The modern man isn't about all the fuss and girly stuff around the big day. Some guys prefer to have an amazing bachelor party and a lovely moment with his wife on the day it self. 
Your groom most probably doesn't get involved too much with the table decoration, bridal bouquets or wedding favors, but it is important and fun to showcase his personality on the wedding. Although he might not be into all this, there is a certain way to coordinate on a united style front 

In this blog we share some fun an original ideas to match your groom's attire on the big day. Bring everything flawlessly together and enjoy the day to the fullest. 

His: socks & Her: shoes

His: embroidered inside jacket & Her: embroidered in dress

His: white suit & Her: white dress

His: boutonniere & Her: flower crown

His: patterned bow tie & Her: ribbon on bouquet

His: colored bow & Her: colorful gown

His: cufflinks & Her: necklace

His: tie & Her: bridal bouquet

His: braces & Her: shoes