In this blog we share some options for your wedding on the beach! 


This beach club is a perfect summer getaway and relaxation venue, situated in Marfa Bay. It is a truly unique location that offers you a lot of facilities, from comfortable furniture to a fully stocked cocktail bar. 

Why is this beach a good choice?

Imagine that you have your part of the beach just for you, your big love and your guests. No annoying people that hang around as unwanted viewers or other people that take a swim and enjoy the day with loud music. This privacy is possible on the beach with Hola Beach as it has the option of exclusive use. Another plus is the hotel that is just nearby, Riviera Resort & Spa. A long after party? No problem. You and your guests can just walk to your room after a long and great day and no transportation is needed. Privacy and convenience await you at Hola Beach.


Clear blue water just as in the Blue Lagoon is what you’ll find here. Situated in the village of Mellieha, this beach is very popular and busy during the weekends in summer. But this location is still usually quieter than other beaches since it is not as accessible and there are no nearby hotels.

Why is this beach a good choice?

Okay, if you want an amazing view, you have to go for this beach. Baia Beach has a stunning view overlooking the small island of Comino. Yes, it is great for pictures. But this view gives you more than that. It gives you the feeling of your own piece of paradise. It is possible to have this beach exclusively, so you can enjoy the day with your loved ones and friends. The restaurant of the b each club offers amazing food and drinks that you can enjoy all night.

An incredible place with an amazing view overlooking Comino, this beach is situated at the very north of Malta, very close to the Gozo Channel Ferry. It is one of the smallest beaches of Malta yet at the same time definitely one of the most beautiful beaches. It has clear blue water and clean sand. 

Why is this beach a good choice?

If you are planning a smaller, intimate wedding, this beach is perfect for your wedding day. It has a very private ambiance where you can have your ceremony and reception with your loved ones. There is also an option of exclusive booking, what is very special for beaches in Malta.

Situated on the edge of untouched countryside and tended by the waters of the Mediterranean, this beach is one of the largest sandy beaches of Malta. It is a very popular beach with plenty of facilities. The beautiful rocks and the clear blue water create an amazing ambiance.

Why is this beach a good choice?

Believe us, Golden Sands is the most beautiful sand beach in Malta. If you are looking for a beach where you can capture that once in a lifetime shot with a stunning sunset, you’re in the right place. Besides that, the hotel, Radisson Blu, has an exclusive part of the beach where you can have your ceremony and even your wedding dinner. After that you can have an amazing after party in one of the event rooms and they can offer you packages that can be tailor-made for your special day.

We often here: ‘Oh it is always have been my dream to get married on the beach. White sands, blue sea, my loved ones; a perfect day!’ We think you should consider all of the options which can make your day even more perfect. We invite you to read our blog about getting married on the beach in Malta where we give you some tips and tricks to avoid disappointments and get your amazing beach wedding..