When planning your wedding and setting a budget for the big day, we don’t want you to get surprised by unexpected costs. To avoid panic and stress, we will share with you the 8 most common hidden expenses associated to the venue, food, flowers and more. 

Postage for invitations

Getting married abroad often means your family and loved ones live across the world and you want to invite them with a personal invitation. Most of the time stationers don’t advise shipping costs and get literally shocked by the prices to get them in the mailbox of your guests. With fancy boxes or strange sizes it can reach up to €2 for each invitation.

TIP: Skip the multilayer cards and awesome boxes; go for something simpler or just email them to your guests. They will be happy anyway that you get married.

Vendor transportation

Sometimes our couples wants to hire a band or a photographer from the UK or even from the USA, which is great. But don’t be surprised if they ask you to pay for their transportation. And that can add up to hundreds of euros.

TIP: Ask your wedding planner or a well known from that area to advise you about local professionals. We know it is hard to plan your wedding from afar and you don’t know the companies over there, so why don’t you ask someone to help you find the perfect match for the big day.

After days of fittings you finally found your perfect wedding dress that is fortunately just within the budget. When you go for your final fitting you realize you lost weight and you need some alterations. A simple hem can cost you less than €100, but rebuilding the bodice from size 40 to 36 will send the price upward of €550.

TIP: Always ask the store what the prices are for any alterations. If you’re or you know someone who is really handy with needle and thread, fix it yourself. 


Furniture and amenities

Signing the contract for your dream venue doesn’t always mean they provide you chairs, linens, or private gardens in the price. Most of the time the site rental fee is very different from the price they quote you once everything is included.

TIP: Make sure you arrange your own decoration like candles and garlands and items like this.Also feel free to ask your venue what is exactly included and what they can do with the price for you.

Cake cutting and corkage
If you want to bring in a cake from an outside bakery because he could make exactly what you wanted and it doesn’t cost you a lot of extra money, don’t be surprised if the venue charges an extra cake-cutting fee. The venue workers are responsible for slicing and serving each piece and cleaning all the dishes, which means there is extra work for them.
Even with bringing in your own wine or champagne the venue can charge you for extra corkage fees. Be prepared - they kick in about €15 for each bottle they serve you.

TIP: Be up front and get to know all the details about bringing in your own food or drinks.

You are partying along and you and your guests can’t stop dancing, which means that the party doesn’t stop at the agreed time and you need to pay for the extended use of the venue. You also probably booked your photographer, videographer, DJ or band for a certain amount of time. Both those things will cost you an additional price for overrunning time.

TIP: Party along and enjoy your evening till you can’t stop dancing!! (But, make sure you know what extra fees you’ll be incurring for each vendor.


Most of the time brides have bridal bouquets in their mind, but maybe don’t think about the availability of the flowers. That makes perfect sense, because the florist should advise you about the possibilities. Be prepared that when selecting out of season flowers (such as peonies in October), the flowers need to be imported and will increase the costs considerably.

TIP: Let the florist advise you about the seasonal flowers and colors so you don’t get surprise by these romantic roses.