Don’t forget to ask your wedding transportation company these 9 questions!

Whether you are dreaming of a vintage Rolls Royce, horse and carriage, or a fancy white BMW, you have to book your wedding car 5 to 6 months before your wedding. To create this relaxing feeling during planning your wedding, you need to be careful with reserving your wedding transportation. You want to make sure that you and your guests don’t have to worry about navigating an unfamiliar city or choosing designated drivers.

Before booking, make sure you have a good idea what you really want. Make clear how many guests need to be transported, how much money you want to spend, what are the times of pick-ups and drop-offs, what are the locations, and what is going to be your bridal car. Once you know all these things you’re ready to get started with your wedding transportation company. 

If you’re planning from afar, it can be very difficult to have personal contact with the company. Since it is harder to communicate properly via Skype or email, make sure you ask your wedding transportation company the following 9 questions.

1. What services do you offer? And are there any services you sub contract?

You need to know about the several options with the company. Do they have the car you want? And are they offering transportation for your guests? In Malta all of the companies have one way or two-way transportation. One-way transportation for the trip includes a ride from your accommodation to the location of the civil ceremony as quoted; for two-way transportation they quote a standard trip from your accommodation to the church – waiting during the mass – and going to the venue of the reception after the mass.
Check with the company if they subcontract cars, it can make things more complicated and cost you more money. 

2. What is your price policy?

Of course you want to know what the prices of the cars and potential buses are. But make sure you check if the company has a minimum charge required for bookings. Besides that it is really important to know their booking and cancellation policies. If something happens and you need to cancel the service, you want to make sure that you’ll not lose all of your spent money. In Malta some companies ask for a deposit to guarantee themselves with your booking. Most of the time this payment is 20%-50% of the total amount. 

3. After checking the prices and policies, make sure if the company bases the charge on duration or the length of the trip. 

In this way you can take into account of the total prices. If you have a small budget you can ask the company to advise you in several routes or pick-up locations. 

4. Do you make a time schedule?

Perhaps you have different pickup and drop-off locations and times. It is hard to schedule this without knowing the traffic, routes, and distances in the country of your wedding. Ask the company to make a clear time schedule, so you can inform your guests’ in regards to location and time. Besides that, keep in mind that some companies in Malta don’t work after 1o p.m. So if you want to have a transportation service after your party to your hotel you have to arrange this with other companies like cab companies.

5. Which of cars or buses have AC?

Only the latest cars and buses have AC. Vintage models don’t have AC, that’s for sure. If you want to get married in high summer season consider having a car or bus with AC instead of these beautiful vintage models. Ask the company to give you several options of cars and buses with AC.

6. How many people can fit in each fleet?

You have an image of your bridal car and your guests’ transportation. Make sure you know how many people can be transported with each fleet. You don’t want guests to arrange their own transportation on the big day. 

7. Is it possible to get a picture of the car and eventually go for a test ride?

Because you’re planning from afar, you can’t just walk in the garage to see the several cars. Ask the company for good picture of the status of the cars, the inside, and possible decoration options. Also, when you’re visiting your wedding location try to arrange for a test drive, if possible. 

8. What about the driver?

In Malta most of the time drivers are dressing appropriately. If you want to make sure your driver doesn’t show up if he just woke up, ask the company what the attire is of the driver. Also some knowhow about the license of the driver and if he knows the routes by heart will be helpful. 

9. Is it possible to decorate the wedding cars?

If you considering some flowers or bows on the wedding car, first check what the company is providing. Sometimes they offer standard bows or ribbon in order to prevent damage. Besides that, if you want flowers make sure you contact the florist to arrange bouquets, deliveries and set-ups (if possible with the transportation company). Keep in mind that you’ve to pay for delivery of the flowers and adding flowers on the car.

Make sure you receive a confirmation of the payment and car details along with pick-up times and locations. Also confirm your booking one week before your wedding.


- For buses or coaches: Zarb Coaches or Paramount Buses
- For bridal cars: Wembleys or Percius

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