So, you’re planning your big day and you think you might want have your wedding in the middle of the winter. Than Malta is the perfect spot for you and your fiancé to get married and to have an unforgettable winter wedding in the middle of December! 

It sounds pretty cold right? In this blog we’ll show you the benefits of getting hitched in one of the most beautiful seasons in Malta.

November in Malta feels like summer in the Uk

Malta has a typical Mediterranean climate. In winter the temperature is very stable and the weather is very mild. Malta has the good fortune that sunny days feel like 18 degrees and statistics show that risk of rain during winter in Malta is slim – and the island has not seen snow for more than 50 years now.

Winter Themes can be Playful and Elegant

If you are really the type who wants a winter wedding, you’re probably dreaming about these amazing themes that fit wintertime. You can fit in everything you like, from attire to your wedding dress, invitations, and wedding menu. What do you think of a gold and black romantic gala theme or a Christmas inspired wedding theme? You can create a sophisticated color palette, whether you make it elegant and classic or magically white.
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Malta is full of perfect winter wedding venues, from an absolutely stunning Palazzo to a romantic castle with historical gardens. A charming gala in Palazzo Parisio in the picturesque Naxxar is just one example a perfect venue to have your winter wedding. Even when the weather is sunny you can have a part of the wedding outside. Have a reception with your loved ones in the winter sunbeams and enjoy a glass of champagne. There are several wonderful locations to have your winter wedding. Just contact us for the best venues in Malta and start planning your big day!
TIP: In winter there are a lot more dates available with venues and churches, so go on a razzle and pick your favorite date.

Photography by Aleksey Leonov

Perfect ‘winter’ shot

If you imagined a snowy Christmas picture, you’re wrong. In Malta you can imagine a beach just for you, amazing sunsets, beautiful nature elements and rough waters. Tell your photographer exactly what you want, because if you want a snowy Christmas picture then this can certainly be fixed with a little help from your photographer.

Photography by Dobar Studios

From winter wedding to summer Honeymoon
One of the biggest advantages of getting married in Europe in wintertime is that you’ve that big opportunity to go to the other side of the world and enjoy a full sun romantic honeymoon. What about Bora Bora, one of the US Virgin Islands, or Turks and Caicos? It is up to you - just find the perfect honeymoon spot and have an amazing stay. Have a look at our Pinterest board to get inspired!

Save money!
During the months from November to March the high season is over. That means you get to take advantage of the good prices that restaurants, hotels, and venues are offering. If you are dealing with a small budget, wintertime in Malta is the perfect season to have your big day. The popular time is over, so it is likely that you will be offered good deals. Pay less for rental fees of the venues, get affordable prices for delicious 5-course menus, and find amazing deals for your honeymoon suite. Besides that, think about all the major airlines that as well have good deals and prices. Low cost airlines fly frequently into Malta International Airport and you make it easier for your worldwide guests to visit your destination wedding.

So, are you that type for a winter wedding? Or are you still not convinced to have your wedding in the winter months? When you’re in a doubt look at these pieces of advice to get married in the other seasons.