So DIY is a huge trend, from home remodeling to the wedding world. Everywhere you look there is a touch of do-it-yourself. Being creative is awesome, so let’s start with some ideas you definitely can’t miss if you’re a DIY-bride!

Wedding survival kits
Help your guests a bit by offering a survival kit after the (maybe long) evening. A good breakfast is step number one, but your guests will appreciate a box like this. It can really help against the hangover, so there are no sleepy eyes and alcohol smells anymore. Start making your emergency kit with these essentials:
• Aspirin/Advil (or pain reliever of choice)
• Bottle of water
• Breath mints/spray
• Antacids
• Hand sanitizer
• Chapstick
• Mouth wash
• Granola bar
• Emergen-C

Will you be my bridesmaid box

We are a big fan of doing something special for your bridesmaids. We often forget that the bridesmaids spend a lot of time and energy to be on your side for the special day. It is a heartfelt gesture to spoil them with a thoughtful invitation to be your bridesmaid and a sweet gift. Do you want to create a box like this? This is what you need:
• Designed card with THE question
• Nail polish in the color that matches the bridesmaid dresses
• A little bottle of champagne
• Lip balm
• Tissues
• Face mask
• Your wedding day itinerary complete with timeline and important numbers
• Party poppers or the like
• A good healthy snack (being a bridesmaid burns calories!)

Do you want more ideas for spoiling your bridesmaids? Check out our blog

Braided hairstyles

Saving money on your hairdresser doesn’t get easier than this. You only need some elastic bands, bobby pins, and some helpful hands. See these amazing 50 braids - yes fifty! 

Chair decorations
Ruffled chair wedding covers are a big trend now! Mix ruffles with a simple chair sleeve or go all out and ruffle it up with a heavy dose of ruffles. We are a bigger fan of the floral covers, so match your floral pattern with your wedding bouquet and adorn your chair. Ribbons are also a very good idea! And what do you think of the amazing couple chair signs? If you want to get inspired, definitely have a look at this website

Must-have mustaches

Cheer up your wedding with some fun mustache straws. You can use them in your wedding photo booth, but you can also use them in your signature cocktail drinks. It can’t be easier than this. Buy them at: etsy

Glitter confetti bags
Sparkles, glitters and confetti - it will make your day a bit more shiny! Hand out some confetti bags to your guests and let them perk up your day. Buy one at this amazing shop or create your own bag with these essentials:
• Glassine bags
• Washi tape to create a band on the bottom
• Glue and glitter to decorate
• Ribbon for embellishment
• Fill with confetti, glitter or sparkles
Want to make it extra special? Let your guests create their own mix of confetti by providing a whole confetti bar!

Cake topper

Little puppets and plastic people are things of the past, this year we use the most creative and awesome cake toppers. You can think of a sign with both names, sparkly letters of love, mini balloons or banners, Polaroid pictures, wire letters, or flowers. Want to create your own? See these templates for your cake topper.