So, maidens of honors… Wake up, it is your turn! A weekend full of love, champagne, happiness, ‘what-happens-in-…-stays-in…’-memories, and your best friends. This should be one of the most memorable weekends (besides the wedding) of her life. 

Let’s rock! Here are some helpful tips to create a bachelorette weekend.

First of all, write down the the interests of the bride. What is she up to and what do you think she would love to do during her bachelorette weekend? Might it be relaxing in a spa in the middle of nowhere with a lot of spiritual activities to get down to earth? Or is she in for wild activities, visiting bars, and partying all night long? Is it going to be a casino, pizza and pool weekend or are you going for Glamming? You know your friend the best so pick her interests and incorporate them into the weekend.

Invite the guests

So talk with the bride about the guests she wants to invite, but make sure she feels comfortable with ‘letting loose’ with everyone who is joining the party. It is usually best to keep the bachelorette party small. About 10-15 guests is ideal. 

Set the date

Now that you made the guest list you can together arrange a date. Plan it about 2-3 weeks ahead of the wedding or when everybody is coming from all over the world; 4-5 days before the wedding is great, so you can connect it to the wedding. Send save the date cards and make sure every guest knows which weekend the party is happening. 

Pick a the theme
Create a theme what fits the bride. It is not like a wedding theme - you have the freedom to make it funny. You can think about themes like: The Wild Wild West, Naughty & Nice, Fifty Shades of Grey, Kiss the Bride Goodbye, Vintage Pink, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and so on and on... It is also a lot of fun to come up with a group dress theme for the evening to reflect the bride’s personality. 

Create an itinerary

A detailed itinerary gives the guests the feeling that everything is planned well. They can give feedback on activities or other things and in this way you can together create an awesome weekend. The best is to create a schedule for the entire weekend. What are you going to do on day one, two and three? What is the theme, what should the guests wear, etc... Our tip is to leave some wiggle room in the schedule where the girls can do what ever they want in this time. Over-scheduling the weekend can cost some spontaneous memories.

Now that you have the itinerary you can calculate the costs a bit. Bring the guests up to date so they know what they are going to need to contribute financially for the weekend. The detailed schedule also means that the girls know what they can spend and they will feel comfortable with that. 

It is party time
So whether you are going to a spa to relax or you are getting more wild this weekend, enjoy the days to the fullest. Don’t forget to make memories, reminisce, love, laugh and embarrass the bride at least a bit. Pamper her (fun) gifts and surprises and have a lot of fun together. 

Fun activities to do during the bachelorette party:
- Strip, pole dance or any other sexy workshop
- Pool day with cocktails, pedicures & manicures and some great music
- The bow game – tie bow around every guests and when the bride is untying you, you should buy her a cocktail, shot or other drink of her choice
- Definitely take a polaroid camera
- DIY lingerie making
- Create a dare-to-do-list
- Plan a scavenger hunt
- Cocktail workshop (with drinking them)
- Jelly shots
- See our Pinterest Board for more bachelorette party ideas!