No matter how long your engagement is, there are few kay decisions you must make very early in the planning process if you wish to stay organized and avoid stress related to planning your special day. This is especially import an if you're planning your wedding abroad, as it takes additional time and effort to collect important information surrounding each aspect of your union.

This topic reminds me of one of our brides who came to me few months prior to her wedding. She was planning a wedding in Malta all the way from australia. And, she was doing a great job. However, she put off a few important decisions for too long. She had no idea that though Malta is a beautiful place to get married and a very friendly place as well, suppliers here have a bit of a laid back mentality. Vendors often don't get back to you unless you follow up (and sometimes only a phone call works) several times. 

So, it was two month prior to her wedding, and though she sent deposits and discussed a few things with the venue, she then ''got stuck''. She was not getting any updates and replies from vendors, no confirmations of booking, and had no way to even reach several of the vendors. So, she started panicking and sent me an ''I AM DESPERATE, PLEASE HELP'' e-mail. Of course, that desperation could have been easily avoided with a little more planning. 

8 important decisions to make early when planning your wedding in malta:

Decide about your wedding budget

Before you do any research, determine how much you can spend on each a sect of your wedding and how you will source the funds. This will make research much easier, as you will have an idea where you can spend and where to cut some ends.

Decide on the type of the wedding you want

Religious or civil? A formal wedding ceremony or an informal wedding? Seated lunch/dinner, buffet or stand-up reception? This decisions will affect your budget and venue choices.

book your dates and venues for the ceremony and reception

If they are to be in separate places, try to minimize the travel time between them.

research local wedding vendors in malta

CHoose and book photographers and entertainment. Catering in Malta is usually included with a wedding venue.

find your dream wedding dress

Dont wait too long, especially if you wish to purchase a new or designer wedding dress. It will take 6-9 months to get it done.

decide about the size of oyur wedding party and select the members

Bridesmaids, groomsman, flower girls, ring bearer? The sooner you choose party the sooner you can finalize your budget draft and assign them honorable tasks for you special day. 

block a rooms in hotels for your guests

We suggest selecting two or three sites with varying price options from which guests can choose. Read our post about best accomodation options in Malta here.

consider hiring a wedding planner 

Hiring a wedding planner who is the right fit for you and your needs will help you save time, money and most of all peace of mind. 

Are you planning your wedding in Malta? What is your biggest concern that keeps you awake at night? Share your thoughts with us!