Our prospective clients often have one common fear; they're afraid their guests won't have fun at their weddings. It makes a lot of sense; after all, these close friends and family members did travel a long way (and likely spent a bit of money) to participate in your destination wedding. 

So how do you make sure your guests will have a great time?

Many experts suggest that by expressing your unique personalities and engaging your guests by allowing them to participate  ''heavily'' in your day. After all, this honor usually goes to wedding party members and close family members.

So, what about the other guests?

Here are few tips that will help you make sure everyone has fun at your wedding, from our varied experiences.

1. Precise Timeline

A solid timeline makes HUGE difference. If you have scheduled your wedding day with no dull time in between the ceremony, the reception and the dinner, your guests are less likely feel tiered or annoyed while waiting on their food or drinks and feel less distresses about not knowing what is happening next. You will want to make sure all activities are scheduled properly and that you stick to this timeline.


2. Scheduled Photo Sessions

If you have many family portraits or group photos that should be taken during your welcome reception, I highly recommend scheduling photos. This means you should write down a precise number of photos to be taken and list the people that will be included in each shot. Then, you need to assign your best man/bridesmaids/any other members of bridal party (or someone who knows guests well) to gather everyone using the order in your photo list.

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3.Great Entertainment

Did you know that not giving more attention to wedding entertainment is one of the most common regrets couples have after their weddings? Yes, that's right! You might think iPod background music will make nice, lively atmosphere, but believe me a good DJ or Band are a far more better choice if you really want to make sure atmosphere is exciting. Your DJ can be the spirited emcee that gets the party going. He'll introduce the new couple, announce the speeches, call for the first dance, and encourage the crowd to have a great time.

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 4.Delicious Food

This is definitely top on our list as the number ONE important aspect for every wedding. Food makes or breaks weddings. It's as simple as that. Make sure yours is great by taste-testing before your event.

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5.Open Bar

Everyone expect some kind of bar at weddings. You can have open bar cash bar, or open an overall for guests. However, your guests will appreciate if they have the options of unlimited drinks during the wedding reception/after-party.

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A few  additional tips on how you can entertain your guests and make your Malta wedding an event to remember:

  • Surprise fireworks or fire dancers (the second options is much more affordable)
  • Entertainer for children - if you have parents with children at the wedding and organize fun games (bouncing castles, painting, magician) they will love your for it!
  • Comedian 
Have you attending a really fun wedding? Leave us a comment and let us know what made your experience exceptional!