Choosing the perfect wedding venue is the biggest and most important decision that every couple faces. There are so many beautiful wedding venues in Croatia, and because of that each year more and more couples choose Croatia for their wedding destination.
In this article, I’ll share with you 6 of the most important tips you need to know and questions you need to ask a venue manager or your wedding planner before you book the venue.


Some wedding venues in Croatia come with rental fees and some will also have a minimum guest number. That means that in some venues you’ll pay a rental fee no matter how many guests you have, and at others, the number of guests will affect the amount of the rental fees. You should also check with your venue manager how much privacy you’ll get by paying the rental fee, and whether or not the entire venue will be exclusively yours for that fee amount.


In some venues, especially in those that are most popular, wedding dates can have big influences on rental fees and menu prices. For example, in some venues the rental fees and menu prices at the end of August are much higher than at the beginning of September. So be sure to check with the venue manager regarding rental fees and menu prices for the entire season. Moving the date for a week or two may not make a big difference to you personally, but could save you lot of money.


If you’re like most destination couples and you want to have your wedding venue at an outside location, you need to be aware of the fact that most of the wedding venues in Croatia have music restrictions between midnight and 2:00AM. Some venues may offer you an after party room. This option usually refers to hotels, because they have after party rooms inside the hotels. Before putting down the deposit, make sure you discuss music policies and after party options with the venue manager or your wedding planner.


This next tip especially applies to small weddings – up to 30 people. Some of the most popular venues, especially ones that have breathtaking sea views, don’t allow privatization of the venue for small weddings. They usually offer couples one part of the venue, but in those situations you can’t have your own music. The other option is to pay a consumption fee which can be very high. So, if you’re looking for a venue for a small wedding in Croatia, don’t forget to ask the venue manager about their policy for exclusivity.


As I mentioned in the first tips, the number of guests can have big influences on rental fees, menu prices, and exclusivity of the venue. Additionally, the closer you get to your wedding, the more likely it is that your actual number of guests who can attend will change. That’s why it is very important to ask the venue manager when you need to confirm the final guest number (usually it’s one month before the wedding). One more thing that you need to have in mind is that if you book a venue that has a “minimum guest number” policy, the venue might charge you extra if your final guest number is less than the minimum.


Even if the main reason for choosing your destination wedding venue is for a beautiful outdoor or sea view wedding, you always need to think about a backup option. No one can guarantee you that the weather is going to be perfect, so please make sure that your venue has a backup option in case of bad weather, and make sure that the backup venue option is one that you like. Besides the fact that you need to like the backup option (and that you can imagine having your wedding there and enjoying it almost as much as the outdoor option), be sure to ask venue manager about the capacity of the backup option, such as the number of seating places, space for band, and the dance floor.

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