Great photos are very high on priority list to most wedding couples and we definitely understand why. If you hire good, skilled photographer result will be ever listing memories, the best moments on the day captured and saved to be relived for years to come. 

We recommend 4 -7 different photographers that are extremely talented, very reliable, full time vendors and fit different budgets and style categories. Working with different photographers allows us to stay flexible with our couples’ needs and to offer different options for different tastes.

Some of our clients hire their own vendors from different categories including wedding photographers, however in this article I will provide information based on fees of those professionals that we work with.

What is included? 

You can decide if you wish to print your wedding photos at home or if you prefer you can have your photos printed in Malta and order your wedding album. Most of our clients decide to print their photos and order wedding albums once they arrive back home.

Majority wedding photographers will include in service quotation number of hours, all images edited to perfection and delivered on DVD in high resolution with full copy rights. 

How Much It Costs?

While style and price of photographers will wary , there are some basic ranges to what you can expect to spend on a professional photographer in Malta.

Fees will range: 

  • 3/4 hour hour service  will range from 300 € - 650 € (depending on chosen photographer)
  • 5/6 hour service will range €600 to €1200 (depending on chosen photographer)
  • 8 hour service (full day coverage) plus  will range €1200  to €2000  (depending on chosen photographer)
While its  good to be informed about price ranges of wedding photography and it definitely matter when setting up your budget you should make final decision about hiring photographer considering  as well your personality and wedding style. Decide how high great photos are on your priority list as first step. Next step would be to define your wedding style and timeline as a very important aspect (this will help you figure out for how long you wish your photographer to be present at the wedding). It's then good time to interview photographers. You can read in our previous post about 
steps to choosing  your wedding photographer. 

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