So, he popped the question and you’ve said yes! Congratulations! You’re engaged now and it is time for you to pop the question. You have probably been dreaming about your big day for years, so you already know who is going to be your bridesmaid. Nowadays marriage proposals have grown more spectacular, it is not surprising that ‘/images/blog/proposals/Bridesmaids proposals’ have followed. So you can’t stay behind and just propose to your loved ones and best friends by SMS or a phone call.

We often forget that the bridesmaids spend a lot of time and energy to be on your side on the special day. So, it is a heartfelt gesture to spoil them with a thoughtful invitation and a sweet gift. They are of course very special to you; show them how much you appreciate their love and friendship by creating an amazing way of popping the question. There are many ways to do this and if you blow them away and they obviously can’t say no. Here you will find 10 of our favorite ideas to pop the question.

1. Custom made humor
If you are creative with words, then make a personalized postcard with some custom made humor in it; you probably have lots of funny memories together. Just surprise them with the first words and then pop the question. A very effective bridesmaid card can be treasured forever. 

2. Surprise
You can never spoil your bridesmaids enough. So if you want to prepare your girls for the big day, give them a bridesmaids box. You can put in a lot of funny, personal and useful things like lip balm, a facemask, a little bottle of bubbly, a chocolate bar or even jewelry to wear on the wedding day. Don’t forget to put the question inside the box, asking them to be your bridesmaids. Be creative and you can customize it to match your girls’ personalities and tastes. 

3. POP!

Can it be a bigger surprise than this? Deliver a bridesmaid box yourself along with a balloon and tell her that it is a box full of cookies. Let her pop the balloon, because inside there is the big question. For a more festive effect, you can put some confetti in the balloon. 


A funky way to ask your bridesmaid is in a photo booth with a chalkboard or some goofy props. Make it fun and personalize your question to each of your girls. Create individual photos with an inscription on each photo. 


How about getting your bridesmaids nice jewelry, like a necklace, ring or even a bracelet? It can be hand stamped on the outside, which is the perfect way to pop the question. Give it an extra special touch with the initials of the bridesmaid and make it an amazing keepsake.


If you are throwing a vintage or rustic wedding, this way of proposing to your bridesmaids can be really appropriate. You can deliver a cotton roll in a box or you can bring it yourself and tell her to open it. Also you can use these cotton rolls to ask your flower girls, maid of honor or the one who is walking you down the aisle. 


How awesome is it if your bridesmaids receive a vintage brown paper package tied up with string? You can make it as big as you want and include a note with something special in it for your girl. Make the delivery extra special by using a courier in a vintage suit.


She thinks it is going to be a box with something little in it. In fact, it is your question popping up. Secret mission completed. Make it a little box, so she is not expecting anything. 


Who doesn’t love cupcakes? This is maybe the sweetest proposal you can ever do. Take your girls out for a lunch or supper and place the cupcakes at each of their place settings. Make it even more creative to go for these amazing cupcakes in a jar.


You do want to prepare your bridesmaids for the big day. Buy them some nice dresses and propose them with custom-made hangers. You can personalize them with their names or just make them with the word bridesmaid in it. Finish it with a cute bow, some glitter or flowers. Add a special touch by attaching a cute note on each hanger on the big day.

So what do you think? Are you going to ask them over the phone if they’ll be by your side on the big day? I guess not. Make it special and they can keep your gift and look back on the day the journey of your wedding started.