Discovering the perfect venue for your wedding in Malta is one of the most challenging tasks at the early wedding planning stages. In this article, I'll provide you with a few tips and crucial questions that you need to cover when dealing with venue managers in Malta.

1. what does rental fee cover?

Some wedding venues in Malta come with a rental fee. Others some with a minimum consumption policy, and some don't involve any rental fee if you're using their in-house venue catering. When discussing rental fees, you must clarify the number of hours that the rental fee will cover, as well as ask if you can get a better price by opting for different dates (mid-week for example). You should also check which venue areas will be exclusively yours and how much privacy you will get by paying the rental fee.


Venue exclusivity is one of the biggest issues for smaller (read; up to 100 people) weddings in Malta, especially if you set your heart on one of the many breathtaking sea view venues. Some sites have different sections, and sometimes, another event takes place quite nearby. This often means that you can't have your own live music unless you pay high consumption fees.

3. After-party options

By Maltese law, outdoor music (or any loud music) can't be played after 11 pm. If you wish to host a long after-party after this time, make sure you discuss this issue with your Malta wedding venue. Be sure to ask how long it will be possible to stay and play there. Some Malta venues may offer you an after-party room. While some sites are located in isolated areas, and the chance of annoying neighbors is very small, others are very strict about this 11 pm rule. Make sure you discus your wedding day timeline before putting down deposit. 

4. catering

Most venues in Malta come with in-house catering. This means that you have to choose their in house menus and beverages for your wedding reception. Ask to see their menus and check their flexibility for your requests before going ahead with agreement.

5. backup option

This is very important for couples who are looking for beautiful outdoor setting for their ceremonies and receptions. Please make sure that your venue has a backup option in a case of bad weather and that you also love this backup option. Be sure to ask about backup capacity; some venues might have very large gardens where you and your guests might fit for the ceremony-but won't have room to dance or party.

6. final number policy

Often, when planning a destination wedding, couples find themselves with a list of 70-150 guests just to realize closer to a date that this number is cut in half. At most venues with in-house catering (where you order your food and drinks with them) you will need to confirm final numbers two weeks prior to your wedding date. But, not all of them will allow a number change more than 30 percent down or up (some of them limit decrease in number to 10%!). Furthermore, some venues might charge you extra (increase menu price) for significantly decreasing your number of guests.
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Have you already done research for your ideal wedding venue in Malta? What challenges have you been facing? Share your experience with us below!