For the sweet tooth among us, this blog is just what you’ve been waiting for. Dreaming about the style, flavors, and colors of your wedding cake? We’ve got you covered with the best tips to choose your sweet showpiece.

First of all, Budget...

Yes, it is very important to first determine your boundaries and don’t go over these limits. A budget is a budget and you need to stick to that so the rest of your wedding budget works, too. Ask yourself how important your wedding cake is to you for your day. Is it really your centerpiece of the evening and do want to save money for this part of your wedding. Then go for it. Have a tight budget, especially for food? Think twice and see the awesome alternatives for wedding cakes at the end of this blog.



The best part – Taste it

Cake tastings are usually a favorite part of the wedding planning for the couple (especially the groom!). There are multiple flavors, so make sure you taste them all. From strawberry and vanilla to chocolate and exotic flavors, there is something for every taste bud. Don’t go for the first best taste, look further and choose between different bakeries. Also, remember you have choices between butter cream and fondant (or choose both, our favorite!).

Don’t forget, this is also the time to ask questions and to review portfolios of the bakeries.

Size it up

2-tier or 7-tier wedding cake? Size doesn’t always matter. If you have chosen the right flavor, your guests will be happy (but probably want more). But it is not about the tiers; it is about the number of guests you invite to your wedding. Adjust your tiers to the number of guests to prevent you from awkward moments. Too little or too much cake is not very elegant, and there is only so much leftover cake a couple can eat! Here you will find a helpful cake portion guide.

Choose your style

Are you having a wedding theme? Matching your wedding cake style is usually easy and adds even more to the theme. If you have always dreamed about that one special cake, search for some pictures and ask your cake designer how to help you with that. If you don’t go for a wedding theme, make sure all decisions about your wedding dress style and reception decor have been made. These elements are the basis of your wedding cake style and make it much easier for your designer to understand your needs. Do you want some inspiration? Pinterest is your best friend. See our Pinterest board ‘Wedding Cakes’ and get inspired by all the amazing, wonderful and delicious cakes. Also visit some bakery websites or check Bakery Boss on TLC.



Consider the weather

Malta has a hot and humid climate, so think about this when creating your cake. Whipped cream, butter cream, or meringue are really no goes if you’re planning to have your cake cutting outside (in full sun). There are a few summer icing options that might not melt during your hot wedding day.

Involve him!
In another blog we’ve shared some great ideas about how to involve your groom in choosing parts of the wedding. From cigar bars and cars to food and drinks, think about including a groom’s cake. This cake can be custom-made by him with a personal theme, like his favorite sport, pop culture, or car. Most of the time this cake is darker and richer than the traditional bride’s cake (more chocolate).


If you don’t want a traditional wedding cake or your budget does not allow you to create a cake for the number of guests you’ve invited, these alternatives may help you to have other unique sweets to treat your guests.
- DIY wedding cake with some helping hands from family and friends
- Cupcakes
- Cake as dessert, like an ice cream buffet or grand dessert
- Wedding ‘cheese’ cake, for the savory lovers
- Other sweets like a macaroon tower, a cakepop-stand, or doughnut bar

- Three-tiered pancake wedding cake (with some delicious maple syrup)