Though Malta is very popular location for destination weddings, there can be challenges finding reliable local vendors for your wedding, as many wedding vendors do this job as a hobby, or only work in the wedding industry part-time. 

Some categories of vendors that often work part-time include:

pros of hiring ''part-timers''

  • More affordable prices : Vendors who work  part-time or as a hobby usually charge less for their service 

cons of working with part-time vendors

  • Slow response time: Part-time vendors are not always up-to-date on their e-mails, and are often slow in replying to clients. Potential clients should not think of this as ''rudeness''. Instead, they must realize that these people likely hold different full-time jobs.
  • Less professional service: Part-timers often don't have specialized knowledge in the wedding industry and haven't developed the same level of skills as full-time vendors.
Have you experienced working with full-time or part-time vendors for a big event? What was your experience like? Leave a comment and let us know what tips you would give to others!