7 reasons to tie the knot at seashore

Marriage is like the ocean. It can be still or calm, and rough or rigid, but in the end, it is always beautiful.

Aye, Aye, Captain! The sea has limitless opportunities to start the journey of your marriage. Breathtaking views of the natural beauty of the Maltese Coasts, drinking a glass of champagne while breathing in a gentle sea breeze, and as night falls you can drown in a stunning endless sunset. These blessings will create the perfect spot to let your Marine Dream come true.

For an intimate or medium-sized wedding, celebrating your big day at sea is a unique and unconventional experience. A venue in Malta that we can definitely recommend is Hera Cruises. This company offers unforgettable trips around the Maltese Islands and ensures you the service and best solutions that fit your wedding wishes.

Today we share the 7 reasons to tie the knot at sea and to have a wavy big day.

1. Just you, me and the family
Do you prefer to share the big day with only your loved ones instead of having a wedding party with some nearly strangers? Getting married on a boat means that you can decide what the size is of your guest list, and you don’t have to make exceptions for “extras” who hint at wanting an invitation. Keep it short and sweet to create that intimate feeling or extend it to a medium sized party, it’s up to you. Besides that there will be no unappreciated onlookers, except from some dolphins or flying fishes. On this day, the sea is all yours.

2. Get to know Malta from the waves
The historic city Valletta, the famous Blue Lagoon in Comino, or the impressive rocks on the coast of Malta will treat you and your guests to a view you’ll never forget. Seeing Malta from the boat creates an all-different view than discovering it on land. 

3. Endless catering opportunities
Envision mouth-watering food & drink options and set your mind free to come up with some great ideas. A flyaway buffet, barbeque, or relaxed seated dinner is no problem on one of the vessels of Hera Cruises. Enjoy a delicious and easygoing dinner and have some cocktails or custom made wedding drinks, and love the time on board.

4. The best wedding shot
Your wedding photographer will be spoiled with choices of the ever-changing backgrounds. Capture that once in a lifetime photograph on board or slip away to a stunning beach near Gozo or Comino, where the boat of Hera Cruises will definitely anchor. And yes… You are free to do the ‘Titanic pose’. 
5. From wedding dress to nuptials bikini
Always dreamed about jumping in the water after the ‘I Do’? Now is the time! Change into your bathing suit and dive into the water. Don’t think about your hair, make-up or sexy garter, he married you anyway.

6. Dancing the night away
Imagine… The only things you hear are the waves crashing against the boat and the breeze that is flowing through the mast, but then there is music! As loud as you want and as long as you want. At sea there are no music policies, so bring all you favorite songs together and create that wedding music list you always wanted. Even your dream to have a karaoke game can come true, because only the fish will suffer from it.

7. Cause baby you’re my fireworks
Ending your beautiful celebration with a shot of fireworks is an amazing idea. But having fireworks on the water is an even more wonderful idea. The colors and dancing reflection will create a sea of lights. With your beloved by your side watching the sparklers and as you start your life together must be one of the most romantic moments in your life. 

So what do you think? Taking your captain on board for an unforgettable wedding day? We can imagine that all these options inspire you to get hitched at the sea. Keep one thing in mind, though, when planning your wedding on a boat: some people can feel queasy even in calm waters, so have soothing ginger ale and ginger candy on hand.