average wedding?

I normally deliver the photos from a wedding within 1 week of the wedding date.

10. Can you share with us 10 awesome Kristian photos?

11. Do you have a tip or two for couples who are looking for their perfect wedding photographer?
Browse through various photographers’ portfolios and after meeting them to discuss over a coffee, pick the one you fall in love with.