Outdoor weddings in Malta or Croatia are hands down the best. Sunshine, lovely weather, stunning views, refreshing cocktails, and amazing pictures - we could go on forever. Unfortunately, couples usually make a few mistakes when planning their weddings outside, especially if they try to plan without local help. There are a few things you should think about before starting your wedding day. Let's check them out - the 6 most common mistakes made when planning an outdoor wedding.

Plan B

Before you start reading this part, please check out this incredible (rainy) wedding video for the best example how to not ruin your wedding day by rain.

It is lovely, isn't it? Mother nature may not always agree with your plan, so be prepared for some inclement weather. Otherwise there might be a chance you will be dancing in the rain like Katy and Richard did. The weather can be very unpredictable so make sure you have a plan B. We understand you don't want an indoor wedding, but don't stick your fingers in your ears and yell, 'I can't hear you, rain!' Consult with your wedding venue which options there are for having umbrellas, tents or potential a wedding hall. There might be a few good options and most of the time the venues will work with you to cover up Mr. Rain.


And what if it does rain?

Don't panic, don't cry (there is already enough water), don't be disappointed or sad, just enjoy your day! You're surrounded by your family and loved ones, you're going to say YES to the best man in the world, so don't cast your worries on the weather.

Wedding cakes

A perfect 3-tier wedding cake frosted with whipped cream, decorated with pink meringue flowers and white chocolate shavings. Doesn't it sound irresistible to you? We have to disappoint you, because this cake will melt in seconds into a giant mess. Whipped cream, butter cream, or meringue frostings are really no goes if you're planning for an outdoor wedding. Ask your baker for some summer icing options, or consider having an alternative to treat your guests with something sweet.

Do you also want some other tips to choose your sweet showpiece?

See this post about choosing your wedding cake.


The same as with the wedding cake; carefully consider your choices for appetizers and the wedding menu. You probably don't think about the fact that food that is placed in the sun will melt as well. Cheese, dairy, spreads and other things that must be served cold won't survive the heat. So discuss with your venue coordinator or your wedding planner what the best options are for serving appetizers. For some tasty ideas have a look on our Pinterest Board.

Most of the time couples and their guests enjoy having dinner after the sun sets. Even though it is after 8 p.m., it can still be hot and humid. If you need some help with picking your perfect wedding menu, see this blog about dining styles.

Appropriate dress

You might be dreaming about your wedding dress for years, but maybe you never knew you were getting married abroad in the full sun, humidity and temperatures above 30 degrees (90F). If you choose to get married in summer, face the 'problems' with the heat and choosing your wedding dress. You don't want you and your bridesmaids to look like a mess during the day. Go for lightweight fabrics or shorter styles and discover the lovely options for summer styles of bridesmaid dresses.

The bohemian, beach or lace wedding dresses are amazing options for your hot wedding day. Light colors for the maid's dresses will also help in reducing the heat.



In Malta between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM it is the perfect time to have your ceremony. In summer, the weather can be really hot and humid, so it is best to start your festivities around sunset, when temperatures are cooling. The 'I Do' is the moment you've been waiting for so long to have, so make sure you and your guests aren't sweating like crazy. Avoid getting married around 2:00 PM when instead of saying I Do you say I'm Melting!

We know that it can still be hot and sunny around evening so keep in mind that you want to make sure there is some shade from trees or a small tent. For the perfect ambiance you can provide umbrellas so people can escape from the sun for a few minutes.

Hair and make up

You know it is getting hot outside and that your make up will melt down your face. Here are some face-saving tips against the heat:

  • Use an anti-shine product before foundation to avoid a greasy face or skip the moisturizer if your skin is really oily.
  • Apply concealer around your eyes to cover up dark circles, but also to have a good base for your eye shadow.
  • Definitely use waterproof mascara (even if you're not a crying type, you never know).
  • Stay clear of creamy formulas. 
  • Moisturize your lips before putting on your lipstick, color your whole lips with a lip pencil, and apply your lipstick. Blot with a tissue.
  • Finally, use a make-up setting spray to make sure your make up will last all day. 

If you are hiring a beautician, you can ask the professional for tips and tricks. For example, air brush is a good option to hold your make up all day long.

For your hair it is much easier, tie it up in a bun or create some lovely braids and bun it up. For some great ideas have a look at this slideshow.