If you are planning your destination wedding in Malta, you’re going to need to plan for your wedding music and entertainment, and you should also consider how these fit into your overall wedding budget. To help you get started, it might be best to think about your wedding day with three separate events where you might want music: the ceremony, the reception, and the after party. Start with a total amount you will allot to music and entertainment, and then prepare to divide that amount for these three areas.

Ceremony Music

Your ceremony music will help to set the tone for your wedding. First find out what kinds of music options you have with your particular venue, and then look at specific music.
  • Generally speaking, the more instruments you want to play during your ceremony, the more expensive it will be. For instance, single musicians (guitar, violin, harp, organ, piano) will charge 150 Euros – 170 Euros for one hour at your wedding ceremony. If you prefer instrumental duo you can expect to spend 350 - 450 Euros for 1-3 hours while a larger set-up (including a ban made of guitar, violin, keyboard, and percussion or our famous, very popular string quartet) will cost 600-900 Euros.
  • If you want to have someone sing at your ceremony, consider just one or two instruments to play as accompaniment if you are trying to save money. Budget for this smaller setup will range 300-450 Euros.
  • Listen to demo reels before signing a contract. You can get a good idea of not only how vocals sound, but which instruments you want to pair with your selected musician.

Cocktail Hour and Reception Music

After the ceremony many couples choose to have a cocktail hour and reception where they greet guests and everyone transitions from the ceremony to the rest of the celebration. While music and entertainment are not mandatory during this time, they do make for those extra special touches.

  • Simple instrumentals without vocals are appropriate for the cocktail hour and reception, and they are less expensive than multiple instruments. Most of our couple chose piano or harp for 1/5-hour reception and spend 150 – 250 Euros.
  •  If you want more than one instrument, very good choice would be combination violin-guitar, violin-piano, harp-piano etc. Instrumental duo or trio might be better choice than having a band with vocals during your cocktail reception and dinner. They will create relaxing atmosphere and won’t be to loud and imposing while you and your guests are enjoying wedding dinner. Cost of instrumental duo in Malta will be 350-440 Euros for up to 3 hours of performance while for trio band you can expect to spend 650- 800  Euros for up to 3 hours.
  • If your budget is tight for music and entertainment, consider not having it during the entire reception, especially if you will be having a lot of toasts and speeches. You might end up paying for music that you don’t really want played while the wedding toasts are taking place.

After Party Entertainment

Once the dinner reception draws to a close, it is time to start your after party. There are many options for how to make the most of your money and entertain your guests in a memorable way.

  • Compare prices between DJs and live bands. An 8 piece band can offer elegant music, but a DJ might fit your budget better – and provide more of the dance music you prefer. Most DJ;s charge 400-500 € for 4/5 hours and many of them offer longer coverage of 6-8 hours for a very good price of 600-800 €. Prices of bands will range and depends on their style, popularity and size of setup, 3 piece bands charge 650-900 Euros, 4 piece 1000-1500 Euros and larger bands range 1.500-2900 Euros 
  • Verify which extras come with your DJ selection. Items such as dance lights and sound machines can liven the party – but you may be able to trim from your invoice if you opt not to use all of these options.
More Budget Tips
  • Be aware that most reputable vendors will charge you a deposit of at least 50% to secure their services for your wedding date.
  • Before you sign a contract, be sure to verify with your venue that the number of hours you are selecting for your music will follow the noise regulations that might be in place. There is no need to pay for 4 hours of music if your venue needs you to end the music after 3 hours.
  • Many prices listed for music entertainment do not include the VAT, which can be close to 20%, so be sure to calculate that into your music budget.
Planning your wedding budget to include music and entertainment does not have to be overwhelming. Please contact us with any questions or if you are searching for suggestions for music vendors. We can help you narrow down your selection and find vendors who will meet your needs – and your budget.